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Аутсорсинг разработки проектов. Усвоенные уроки - взгляд со стороны тест тима в Индии и СНГ


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SQA Days 11. День 2. Cекция A
Екатерина Несмелова
Murano Software
Харьков, Украина

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Аутсорсинг разработки проектов. Усвоенные уроки - взгляд со стороны тест тима в Индии и СНГ

  1. 1. Lessons learnt in outsourcedproject delivery. Test team view from India and CIS By Vipul Kocher & Kateryna Nesmyelova
  2. 2. Vipul KocherVipul Kocher is a Co-founder of PureTesting, a global testing services organization.He has over 17 years of testing experience. He built and led testing teams at reputed companies such as Adobe Systems, Aplion Networks and River Run Software Group.Vipul has presented papers and tutorials at various international testing conferences throughout the world. He is also the inventor of Q-Patterns, a method of capturing testing knowledge, and writing reusable test cases and Extension to Noun- and-Verb technique – a test design method.Vipul is also President of the Indian Testing Board, Indian National Board of the ISTQB. By Vipul Kocher & Kateryna Nesmyelova
  3. 3. Kateryna Nesmyelova8+ years in software testing. Kateryna specializes in functional testing and test management. She participated in testing of various projects - from medical systems to the systems of primary stock market for the worlds largest banks and innovative power management in large data centers.QA Club speaker and trainer, Kateryna conducts a training to prepare for the Foundation Level ISTQB certification and a project for ISTQB - certification within QAClub since 2009.Member of USQB, Ukrainian branch of ISTQB, since 2010;owner of the ISTQB Full Advanced Certificate. By Vipul Kocher & Kateryna Nesmyelova
  4. 4. What You Can’t OutsourceBy Vipul Kocher & Kateryna Nesmyelova
  5. 5. Topics to be covered1. Knowledge transfer.2. Communication issues, taking into consideration time gap and language issues.3. Team Management (Governance).4. Different goals for the in-house and outsourcing team.5. Team issues (such as insufficient qualification of team members, team member leaving the team etc.)6. Peculiar testing issues (test environment and test bed issues etc.)7. Automation.8. Cultural issues. By Vipul Kocher & Kateryna Nesmyelova
  6. 6. Reasons to FailBy Vipul Kocher & Kateryna Nesmyelova
  7. 7. Communication issues-Wrong expectations-Time zones difference-Language problems (insufficientknowledge of the communicationlanguage)-Slow reaction to requests-Lack of feedback By Vipul Kocher & Kateryna Nesmyelova
  8. 8. Time ZonesIf you work with multiple locations of one client how to handle time zones?Golden rule - Respond to those ahead of you first and those after you laterFlexibility in working hours required to get some overlap with the clients By Vipul Kocher & Kateryna Nesmyelova
  9. 9. Knowledge Transfer-Fear of knowledge loss-Insufficient business knowledge-Too little documentations-Afraid to ask questions By Vipul Kocher & Kateryna Nesmyelova
  10. 10. Different goals-In-house team goal: make asuccessful product-Outsource/outstaff team goal:sell as many man-hours aspossible (independently on theproduct success).-Different goals for each teammember. By Vipul Kocher & Kateryna Nesmyelova
  11. 11. Trust•Trust about capabilities, intentions,security of information etc. is built overtime.•What is your strategy for building trust?•Some activities:–Face-to-face time of key people from both sides–Doing something “extra” without charging customers–Flexibility, willingness to adjust–Consistent delivery By Vipul Kocher & Kateryna Nesmyelova
  12. 12. Vested InterestOffshoring may–put a fear of Job loss in minds of client’s employees–Some of them may want to see off-shoring failWho is your champion in the client organization who would want you to succeed?Don’t get caught in the politics of your client By Vipul Kocher & Kateryna Nesmyelova
  13. 13. Team issues-Lack of management astuteness tounderstand problems before they happen-Lack of skills/expertise-Hiring wrong people-Process Discipline-Lack of resources-Lack of ownership By Vipul Kocher & Kateryna Nesmyelova
  14. 14. Team Management (Governance).-Turnover of key personnel-Too many managers on both sides / Nomanagement in Agile development By Vipul Kocher & Kateryna Nesmyelova
  15. 15. GovernanceWhat is your governance strategy and plan?–When it is a small project–When it is a large projectWhat are the parameters that you measure and analyze?Perform Risk analysis periodically – both project risk analysis and quality risk analysisWhat is the frequency with which you engage with client? At what levels?Engage with the client at multiple levels,going up as high as possible By Vipul Kocher & Kateryna Nesmyelova
  16. 16. Peculiar testing issues-High level of dependency-Shared environment-Equipment acquisition By Vipul Kocher & Kateryna Nesmyelova
  17. 17. Automation–Access to application to be automated–Scripts support and–creation–Environmental and–tool needs–Lack of precisely–documented test STEPS–Lack of domain knowledge inautomation teams–Not sharing development plans By Vipul Kocher & Kateryna Nesmyelova
  18. 18. Culture IssuesImportant to–understand the culture of the client–help them understand your cultureMost important points related to culture–What is the meaning and method of sayingYes/No in that culture–What are the main festivals and holidays–What are the religious, social sensitivities–What is the work culture? By Vipul Kocher & Kateryna Nesmyelova
  19. 19. ProductivityWhat are the client expectations of productivity?How are you measuring these?What are the factors that impact your productivity?What are you doing to communicate these to the client? By Vipul Kocher & Kateryna Nesmyelova
  20. 20. Conclusions-Set common goals-Align expectations-Good communication is a key tosuccess-Manage carefully-Monitor and motivate people-Make the common process as clear aspossible By Vipul Kocher & Kateryna Nesmyelova
  21. 21. Q&ABy Vipul Kocher & Kateryna Nesmyelova
  22. 22. kittyness - Skype By Vipul Kocher & Kateryna Nesmyelova