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Pdf rembrandt presentation 2011

  1. 1. Rembrandt Foods “It Started With a Cornfield & A Vision”• 2000 – Rembrandt Foods strategically builds an inline vertically integrated egg facility in northwest Iowa• 2001-2007 – Our team becomes extremely efficient at producing and breaking eggs• 2007 – Begin construction of a liquid egg pasteurizing plant inline with breaking facility.
  2. 2. Opportunity for Growth• 2008 – Shipping liquid pasteurized eggs & add inline drying facility.• 2009 – Purchased assets of Golden Oval Egg Company making Rembrandt Foods one of the largest egg ingredient producers in the world• 2011 – Positioned to become the global leader in value-added egg based products.
  3. 3. The Rembrandt Difference Economies of Scale• Rembrandt Foods owns 14 million hens and are the 3rd largest producer of eggs in U.S.• We are largest inline producer of Ingredient & Foodservice products in the U.S.• We are the only company in the top four producers that focuses entirely on egg products rather than shell eggs.• Business model designed to make Rembrandt foods the industry’s low-cost producer.• Processing plants sized to handle growth
  4. 4. Why Rembrandt?• Control of SupplyWe own 14 million birds to ensure your supply• Safety & ControlOur eggs are broken and pasteurized within 4-12 hours ofbeing laid. Vertical integration ensures traceability and safety.• Quality-Complete and ongoing HACCP programs-Superior AIB ratings-Extensive bio-security & On site lab-SQF Level 3 Certification expected by Q2 of this year
  5. 5. Production Numbers by Company35,000,00030,000,00025,000,00020,000,00015,000,00010,000,000 5,000,000 0 Cal-Maine Rose Acre Rembrandt DeCoster Egg Moark LLC Hillandale Michael Sparboe Foods Farms Foods Farms Farms of PA Foods Data from Watt Poultry – January 2011
  6. 6. It’s About the Customer• With over 150 combined years of foodservice experience we are more than an egg supplier we are your partner.• We differentiate customers, to create and deliver the right solutions.• We always look to make it easier to do business with us.
  7. 7. Obsess about efficiencyProduce more food using less resources and reducing waste
  8. 8. Six Key Target Areas1. Sustainable Agriculture2. Distribution3. Packaging4. Water5. Energy6. Solid Waste Reduction
  9. 9. Rembrandt Sustainability Facts:• We use feed from approximately 100,000 acres and we enrich the same amount of land with our natural fertilizer.• Our egg shells are dried and used as a feed source.• All inedible eggs are dried and used in pet food applications.• Our inline vertical integration reduces transportation emissions.
  10. 10. Egg Production Purchase corn & soybeanBuy day-old chicks from over 325 local farmers Raise pullets in barns to feed our hensCare for over 14 M layers Produce 10,000,000 eggs Use our chicken manure per day. to fertilize over 100 M acres and provide electricity for local communities.
  11. 11. Egg ProcessingEggs from the layer After eggs are washed Egg Washing Breakingbarns are broken & they are candled topasteurized within 4- look for cracks, blood12 hours of being and inferior eggs.laid Eggs are inspected by Eggs are tested forEgg Pasteurization Egg Dryers an on-site USDA safety and quality. inspector.
  12. 12. Shipping Our Eggs50,000 lb tankers 2000 lb Tote Bag In Box Gable Top Cartons Export Container
  13. 13. Foodservice Product CategoriesESL – Extended Shelf Life• Bag and CartonFrozen Egg Products• Bag, Boil-in-bag and cartonHard Cooked Eggs• Dry pack, chopped frozen & pail packagingPre-Cooked Eggs• Patties, omelets & scrambled in a bag
  14. 14. ESL: Extended Shelf Life Products• Studies have shown that ESL saves around 25% of cost versus shell egg usage• Safety!!! Only shell eggs are a source of lawsuits today• Whole Egg, SEM, Whites, Yolks• Packaging: 20# bags, 2# gable top cartons
  15. 15. Liquid Whole Egg ESL ProductsWhole Egg Versatility• Whole egg flavor, functionality & texture• Perfect for omelets, baking, sauces & scrambled eggs• Easy to pour carton offers ease of use, portion control & 100% yield• Saves time & expense and improved safety over cracking eggs• Available with or without citric acid
  16. 16. Liquid Egg White ESL Products• Feel good flavor with nutritional benefits• Perfect for egg white omelets, meringues and much more• Low and No Cholesterol Options• Pourable and ready to use. No yolk waste and 100% yield• Packaging: 15/2 lb & 15/1 lb Gable Top/Screw Cap
  17. 17. Frozen Products• Formerly the biggest segment in foodservice before ESL• Versatility – no shelf life issues; can be held for one year• 5# Cook in Bag, 5# Carton & 30# Pail• All products: WE, SEM, yolk, whites, no cholesterol
  18. 18. Hard Cooked Eggs• Brine pails: 10#, 20#; still an industry standard• Dry Pack: multiple configurations; not shipping/handling brine solution; “cleaner” product via processing• Chopped Frozen; niche item with strong following
  19. 19. Pre Cooked Eggs• Fastest growing category: convenience & labor costs driving volume• Rounds, squares, omelets, scrambled eggs in a bag
  20. 20. Food Ingredient Products• Stage One tankers: sold to manufacturers and other further processed egg product companies• Liquid pasteurized egg: tankers, totes, bag in box, pails• Frozen egg: primarily 30# pails• Baker’s Ease: Liquid Shelf Stable Sugar Egg• Dried Egg: > True value added products: whole egg, yolk, whites, specialty and proprietary blends > Enzyme modified, heat stable, etc.• Focus is on manufacturers; large, bulk quantities of dried and/or liquid egg
  21. 21. An Integrated, Sustainable Approach to Egg Products