Action plan


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Action plan

  1. 1. Action Plan <br />For the photo-shoot I will need to make sure I follow a time schedule to guarantee that everything goes well is completed within the day.<br />If the action plan is followed then the photo-shoot will be successful. <br />1.00- Meet model at the location to start the photo-shoot.<br />1.15 -Make sure hair, make up and costume are all completed <br />1.20-Make sure the lighting in the location is at the right setting <br />1.25-Start the photo-shoot taking several images with the use of props so add more effect<br />1.50-Check over the photos taken to see if they are a range of different pictures<br />1.55-Upload photographs onto the computer to check the quality<br />2.00-Delete unnecessary photographs that did not turn out correctly or don’t fit the selected brief.<br />Equipment list <br />I will follow this equipment list so I have everything I need in order to produce my media work:<br />*Calendar – this includes the deadline dates for each section so I know what I have to complete in time. <br />*A computer that has Photoshop cs4 so that I can edit, improve and change my magazine<br />*A Camera to take my original images that will star and be edited in my magazine<br /> *A model to feature on my Front cover <br /> *A Quiet and white background in a location so I can take my pictures of my cover star<br /> *Mise –en-scene:<br /> *Hair: Backcombed to create effect<br /> *Make up - Foundation, Powder, Mascara, eyeliner, <br /> *Costume – Converse, Skinny Jeans, long top, Jacket, Sunglasses and hat to create the indie look I wanted to achieve.<br />*Props – Chair, hat and sunglasses to add to the conventions of my theme.<br />