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Mobile technology is set to take over as the driving force behind global commerce. With the number of people using mobile technology growing every day, businesses are starting to use mobile commerce to reach an ever-wider pool of potential clients.
The habits of Internet users are changing: they're spending more time on their smart phones (1 hour 30 minutes per day on average) for a variety of purposes (email, social networks, maps, news, videos, etc.). Smile is already ahead of the field in mobile solutions, and has been building its expertise in applications and mobile sites for two years. Today, using this experience, Smile can help you work out your own mobile strategy.

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Make YOUR business MOBILE

  1. 1. Paris - Lyon - Nantes - Bordeaux - MontpellierEspagne - Benelux – Switzerland - Ukraine –Morocco - -+38 044 498 30 28MobileConcept simple > utile > performant simple > utile > performant
  2. 2. Smile - Open Source Solution20 years in 2011 sales  Specialised business 37,4 departments  Smile Consulting M€1  Smile Digital + 47% growth  Network st French Open Infrastructure and hostingSource leader  Third Party Maintenance 10 branches  Smile Training Variety of domains  Content Management  E-commerce ~ 600  Mobile Development employees  Erp/Crm  Ged  Decision  Portals
  3. 3. Smile mobile development offer 1 3
  4. 4. Facts about mobile world Mobile devices continues to grow in France and worldwide. The practices of users changing: users spend more time on their smartphones (1 hour 30 minutes per day on average ¹) for varied needs (emails, social networks, maps, news, videos, etc.). . By 2014, the number of Internet users via mobile has surpassed the number of Internet user via computer ². In this context each site and web application will provide a mobile version to ensure its access to its users. The figures of 2011:  10 billion downloads from the App Store have been achieved and more than 350,000 applications are available ³.  Android is no exception: the 3 billion downloads from the Android Market have been achieved, more than 200,000 applications available ³.  France has 11.4 million mobile users ⁴. Sources : ¹- Appsfire SAS, Janvier 2011, ²- Microsoft Tag, Mars 2011, ³- Google & Apple Announcements, Avril 2011, ⁴- Observatoire de linternet mobile, Groupm SFR Régie, avril 2011, Observatoire-de-lInternet-mobile.pdf 4
  5. 5. Smile and mobile developmentWith 20 years of experience and expertise in open source solutions, Smile has made some of thelargest sites of the French Internet, that are open to a very large audience.Smile took a step ahead in the field of mobile solutions, building its expertise in applications and mobile sites for2 years. Today, using its experience, Smile works for your mobile strategy. Content Management Mobile Commerce multichannel Mobile Strategy Mobile Marketing Ergonomics Benchmark Design Development multi-platform mobile web Maintenance solutions 5
  6. 6. Our technologies and tools 2 6
  7. 7. Technology for every need The fluidity and evolving mobile ecosystem encouraged to address the issue of technology choice carefully. Many choices present themselves, and not all are suitable for each mobile strategy: • Developments 100% native • Adaptation of a mobile web site • Web app • Titanium Framework • PhoneGap Framework • overlay SenchaTouch • Hybrid native HTML5 + • Titanium + HTML5 • Level of outsourcing processing to the server The choice of technology will depend on many parameters related to: • Mobile strategy: audience, buzz, degree of innovation, business objectives, budget, long-term development plan ... • Application features: offline, multi-platform, level of usability, degree of integration with the SI, expected performance, graphics, fleet target ... 7
  8. 8. Smile and mobile : standards and cross-platform Boasting unique open source expertise, and experience as an integrator of complex solutions, Smile was positioned on the mobile with a focus on high value-added project mainly cross-platform and integrated into the SI. The open source multi-platform solutions aime to address the problem of the lack of development standards in the world of mobile applications. Smile positions itself as a pioneer on the subject and makes an important technological work to select and use open source solutions that meet the expectations of its customers in the most efficient way. Smile has selected several open source development tools cross-platform and has partnered with publishers to test the tools and ensure their quality. As a web developer, Smile is particularly attentive to the progress of the HTML5 standard, already used as a common platform to the world of mobile applications. The advantages of a framework cross-platform:  A unique code for N applications (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, ...)  Increased maintainability and sustainability of applications  Building Applications with native rendering for each platform  Availability of components reporting the usage statistics of the applications  No dependence on a publisher or an integrator 8  Provision of development tools (free) and associated documentation
  9. 9. Frameworks recommended by Smile Today, next multi-platform frameworks stand out: Titanium is a framework open source Sencha is the First HTML5 Mobile Web under Apache license, which allows you App Framework that allows you to to create applications for iPhone or develop mobile web apps that look Android Technologies HTML / CSS / and feel native on iPhone, Android, Javascript. Among others this framework and BlackBerry devices. It leverages has an overactive community, partners HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript for the and significant financial resources that highest level of power, flexibility, and guarantee rapid development. Titanium optimization. Due to the specific now has a dedicated development usage of HTML5, we have audio/video components as well as environment, thereby strengthening its localStorage proxy for saving data position as leader. offline. Rhodes is a framework cross-platform open PhoneGap is a mobile development source based on Ruby. Each mobile framework open source that offers to application developed with Ruby VM loads a develop multi-platform applications Rhodes, a small MVC framework inspired by (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Palm and Ruby On Rails, and a simplified web server. Symbian) using standards such as HTML, Moreover a support is broad: BlackBerry, CSS and JavaScript. The resulting Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile. With a application will then use the rendering large community, it proposes to make the engine of the mobile browser to run. functionality of smartphones the most prominent. 9
