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Dad questionnaire


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Dad questionnaire

Published in: Education
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Dad questionnaire

  1. 1. Name:SimonCogdell Age:50 Gender:Male The Project – Opening Scene Audience Feedback 1. Please listbelow, yourexpectationswhenwatchingahorrorfilm. 2. Were these expectationsmetduringthe openingscene?If yes,pleasecommenthow andto whatextenttheywere effective. 3. Specifically,whatelementsof the openingscene attracted,satisfiedorentertainedyouasa viewer? 4. Do youbelieve thatyouare the intendedaudience forthe product? Whatotheragesand gendersdoyouthinkthismediaproductwouldattract/appeal to? Blood/Murder/Torture Secludedlocations/scenes Suspense music Young characters Monster/Supernatural/Possessionof character ‘Real Fear’ Yes some of the typical expectationsinhorrorfilmswere featuredinthe openingscene. These features suchas soundeffects,monsters/masks,music are whatI was hoping/expectingtosee ina horror filmandwere used accuratelyformaximumeffectandscare. Use of young/adventurouscharacters – commonly seeninhorrors Soundeffectstoaddto suspense Use of odd/creepymusic Monster/maskedcharacter The elementof real fear,placingthe audienceinthe scene All these elementsare usedintop,professional horrorfilmsandwere ‘recreated’toachieve the same outcome – horror. Yes I doand i wouldsayanybodyof any age or genderwouldbe targetedforthismediafilm.
  2. 2. Name:SimonCogdell Age:50 Gender:Male 5. Basedon watchingthe openingscene,wouldyoufeelsatisfiedbywatchingafull length version? Yes I wouldasit followsthe typical storyline andeventsthathorror filmsfeature soitislikelytobe entertaining and successful.