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Interflora Random Acts of Kindness case study


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Interflora Random Acts of Kindness case study

  1. 1. Interflora: Random Acts of Kindness September–October 2010 social we are
  2. 2. Our objective? To create a groundswell of positive word of mouth that reinforced the Interflora brand values of exceeding expectations and delivering a personal, trusted service to brighten up people’s days social we are
  3. 3. We monitored Twitter to identify people having a bad day, and responded by offering a free bunch of flowers to cheer them up
  4. 4. These Random Acts of Kindness provoked joy and happiness
  5. 5. and reached over 130,000, creating tremendous positive word of mouth in the Twitter community
  6. 6. Our accompanying blogger outreach campaign involved the most influential mummy bloggers
  7. 7. We devised a creative campaign to tell the bloggers how much we loved their blogs, sending them customised bouquets to match their blogs’ colour scheme
  8. 8. The Mummy blogger activity generated overwhelmingly positive blogs posts, which in turn created positive reactions from the wider community, reaching over 615,000 people
  9. 9. Interflora received praise and recognition as a pioneering brand
  10. 10. with positive word of mouth spreading across news sites, blogs and Twitter reaching 1.75m people