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Kline Medical Supply Internet Marketing


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Published in: Career, Technology, Business
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Kline Medical Supply Internet Marketing

  1. 1. A revitalized strategy for internet marketing
  2. 2. Challenges• Driving traffic to their website through Google• Providing useful content• Establishing a social media presence
  3. 3. Goals• Getting product and brand pages to the first page of Google• Get 100 likes on a single facebook or twitter page• Post 15 videos helpful videos on YouTube
  4. 4. Overall ThemeEach website should have uniquemarketing messages, but they should allhelp their target market make informeddecisions about their medical products orbusiness
  5. 5. Search Engine Optimization• Go for keywords with low to medium search competition• Repeat keyword on landing pages Optimize!
  6. 6. Social Media• Friendly and low pressure• Brand personality• Instant feedback
  7. 7. • “How To” videos • Link to websites• Relevant videos playlists
  8. 8. Public Relations• Keep using to release important news• Release news that the customer will search for• Build links
  9. 9. Evaluation• Google Analytics• Boost in revenue from websites
  10. 10. Budget$75,000 for the year (recession, small company)SEO - $40,000 Adwords - $10,000Social Media - $5,000 YouTube - $5, - 10,000 Blogging - 5,000