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Gary Woodil , Chad Udell and I discuss Mobile Learning Case Studies. As part of the @Float Mobile Learning conference series.

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  • A little about our company
  • Today we are going to be talking about what companies are doing
  • Mention the Float primer examples – lots things have been written on nearly all of them in the app.
  • What does it take for mobile to be scalable?-Chad Notes:Post next course date.What about Homework for next week?Mobile learning clinic Jan 11th
  • What does it take for mobile to be scalable?Chad Notes: Get image from Matt.
  • Mobile Learning Case Studies

    1. 1. Mobile Learning Case Studiesa conversation December 14, 2011
    2. 2. A little about us Gary Woodill Senior Analyst Float Mobile Learning @gwoodill Jeff Tillett mLearning Strategist and Evangelist Float Mobile Learning @mojotillett
    3. 3. Float guides industry-leading companies to understand and leverage thepower of mobile learning. We help companies meet their businessstrategies by making useful information accessible, anytime, anywhere. Weare mobile learning strategy specialists. @floatlearning
    4. 4. The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. ~Walt Disney
    5. 5. Drivers of Mobile Learning• Cultural dreams – 100 year old dream of mobile communications• Growth of mobile phones• Movement of people – the new nomadism, now with connectivity• Need for connection – fragility of intimacy and approval• Mobile workers – service and sales• Non-traditional work spaces – virtual teams, home workers• New generation brought up with computer technologies and mobile phones• Rapidly developing mobile technologies – smartphones and tablets• Move to ubiquitous computing (“Ubicomp”)
    6. 6. Mobile Phone Adoption - Worldwide
    7. 7. Mobile Learning Adoption - US
    8. 8. Mobile Workers: SalesWhat does mobile do for me…what business problemsdoes it address?• Sales Training • Product demos • Key closes • Value propositions • Product/service specific• Cell phone is the key device for many sales organizations.• Proven value in closing deals / increasing revenue
    9. 9. Mobile Workers: Field Services• Field Services • Operational accuracy • Checklists • OJT • Ask questions in context• Ruggedized handhelds have been used by Oil & Gas, Utilities, Environmental, and Logistics organizations for a decade.• Now, ease of deploy and reliable content reporting make for bottom line ROI
    10. 10. Case StudyCompany: T-MobileDeveloper: T-Mobile Learning and DevelopmentTechnology: Graphic image and SMSA link was put at the end of an elearning and when the learner enteredtheir mobile number and clicked the submit button a mobile commissioncard was sent to their phone via SMS.Even though the idea came late in the planning the Instructional Designteam was able to quickly develop and deploy this mobile performancesupport tool. The front line employees praised the fact that is wasalways available to them on their mobile device. Additional mobileresources where created based on front line requests.
    11. 11. Case StudyCompany: Merrill LynchDeveloper: IntuitionTechnology: Blackberry phonesCompliance training - pilot three compliance training courses over a two-month period among a cohort of 2,100 investment bankers and keystakeholders.1. 99 percent felt that the format and presentation supported thelearning objectives.2. 100 percent would complete more training in this format.3. Over 75 percent praised the “convenience,” “time management,” and“training with no distractions” benefits.4. 32 percent completed their learning while traveling for business, 24percent commuting for work, 26 percent at home, and 18 percent in theoffice or elsewhere.
    12. 12. Case StudyCompany: Wiley PublishingDeveloper: Float Mobile LearningTechnology: Native iOS Application with Social ToolsCompanion App for leadership skills development book.Adding a companion app provided interactivity to book allowing skillspractice, group participation and peer feedback. It also allowedextended engagement to assure learner transferred information andacquired new skills.
    13. 13. Case StudyCompany: CognizantDeveloper: CognizantTechnology: Apple iPodsConversational language training: 1. Reading material. 2. A five-dayclassroom session that would provide an overview of the mobile learningplatform. 3. Download and complete iPod-based learning nuggets. 4.Attend a virtual classroom for reinforcement (LiveMeeting). 5. Take anonline audio-based assessment, consisting of listening andcomprehension tests.1. A rise in learner satisfaction with training.2. Training completion rates rose from 50% to 80%.3. Learning duration rose from 11 hours per month to 27 hours.4. The number passing the final assessment rose from 70% to 83%. 5. ROI – an approximate cost saving of $26,000 per month.
    14. 14. Case StudyCompany: Big PharmaDeveloper: Float Mobile LearningTechnology: Native iOS APPCompetitive game with a leaderboard Scenario - based exercises withvideos - Interactive product bulletin20-25% of visits will last between 10 and 30 minutes (the longest levelis 60 seconds).Users returned to the app in less than a day 75.9% of the time--thehighest concentration of returns occurring at the start of the contest(between November 6 and the 12).On the apps most popular day (a Thursday), about 12% of userslaunched the app just to look at the leaderboard.When asked, 67% of the time the user will choose to post their score tothe leaderboard.The question most incorrectly answered was only incorrectly answered2% of the time.
    15. 15. Case StudyCompany: Turkcell AcademyDeveloper: Turkcell TechnologyTechnology: Mobile Learning Game“Kim Tutar Cell’i”, a mobile learning game: This mobile “treasure hunt”game is for new employees, and is played on the last day of theirorientation program.The game helps new hires to become comfortable with the physicalenvironment of the company and to learn specific processes that theywill use in the course of their corporate life. The new employees’participation rate for e-learning is now higher than it was previously.The number of questions asked by newcomers about the “criticalprocesses” learned in this game is now lower than it was before.
    16. 16. Case StudyCompany: Healthcare workers (HCWs) in PeruDeveloper: Institutes of Tropical Medicine, Belgium and PeruTechnology: iPhonesA set of learning scenarios was developed for mobile devices tosimulate interactive clinical cases for physicians working on HIV/AIDScare.The mobile project enabled HCWs who previously did not have accessto HIV/AIDS training to benefit from continuing medical education whilethey were traveling in remote areas. This had a big effect, as theselected HCWs covered clinics that treated 70 percent of the HIV/AIDSpatients in Peru.
    17. 17. Case StudyCompany: T-MobileDeveloper: T-Mobile front line employeesTechnology: Mobile device and videoCapture front line retail sales elevator pitch’s. Share them out throughinternal social media platform.Higher level of participation than expected and better quality of videoswas received. Some of the videos went viral within the organization.We also learned a valuable lesson in how skilled our front lineemployees where and that we needed a stronger partnership with them
    18. 18. Case StudyCompany: NikeDeveloper: NikeTechnology: iPod TouchThe mobile devices were placed in a nice rubber case that wasattached to a lanyard, or they could detach the device from the lanyardto share with a customer. A retail sales associate can accessinformation on any of Nike’s product categories (footwear, apparel,and equipment) with a touch of a finger or a finger stroke.Weekly feedback about SKU Mobile was overwhelmingly positive fromall participants. They saw it as a very effective training tool and as aquick and handy reference tool when working with customers on thesales floor. Most experienced an immediate increase in sales.
    19. 19. Float Primer - App Consider this Mobile Learning 101 Free Over 200 terms defined Excerpts from the latest books An App/Mobile Web Scenario Tool Idea Starters Mobile Learning App Samples
    20. 20. Keep in touch! Gary Woodill @gwoodill Jeff Tillett @mojotillett
    21. 21. Thank you!