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  1. 1. Interflora For this project I will be creating an advert for the company Interflora, which will extend across three media platforms, these platforms are; a 48 sheet poster, an adshel, and a press release for a magazine. The aim is to try and gain interest from young adults and also to raise awareness for Grandparents day which is not well known in the UK.
  2. 2. Interflora History Interflora is a flower delivery network which associates itself with over 58,000 flower shops in over 140 countries world wide. It was first established in America in 1910, when a couple of florists had an idea to start telegraphing orders to each other from opposite sides of the country. This was done as they hoped to save the lengthy transit which flowers would have to travel in order to reach the recipient, as flowers couldn’t survive the journey. Soon after many independent florists from all over America, were telephoning and telegraphing each other via the Interflora service, and they realised that by working together it was they who made the seemingly impossible, possible and so for the first time beautiful bouquets could be hand-made and delivered anywhere in the country within a day The very first interflora shop opened up in 1912 and their world famous logo, The Mercury Man was first used in 1914, however it wasn’t until 1923 when the British unit of Interflora was born when a nursery owner in Essex and a florist in Glasgow took the concept from the US and used it in the UK. Through the war, the land was devoted to growing food production, which meant that far fewer flowers were being grown, and due to the restrictions on petrol and post, it made it even harder to get flowers to the shop floor from the fields let alone to the doorsteps of recipients. The dwindling numbers of flowers, meant that they were becoming increasingly hard-to-come-by and so they were seen more as a luxury, and it was a luxury which people wanted to hold onto. Flowers played an important role in keeping moral high in the dark days of the early forties and for that reason, in 1943 interflora arranged a delivery of flowers for over 3000 injured soldiers in British hospitals and as well to US soldiers on Independence Day. Grandparents Day: Grandparents Day is a national holiday which has been celebrated in the USA since 1978 and it occurs on the first Sunday after Labour day, but it is recognised in a number of countries on various days of the year. It was first introduced in the UK in 1990 by the charity Age Concern and its celebrated on the first Sunday of October even though its not advertised as much as Mothers Day or Fathers Day.
  3. 3. Interflora Competition As a flower delivery service, Interflora has competition from other online florist, who offer their own delivery service, such as E-florist and with over 100 years of experience working with florists all over the world, Interflora is a great way to purchase flowers but it can be seen as rather expensive for the size of the bouquet. Whereas with other sites, such as E-florist, will offer decent sized bouquets, at reasonable prices which are cheaper than some of Interflora’s prices,
  4. 4. Previous Adverts Interflora, has used many different methods for advertising their products, such as this ad featuring a Yacht and a bouquet of flowers balancing on a see- saw but its made to make the bouquet appear to be heavier on its side, and the message its trying to get across is “The importance of who you are weighs more than what you have” and its and advert that speaks for itself in a way. This advert by Interflora was for grand- parents day 2014 in the UK and its sim- ple with its features and it doesn’t use a lot of text, just the name and date of the holiday and the logo, while the rest of the advert is a photo of a bouquet they sell Interflora used this ad quite cleverly, by using the whole “mummies boy” saying by featuring a photo of a young boy who looks a little bit grumpy but there is a sticky-note placed over the image with the writing saying “its time to forgive her” so one would think that the boy is an- noyed with his mum for something and the note is just saying its time to forgive and buy her flowers for mothers day
  5. 5. Campaign length and prices I would like my campaign to stretch across a 1 month period, in the London area in order for my advert to be seen by my target audience I will have it on a 48 sheet poster, adshel and also a press ad in Cosmopolitan. Billboard: the pricing for a single 48 sheet billboard in London for one month is £700. With this information, in order to get my adverts seen as much as possible I would hire three billboards for a period of one month which would be at different strategic locations throughout London therefore extending the adverts reach. The cost of this would be £2,100. Adshel The pricing for a single regional 6 sheet poster is £250 for one month, in order to have my advert seen by as many people as possible I would hire four 6 sheet posters for a 1 month period, these would be placed in different town centres and in high streets, to gain attention from the public. The cost of this would be £1,000 Press: Cosmopolitan For a full page colour ad on the inside back cover of Cosmopolitan, the price is £23,042. I would only run it for 1 month as I’m only advertising for a single day out of the entire year, so in order to get it seen in time for the day I would have it published in the October issue, which is released in September. The overall price of the campaign is £26,142
  6. 6. Initial IdeasWhen I first started thinking of ideas for Interflora I decided I wanted to try and keep things simple, so what i wanted to try do is put Grandparents Day under the spotlight and my first idea was a visual representation of this though, so where the flowers appear underneath an upside down V that would of been a stream of light just shining down onto a bouquet of flowers illuminating them against a black background. This idea was a bit more complex compared to my first idea because it featured two other bouquets which would appear smaller in the background with a more pro- dominant one appearing in the foreground, and the slogan was to make the larger bouquet appear to be pushing the other to aside. With this idea I decided to not use an image of a bouquet but instead just use type and the logo, because not every single advert needs an image, sometimes just having text is enough, and that’s what I tried to show in this idea. This idea was all about getting people to show their love to their grandparents, and so the image in this idea would of been an elderly woman receiving, a lovely bouquet of flowers with a smile on her face and the logo would be positioned down in the left hand corner
  7. 7. This idea like one of my previous ones where I was just going to use type for this avert and it was just play on emotions with the audience and almost convince them that of they love their grandparents then they should buy from Interflora. With this idea I was trying to add a bit of guilt to it by mentioning how grandparents remember their grandchild’s birthdays but no one knows about grandparents day, which is sad because every grandparent loves getting gifts from their grandchildren especially when it helps to show how much they are loved. when I came up with this idea i was still on the same mind set that young adults don’t really show their grandparents that much love, and so i just chose to add an image of a bouquet, just so it would make the advert more colourful and more appeal- ing to the audience This advert is similar to the idea featuring the image of the grand- mother, but instead of a grand- mother it would feature a young adult holding a bouquet of flow- ers, the strap-line is also differ- ent but similar to the previous ad however this one is all about not forgetting to show love whereas the other one is about express- ing their love
  8. 8. Still sticking to just using type I decided to use Interflora’s name and say how they know how to show love to grandparents and that if the target audience buys from Interflora, then they can show their grandparents how much they care. This idea is all about treating your grandparents on Grandparents Day, and they only way to do that is to actually buy from Interflora and have one of their bouquets delivered to their grandparents house, which will bring smiles and joy to them and also it can bring families together? This idea was mainly based on guilt because when someone loses a family member especially when its a grandparent, they can really be affected, and so its all about remembering them before they pass away and by giving them a gift from Interflora, you can show how much you love them before its too late
  9. 9. Progressed Ideas Out of all my initial ideas I decided to bring this one forward into the development stage because I wanted to try and play around with guilt and emotions, the image of the cross is going to be more detailed, and the background was going to be black to help the image and text stand out, which will also help to gain the target audiences interest. This advert was brought forward due to the simplicity of the advert, I believe I will change the layout of the type on my final advert just to make sure it all fits well onto the different sizes, and also the image may be slightly different, for example I might leave out the label which reads “Grandparents Day” because it is already mentioned n the type of the advert itself
  10. 10. Final Outcome With the final adverts i chose to position a bouquet of flowers on to a black background, and i used Helvetica bold for the headline and Helvetica neue light for the secondary text. the same layout is applied to the adshel and the magazine advert. 48 sheet
  11. 11. Adshel Press Ad: Cosmopolitan
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