ROI of Mobile Learning


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Float Mobile Learning hosts webinar on ROI of Mobile Learning. A conversation with Gary Woodil, Chad Udell and Jeff Tillett

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ROI of Mobile Learning

  1. 1. The ROI of Mobile Learninga conversation
  2. 2. A little about us Gary Woodill Senior Analyst Float Mobile Learning @gwoodill Chad Udell Float Mobile Learning Managing Director @visualrinse Jeff Tillett mLearning Strategist and Evangelist Float Mobile Learning @mojotillett
  3. 3. Float guides industry-leading companies to understand and leverage thepower of mobile learning. We help companies meet their businessstrategies by making useful information accessible, anytime, anywhere. Weare mobile learning strategy specialists.! @floatlearning!!
  4. 4. Free White PaperAt the end of this session we will let you know how to get ourfree white paper on the ROI of Mobile Learning!
  5. 5. The Importance of Calculating ROIAmerican businesses spent over $125 billion in 2009 onemployee learning and development.! !Source:!Executives frequently need to calculate their costs, !benefits, and likely return on purchasing new !learning technologies before they can make their !buying decision. !
  6. 6. The Formula
  7. 7. The Example
  8. 8. The Model
  9. 9. The Quote Think like a lawyer. You won t be able to prove a !hard ROI number for your training investment. What !you want to demonstrate is a preponderance of !evidence that shows that your intervention works. !Many other business decisions, such as mergers and !acquisitions, are bets based on a preponderance of !evidence. Ask your business leaders to make a bet !on a learning intervention and then present a !preponderance of evidence that it works. !!(Elliot Masie, quoted by Bjorn Billhardt, 2011) !
  10. 10. The Benefits of Mobile Learning to a Business•  Increased speed of training !•  Increased sales and commissions !•  Better safety on the job!•  The ability to train hard-to-reach employees!•  Reduced instructor costs!•  Improved performance support!•  Finding answers to questions when they areneeded!•  Improved customer relations!
  11. 11. The Benefits of Mobile Learning to a Business Now it s your turn.! ! Add to the list, by typing other benefits to a business in the chat box. !
  12. 12. Intangible Benefits of Mobile Learning to a Business •  Increased job satisfaction! •  Increased organizational commitment! •  Improved teamwork! •  Improved customer service! •  Reduced complaints! •  Reduced conflicts!
  13. 13. Intangible Benefits of Mobile Learning to a Business Now it s your turn.! ! Add to the list, by typing other intangible benefits to a business in the chat box. !
  14. 14. The Costs of Mobile Learning to a Business •  Pre-implementation costs! •  Purchase of mobile devices! •  Purchase of associated infrastructure (TCO)! •  Payment for connectivity! •  Costs of developing or buying content! •  Installation and implementation costs ! •  Ongoing support costs! •  Lost opportunity/productivity costs !
  15. 15. The Costs of Mobile Learning to a BusinessNow it s your turn.!!Add to the list, by typing other costs to abusiness in the chat box. !
  16. 16. The Costs of Instructor-led Training
  17. 17. The Costs of ILT and eLearning Source: Chapman Alliance (2010) - !
  18. 18. Free White Paper Please send your email address to in order to get a keycode to be used at checkout for a free copy of our new whitepaper.
  19. 19. Keep in touch! 877.90.float!
  20. 20. Keep in touch! Thank you!