My Magazine and Evaluation<br />I have constructed many drafts for my magazine to change it in my ideal RNB magazine. I ha...
My magazine and evaluation
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My magazine and evaluation


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My magazine and evaluation

  1. 1. My Magazine and Evaluation<br />I have constructed many drafts for my magazine to change it in my ideal RNB magazine. I have changed it from changing my title from showdown to pulse. I decided to do this as I was browsing for fonts to use for my magazine and none would fit into my title Showdown. Therefore I began to think of other names that would be suitable for an RNB magazine. I later came up with the idea of pulse, and had my font into a sharp font that read Pulse across the top. Then there is a line going through my masthead that reads like your pulse would on a heart monitor to make it look like a ‘Pulse.’ <br />My first draft I had a white background with a black title and only red font in some words however I didn’t think this look professional and didn’t look like a real sophisticated magazine, therefore I changed this into a red title with a black outline. This contrasted better as I had a background of a gradient which fades from white to grey to black across my page. I then chose red font to go over the black and grey. However I still thought my magazine was empty so i began to upload and create headers/ rating stars. I had 2 pictures of celebrities on the front of my magazine and other headers to show what was featured in the magazine. I then thought my magazine is beginning to look more professional however I had forgotten about the rule of 3 with my pictures. I moved 1 of my headers to put a third picture under the other 2 o show the rule of 3. I then decided to leave my magazine front cover as that as I feel the colours contrast and it looks like a professional RNB magazine.<br />My contents page was simpler to do than my front cover as I didn’t have as many drafts. I started off to separate my contents page into 2 sides, and have a line going down the middle. However I decided this did not look right and changed the scheme towards my contents page by putting a picture on one side of the magazine. I decided to leave my background white as the picture I displayed was black and grey already, and if I had a white background I don’t think the colours would contrast well with each other. <br />I used colours to contrast with each other as red black and grey is like RNB as I couldn’t choose colours such as pink and yellow as these would not go with the theme of my magazine. If I has to change something overall in my magazine, I would probably change the contents page and redraft more for the contents page until I get the perfect contents page for my magazine. I don’t know if it looked as professional as my magazine front cover.<br />