  10. 10. The main frameworks - Titanium Titanium is used to generate native applications for iPhone and Android. Titanium reflects the JavaScript code to native code, then uses the SDK target platforms to create the final package. + • • Speed Rich API and graphical -  Only two platforms (iOS / Android) • Community hyperactive • Important partners and financial strength • A dedicated IDE • Leadership Smile is a certified partner Titanium 10
  11. 11. The main frameworks - PhoneGap PhoneGap uses the rendering engine HTML / CSS / JavaScript browser native of the target platform.  Light weight applications Differences between some motor terminals, +   Runtimes and rendering already integrated Many supported platforms - inducing a process of adaptation of presentations (using JavaScript frameworks specific type Sencha Touch solves this problem) 11
  12. 12. Methodology adapted 3 12
  13. 13. Specific methodology for mobile projectsSmile offers a methodology adapted to development projects for mobile phones. Ittakes into account:• Specificities intrinsic to mobile projects• Modes of development frameworks on cross platforms• Smile feedback on all its projects• Expectations of our customers (flexibility, including visibility) This method aims to: - Adapt the specifications to the type of application - Save time by parallelizing different spots - Guarantee the customers visibility throughout the project (with validationsteps distributed) - Provide flexibility 13
  14. 14. Project cycle Point de Back Office visibilité & Livrable Spécifications, développements et recettesExpression de besoin (Cycle en V) validation Recette Specs Livraison def client Macro chiffrage Spécification Cinématique « cinématique » tio o en Fonctions & nc cr e Cinématiques fo a g m u pa ns c o Développement Dé Maquettes écrans Recette intégrée Livraison & puis recette client distribution Recette Livraison def Recette interne client Mise en place de l’architecture technique Livraison Code source Chiffrage détaillé Démo fonction Ecrans au client Ergonomie / Design Proto de Assets navigation graphiques Visibilité & 14 Adaptabilité Parallélisation Pérennité flexibilité
  15. 15. Quality approach• Management audit of the project by management quality• Recipe continuous• Details of project phases - Input Elements - Conditions and available output• Monitoring and analysis of customer satisfaction Criteria Evaluation Visibility given on the progress by Smile Reactivity• Technical Audit• Code audit by the technical Availability• Automation control development standards• Integration platform continues 15 Quality of documentation
  16. 16. Our references mobile 4 16
  17. 17. Focus on Melody Healthcare Application mobile «Melody»  Redesign of the application iPad "iViewer"  Use of Web technologies with the framework Sencha Touch  Targets: iPad Features : Rich player slides or static interactions with the management of slides and transitions Module composition of a presentation: creating slides from organized into categories The application can quickly create presentations tailored to the needs of the physician. 17
  18. 18. Focus on TDF-Cristal Application mobile «TDF-Cristal»  Using the cross-platform framework Titanium  Targets: iOS and Android (smartphones and tablets) Features : Application for monitoring network status TDF Notification of major alarms: creation of a dedicated server PUSH User profile management Data Recovery Services via REST Geolocation, and Maps 18
  19. 19. Focus on Evian MastersApplication for the tournament iOSEvian Masters 2010• Official application for Evian Masters Golf Tournament• Smile contributution : ergonomicdesign, technical development Features :• Latest Tournament news• Consultation scores and photos ofreal-time tournament• Free application available on theApp Store• Compatible with iPhone, iPodtouch and the iPad 19
  20. 20. Focus on Spie Mobile Application « SPIE Map » • Using the framework Cross-Platform PhoneGap • Generating an Android application (1.x and 2.x) and application iOS from PhoneGap • Click → Android Market • Click → App Store Features • List of SPIE sites with contact details • Views of SPIE centers on Google Maps • Search sites closest to the user (geolocation) 20
  21. 21. Focus on Magento Mobile DashboardApplication iPhone & Android• Scoreboard recovering salesstatistics of Magento• Developed with the frameworkcross-platform Titanium• Dynamic management of graphics• Different design depending on the device but a unique codeMore than 30 downloads a day on theAndroid Store 21
  22. 22. Electronic Restaurant Menu Electronic Restaurant Menu- Using the framework Cross-Platform SenchaTouch- Generating a web application for iPad&AndroidTabletFeatures- Menu navigation to make an order- Ability to make reservation for future- Ability to make changes to menu for admins- Interconnection with restaurants kitchen- Sales analyzing for manager 22
  23. 23. Focus on SPIE Mobile version of the web-site • Editorial site: news, presentation of SPIE, the groups customers, media, etc.. • Used CMS : Typo3 • Sharing of content between the site "web" and the mobile site Access : 23
  24. 24. Focus on Krys Krys Mobile Site : • General information about Krys • Tracking orders for customers of e-commerce site (space identified) • Contact Form • Geolocation (Google Maps): ability to search the nearest Krys optician Accessible with a mobile browser: 24
  25. 25. Focus on Mazars Mobile application « Mazars » The application facilitates the exchange and publication of the information related to integrating the functionality of Mazars Community Clubs. • Using Cross-Platform framework Rhodes, integrating support for older versions of Blackberry • Mobiles targets: Blackberry, Android, iPhone Features • Application in online mode • Data synchronization with the web portal in eZ Publish Mazars • Receiving notifications on the mobile • Pushing service 25
  26. 26. There is always a solution Do you want us to carry out a project for you? Interested in us and our services? We are waiting for your questions. Please contact us: SMILE UKRAINE LLC 8, Heroiv Stalingrada Avenue, build.2, office 38, 04210, Kiev, Ukraine Tel.: + 38 (044) 498-30-28 E-mail address: General information and presentations of our services can be found on 26
  27. 27. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTIONOther presentations areavailable on Slideshare Join our community 27