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Will the Day Ever Come When Your Recruitment Process Is 100% Delivered Online?


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There is little doubt that technologies such as the internet, web cameras, applicant tracking systems and online assessment platforms have revolutionised the way people are sourced and selected for roles and there is little doubt that this will continue. Will there be a day when the first time you see a new employee will be on their first day in a new role? In this exciting session, cut-e who have 200 psychology, technical and business process staff across 28 countries assessing over 12 million candidates per annum will explore this question with you and re-imagine how recruitment will be delivered in the future.
David Barrett, Managing Director, cut-e

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Will the Day Ever Come When Your Recruitment Process Is 100% Delivered Online?

  1. 1. Startfolie Recruitment and Talent Management Will the Day Ever Come When Your Recruitment Process Is 100% Delivered Online? What does it mean for HR in the middle east? David Barrett – MSc Occ. Psych Managing Director cut-e MENA & COO
  2. 2. cut-e Talent Solutions A team of 200 professionals in Occupational Psychology, business & technology Operations in 28 countries with UAE team since 2011 with full team based JLT Dubai Assessments for talent screening, selection and development in 40+ Languages Ability to design, implement, operate complex global talent assessment processes We assess 12 million + individuals per year in selection and development contexts
  3. 3. What do these % signify 76% (Hint: A statistic for job searches 2014 in developed economies) 45% (Hint : A statistic for Job Applications 2014 in UK) 80% (Hint: This is a figure from Asia – excluding SIN / HK / Aus) 52.1 (Hint – this figure is 12 years old from Dubai)
  4. 4. Discuss for 5 mins and lets get some views! The talent acquisition and hiring process is moving more and more towards online solutions Will the day come when you when you don’t meet the candidate in person until day 1 at work?
  5. 5. New & Emerging Trends We are seeing: A move towards online / mobile / use of video A rise in Pre-Application Assessment Innovation in Attraction Strategies – creating fun & engaging processes A move towards customised and organisation specific solutions presenting assessments that give realistic job previews, serious games, situational judgment tasks Organisations are placing greater emphasis on measuring values, behaviours and cultural fit Assessments will give candidate useful feedback to help decide whether to apply or not and to which type of role – candidates will have more control over their data A move towards global or regional hubs of excellence
  6. 6. The case for - Pre-Application Assessments Tools predicting behavioural, organisational fit & values alignment are on the rise! These will be delivered in more innovative ways and stand for: Fun – Candidates enjoy these Marketing – attraction tool High Completion rates Low admin requirements Improve Candidate Quality
  7. 7. The global talent market can be a very crowded space… We all want the best talent… We need to adapt innovative and meaningful methods in order for organisations to stand out, to attract the best and identify the best 3.2 million people visited and interacted with this website The case for – Innovation in Attraction and Assessment
  8. 8. Try Before You Fly RJP & SJQ 27,000 per month participate 7,000 per month apply 39% improvement in interview to hire ratio 28% improvement in ability to promote new hires to cabin managers Enjoyable and engaging for candidates The case for - Pre-Application Assessments
  9. 9. Video & Mobile Are Converging
  10. 10. The case for – Customisation Companies are using more & more… RJPs (Realistic Job Previews) & SJQs (Situational Judgment Questionnaires) Personality and values assessments linked to internal competency models Tailored reports in organisational specific language These tools & reports are Organisation & role specific  Face validity Fully bespoke Validated internally to see ‘what good looks like’ within the organisation
  11. 11. Example Custom Output Report A customised report will become available to guide the basis for interview & selection of candidates Different Sections:  Competency Fit  Values Fit (Optional)  Aptitude Results (Optional)  Interview Guide
  12. 12. Example Interview Guide Output Interview Guide  Customisable  Standardised  Indicators  Consistent Scoring
  13. 13. Video interviewing Approx 70% of large companies globally now say they would use this cut-e technology derives psychometric information and scoring out of speech samples from voice recognition tech – anyone who want to be involved in a research project on this ? There will be a rise on 2 way usage as well as 1 way self record: Driven by building relationships, more senior candidates and wanting to complete the final assessment in this way
  14. 14. Voice recognition profiling In Development Analyses intonation, speed, sentence length, pauses etc Autotranscribes spoken language Analyses output and patterns against cognitive and behavioural elements
  15. 15. The case for online – Paperless & virtually delivered interviews and assessment centres Automated reporting and integration of results & feedback through online system
  16. 16. Careers matching & guidance portals provided free to 200,000 customers and families – Marketing + Recruitment
  17. 17. Personal reports & guidance
  18. 18. Thousands of high skill applicants - Government careers portal strategy
  19. 19. Emerging Global Trend: Regional Hub Talent Assessment Strategy Create centres of excellence across regions with high levels of capabilities in terms of Sourcing and Screening Selection & Assessment support with final decision still controlled at local level Talent Management & Development
  20. 20. The case for – Hubs (Regional & Global) Better use of technology makes centralising processes and teams easier and more efficient. This in turn:  Attracts and generates large talent pools  Provides faster access to the right candidates  Provides quality control  Provides standardisation We see an increase in centrally owned and managed assessment processes, conducted remotely against a model that is globally consistent - BP External Graduate Recruitment Benchmark Report 2013, compiled by cut-e
  21. 21. The case for - online Online is Easier: attract and assess anyone, anywhere Cheaper: less travel and lower time requirement Fairer: objective & standardised Faster: assess more candidates in less time Liked: candidates like it and enjoy it ‘‘In most of our clients, technology is used from the top of the ‘recruitment funnel’ as far up as possible’’ – BP External Graduate Recruitment Benchmark Report 2013, compiled by cut-e
  22. 22. The case for online assessment – New possibilities
  23. 23. In short… Online processes allow us to: Implement local and global innovative and productive sourcing processes Create great internal service and control for recruiters and hiring managers Introduce local global quality control on selection decisions and hiring Create lean & efficient processes Create cost efficient, productive and scalable centres of excellence Ensure consistency in terms of applicant experience with your employer brand In today’s interconnected world, having part of your selection automated & online is a must to compete from both an economic as well as professional viewpoint.
  24. 24. Endfolie cut-e MENA 37th Floor, JBC-2 Jumeirah Lake Towers Dubai E-Mail: info.uae(at) Phone: +971 4 374 5713 David Barrett