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As cw overall marksheet cogdell


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As cw overall marksheet

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As cw overall marksheet cogdell

  1. 1. AS Coursework Overall Marks Name: Aaron Cogdell Planning – Comments and mark out of 17/20 For full comments please see the pre-production marks sheet Construction – Main Task – comments and mark out of 52/60 Footage: Is appropriate for target audience, fitting genre conventions of horror well. Controlled use of camera throughout. Good use of still images. Editing: Edited well, building tension. Good variety of shots used throughout. Sound: Good use of diegetic and non-diegetic sound. Good sound mixing. Godo use pf creepy sound effects. Overall: An excellent genre piece. Excellent use of location and mise-en-scene. Title card could have used more thought. Evaluation – Comments and mark out of 17/20 Q1: Video Very good understating of conventions/technical elements and how they were used in opening to conform to genre. Audience expectation of genre recognised. References to real products have been added. Q2: PowToon Detail on how audience may relate to character age/costume/location and motivation though not necessarily the situation. Some attempt to link audience experiences with characters. Q3: Prezi Good understanding of choice of distributor with some reference to past/contemporary films. Info has good in-depth detail but lacks evidence of research. Good conclusion on choice of distributor. Q4: PowerPoint/SlideShare Good detail on age and narrative conventions target audience would enjoy for both genders, other interests also included. Some assumptions made but no evidence to support statements. Q5: PowerPoint/SlideShare Good detail on how audience was attracted with evidence if it was a success. Some reflective analysis of feedback. Example of questionnaires added. Q6: Prezi Good detail on different software used in production of product. Good reflection on tech used. Some detail on camera.. Q7: Word/SlideShare Detail on how improvement made with editing – transitions/pace, the importance of
  2. 2. pre-production, camerawork. Detail on what can still be improved. Good breakdown of key elements. Overall: A very good piece of work, candidate has good understanding genre/conventions/institutions and audience expectations. Analysis and reflection have good detail. Good variety in ICT to answer questions. Total 86/100 Level: Grade: A