Utah Economic Summit Broadband Presentation: Sharon Bertelsen


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Governor's Utah Economic Summit 2011
Breakout Panel: "Broadband for Utah's Future"
Sharon Bertelsen, Ballard Spahr--Presentation

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Utah Economic Summit Broadband Presentation: Sharon Bertelsen

  1. 1. Broadband• Part of the solution to grow U.S. economy• Growth, job creation, and innovation• Advances in: – Education – Health care – Energy – Economic opportunity – Government performance – Public safety
  2. 2. National Broadband Plan:• Foster competition• Ensure spectrum is available• Access to resources for deployment• Broadband access to all Americans• Increase use, investment, innovation
  3. 3. Trends:• Broadband is no longer a luxury• Variety of ways for broadband access• Emphasis on mobile technology• Increase in global tablet sales• Increase in mobile online shopping• Increase in downloads of mobile apps• Increase in devices on the Internet
  4. 4. Internet-enabled devices
  5. 5. FCC’s 2011 Agenda:• Making more spectrum available for broadband• Updating the Universal Service Fund to support broadband• Reducing barriers to broadband build-out to speed process and lower cost of deployment
  6. 6. President Obama’s Wireless Initiative:• Make 500 MHz of Spectrum available• Create investment Incentives for 98% coverage• Accelerate innovation in health, education, transportation• Implement nationwide public safety network
  7. 7. Federal Legislative Update• Recent Federal legislation• Recovery Act broadband spending oversight• FCC authority to regulate the Internet and broadband industry practices• Legislative Agenda for 2011
  8. 8. Consumer Protection and Safety:• Congressional oversight of federal agencies• Protecting consumer information and privacy on the Internet• Role of Federal Trade Commission• Commerce Department complementary role• Role of other Federal agencies