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The Future of Marketing in a Broadband Culture (FoDM Conference London)


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This is the PDF of a presentation I gave at eConsultancy's annual Future of Digital Marketing conference in London, see Topics: why and how data is the new oil, why we need to talk about privacy when we talk about marketing, what are the effects of broadband culture, and much more

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The Future of Marketing in a Broadband Culture (FoDM Conference London)

  1. 1. Broadband Culture (R)evolutions: Digital marketing Foresights and Future Scenarios
  2. 2. Until now, we were just tuning up... Expect 30+% of all Advertising to shift to digital, interactive, mobile, social, video, in the next 2-3 years
  3. 3. Do we still need “Advertising” once we are all connected?
  4. 4. Everyone connected: the other 3 Billion are coming!
  5. 5. “Not necessarily harmony, peace and quiet, but huge involvement in everybody else’s affairs” Marshall McLuhan
  6. 6. Everyone. Everywhere. Anytime.
  7. 7. Complete Net/Mobile <> MeatSpace Convergence
  8. 8. But this is not about technology Source:
  9. 9. Networked Business: exploding
  10. 10. Connectivity + Mobile + Social is changing the very definition of Marketing and Commerce
  11. 11. Image licensed from
  12. 12. Watering Cans <••> Sprinkler-Systems
  13. 13. Distributed Commerce - Social Commerce
  14. 14. Distributed & De-centralized: Stories Production | Creation | R&D Marketing Distribution Selling Public Relations Communication
  15. 15. Examples: Distributed Marketing
  16. 16. Links are the Currency Soon, brands are either networked, or invisible i.e....ignored.
  17. 17. The future is not linear but organic
  18. 18. The future: permanent betas
  19. 19. Data is the new Oil Image licensed from
  20. 20. 2 clear mid- to long-term trends: In Commerce, the importance of many physical things will decline - and almost anything ‘digital’ will grow In Media, anyone providing only ‘copies’ will also decline in importance; anything that provides context, relevance and ‘real experiences’ will grow
  21. 21. We can no longer talk about Marketing without talking about Privacy Image licensed from
  22. 22. On cable, the Networks ruled
  23. 23. In a Broadband World, the Users - and their Amplifiers - rule *
  24. 24. Whatever you are selling, you are in the Audience Business
  25. 25. B an ds r become Connectors - Leaders not just ‘Directors’
  26. 26. The End of Noise | Interruption | Lies
  27. 27. Filters will matter more than ever!
  28. 28. Engaged. Mobile. Social. Emotional
  29. 29. WithVertising ThruVertising ContVertising MeVertising
  30. 30. Future of Marketing: Keywords When I’m out and about With(in) my tribe Strangers & people like me At the right time, always With complete transparency Under my exclusive control Because I (do / don’t) trust u
  31. 31. The Future of Selling: Involving the Users
  32. 32. Making personal connections... being part of a tribe....
  33. 33. The Future of Selling: Giving something...?
  34. 34. Meet my most successful Marketing Partners
  35. 35. Summary
  36. 36. Thanks for your attention! email me at Twitter: gleonhard Facebook: gleonhard LinkedIn: gleonhard