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  1. 1. I ranged through a number of different people to get my perfect cover star model. I was looking for somebody who was individual and represented the RNB /Indie look with confidence and who could pull off a great pose to the camera. Here below is a list of people and why i did or did not choose them to be present in my magazine.<br />Number 1<br />This model has very pretty features which are I think classed as innocent, however my model for my magazine I wanted with a bit of attitude as it’s an RNB magazine therefore she does not fit my style and that’s why I didn’t choose her as my cover star for my magazine.<br />Number 2<br />Model number 2 did not fit the RNB style I was looking for, as she has long blonde hair and I was looking for someone with more short and stylish hair for my cover star. She does not fit as my ideal RNB cover star as she also looks quite young.<br />Number 3<br />Model number 3 would have been a good model for my RNB magazine. I feel she has the look, as she is wearing a hood jumper and has dark hair. However I preferred to have a male model with a more stylish hair cut to present my RNB magazine therefore she wasn’t the perfect model for my cover star.<br />Number 4<br />Model number 4 is my perfect model for my cover star. I preferred a male model and I found one. He has styled short bleached hair, therefore it looks more professional and possess the ideal RNB look for my magazine therefore I have chosen model number 4 as my cover star.<br />