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E extension presentation


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Extension Through Applications, A New Business model. #nexc2012
Sometime over the next year, more internet content will be accessed by mobile devices than by desktop platforms. This transformation marks the latest technological and societal paradigm shift to confront Extension.
In this session, we will explore how Extension at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln positioned itself to develop mobile applications that effectively deliver research and education to consumers in a constantly changing technological environment. Topics include: developing a mobile content strategy (video, web and social media), understanding your options to select the right solution(s), setting best practices for working with educators, determining infrastructure requirements, assessing potential pitfalls and navigating distribution networks.

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E extension presentation

  1. 1. Extension Through Applications, a New Business Model Brandon Schulte and Mark Hendricks
  2. 2. Innovate Like It’s 1999…..Internet Revolution  Information  Data Storage  Networking  Digital  Social  Mobile
  3. 3. Mobile: Technology Meets Opportunity
  4. 4. I need to go mobile but where do I start?
  5. 5. Our Plan R&D/Infrastructure Innovation Lab Flexibility Education/Marketing Standardization Collaboration Value
  6. 6. Balancing Act Content Video Audio Text Database Photos ProductUser Needs Directions Platform Connection Phone Information Mobile TabletCommunication Desktop Learning Strategy TouchscreenEntertainment User Interface Shopping Goals Revenue Brand Engagement Efficiency
  7. 7. Strategic Vision Start at the End  End User  End Result  End Location Do Less, But Better Above All Else: Enhance Your Brand Strategy“What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.” --T.S. Eliot
  8. 8. Keys to a Successful Strategy Mobile First Design Think Beyond the “Cool Factor.” Match App Type (Native, Hybrid and Web) with Customer Needs. Platform Independence Forrester Research
  9. 9. I have a mobile app idea, how do I develop it?
  10. 10. What is a mobile app? Native vs. Hybrid vs. Web Small software What makes a good app?
  11. 11. Native vs. Hybrid vs. Web  Native App U$  Hybrid App I X  Web App
  12. 12. “Small Software” Screen Size File Size Navigation and Content
  13. 13. What Makes a Good App? Better Mobile? Simplification Competing Products? Stakeholder Buy- in
  14. 14. What Makes a Good App? Concrete Idea Working Model or Spreadsheet. Navigation First, Content Second Test, Test, Test
  15. 15. Case Studies – Seven MobileApps powered by Ed Media <>
  16. 16. Why mobile? Goal – What problem(s) does the app solve? Model – Migrating content to the mobile platform. Is there a model/workflow to build on? HUI (Interface design) – What decisions were made and why? User needs and concerns– How does mobile improve or optimize the process? How does it change the process? Impacts?
  17. 17. Aphid Speed Scout Goal – decision tool to survey for aphid threshold Model – Spreadsheet developed by UNL Extension HUI – Designed to simplify for field data entry User needs and concerns – Solves problems surrounding field data entry and visualization, speeds up data entry/collection, sets calendar reminders to re-test or recommend treatment Impacts – More efficient data collection -> optimized use of pesticide
  18. 18. Aphid SpeedScout Demo:
  19. 19. BCS Beef Goal – Use BCS scores standards, manage nutrition for beef herds Model – Tool developed by UNL Extension HUI – Designed for field data entry User needs and concerns – Gives users examples of scored beef cows, tutorial, YouTube and Twitter feeds Impacts – Standardization of data collection -> optimized management
  20. 20. BCS Beef Demo:
  21. 21. Backyard Farmer Goal – Collect all Backyard Farmer resources in one app you can take to the garden Model – Website, TV program HUI – Field resource and data submission User needs and concerns – Provides TV program archives, NebGuides, soil temp, publications, calendars, weather and photo email to the Backyard Farmer Panel of Experts – available on iOS and Android. Impacts – Take Backyard Farmer to the backyard!
  22. 22. Backyard FarmerDemo:
  23. 23. Parenting App Goal – to teach parents about milestones for newborns to one-year olds and keep an electronic journal Model – UNL Extension Resources HUI – solve user navigation issues User needs and concerns – aggregate information about milestones and health records for parents of newborns to one-year olds Impacts – Parenting resources that you take with you!
  24. 24. Parenting AppDemo:
  25. 25. myUNLextension Goal – provide mobile access to UNL Extension offices, calendars, programs and other resources Model – UNL Extension website HUI – simplify navigation and communication User needs and concerns – aggregate information about UNL Extension programs, offices, events Impacts – Extension resources when you need them!
  26. 26. myUNLextensionDemo:
  27. 27. ExtensionTV Goal – aggregate UNL Extension video content from multiple sources into a searchable interface Model – YouTube & other video distribution sites HUI – weighted grouping of content by spires of excellence and popularity User needs and concerns – works on desktop and on mobile, ability to cut & paste links Impacts – easily find the video you need from trusted sources!
  28. 28. ExtensionTV prototype demo:
  29. 29. Marketing in a New Era Goal – to teach current and potential ag producers about marketing & management through simulation Model – multiplayer excel simulation and extension publications and spreadsheets HUI – move from spreadsheet to web interface for more graphic display of concepts User needs and concerns – learn about marketing using multiplayer simulations. Design for classroom. Impacts – greater understanding and development of skills using real world tools
  30. 30. Marketing in a New EraScreenshots:
  31. 31. Marketing in a New EraScreenshots:
  32. 32. Questions? Brandon Schulte Mark Hendricks Director, Ed Media IT Specialist, Ed Media 402-472-2990 402-472-4280The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is an equalopportunity educator and employer with acomprehensive plan for diversity.