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A preliminary version of a planner's portfolio that I used to get an internship.

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  1. 1. Dibakar Das Roy Creative Brand Manager The VCU Brandcenter
  2. 2. A diagram showing the different ways you can take a look at my work, my interests and my belief system. Campaign: Internship, Summer 2008 Brand: Me Target Audience: You as an agency. Me. Book & Resume My interests, opinions My professional life and and my work. my work on paper. Introduction (Digital Familiarity) [Youtube*, Current TV*] Who I am. Where I am from. What I beleive in. *Youtube Link: *Current TV Link:
  3. 3. Dibakar Das Roy 300 W. Franklin Street, Richmond VA 23220 | 804 386 4973| Work Experience: [Marketing, Advertising, Production] Saatchi & Saatchi New Delhi (April 2006 - June 2007) Clents: Coca Cola and Sony Ericsson Duties: Framing integrated communication strategies, and exploring executional concepts in collaboration with the client . Ideosync Media Combine New Delhi (November 2004 - February 2005) Clients: BBC and UNAIDS Duties: Production assistant on a documentary series spreading AIDS awareness among college students in India. Education: [Brand Management, Advertising & P.R., Literature] VCU Brandcenter Richmond (August 2007 - Present) Degree: Msc. Mass Communications Concentration: Creative Brand Management Indian Institute of Mass Communication New Delhi (August 2005 - March 2006) Degree: P.G. Diploma Concentration: Advertising and Public Relations Hindu College New Delhi (August 2002 - March 2005) Degree: B.A. Honors Concentration: English Literature Activities: [Social Service, Theatre - Acting and Production] International Round Square Conference Earthquake Relief Project, Batoli (2002) Description: Built earthquake resistant shelters for the affected village, Batoli. President, Hindu College Dramatics Society (2004) Description: Wrote and directed plays for the college theatre circuit. Member, Yellow Cat Arts (2005) Description: Actor and presenter for the performing arts company. Skill Set: [Technical and Intellectual] Microsoft Office Brand Management IMS Software Client Management (Researching syndicated databases) Resource Allocation/Budgeting Adobe Creative Suite Business Writing Google Adwords and Adsense Public Speaking iMovie, Final Cut Pro (Editing) Media Planning Objective: To be a brand emissary who is equally proficient at the various technological, financial, technical and artistic disciplines that branding circumvents.
  4. 4. Sony AIBO Creative Brief Assignment Synopsis Task: To re-launch the Sony AIBO Essence: This assignment taught me that a product’s failure is often caused due to a misinterpretation of target audience. This can happen when the attributes of the product are not gauged carefully, and tested whether they func- tionally suit the target audience. My Role: I discovered that the existing segment to which it was pitched at (kids and families) did not have the technical abilities to get the best out of AIBO. It was more than just a ‘pet’; having superior Artifical Intellignece software, and requiring technical skills to get the software to perform well. Product Insight: The AIBO gets better with the amount of technical involvement and investment you put into it. New Target: ‘The Technophile’ Who is He? The technophile sees most or all technology as positive, adopting technology enthusiastically, and seeing it as a means to potentially improve life and combat social prob- lems. What About The Technophile: 1. Technology is a challenge to him 2. Technology is also his best companion How is this Relevant? AIBO is a personification of the various roles that technology plays in the technophile’s life.It is both challenge to him (because of the sophesticated software involved) and is also a companion to him. The Creative Seed: “Dogs and technology, man’s best freinds.”
  5. 5. The Circuit City Firedog Project Synopsis. Essence: Finding new uses of existing technology to benefit consumers, thus exponentially inreasing the accessability of a brand. The Brand:Circuit City’s Firedog brand adds a techni- cal services extension to their existing portfolio of consumer electronics goods. Task: Increase interaction with the brand and it’s perceived value in the ,minds of the consumer. Problems discovered after talking to the consumers : 1. Awareness - Consumers were not aware of Firedog’s functions. Many were also not aware of how it was exactly associated with Circuit City. 2. Time - Customers thought using Firedog’s services was a time-consuming affair 3. Cost - Many customers were hesitant to use Firedog’s services for smaller services due to associated expenses. Facts about the Consumer : 1.The Circuit City consumers spend time on the Circuit City website researching products they wants to purchase. (31.2%) 2.The Circuit City consumer frequently shops online. (37.6%) 3.Of all the activities they use the Internet for, chat, IM and other similar services were most commonly used. (25.1%) [Source: Simmons Data] Strategy: Leverage the consumer’s online presence for technology and communication related matters to bring them closer to the Firedog brand. Proposition: The Firedog Video Diagnosis Service A novel concept using popular technology (Skype), that increases ease in communication and adds a new dimension to online services.
  6. 6. The Firedog Video Diagnosis Service The first helpline in the world that will use video chat as a means to diagnosing problems and gaining assistance from the experts. It will help save time, money and create awa- renss for the Firedog brand. No other assistance service uses this technology at present. Execution: 1.The Firedog Video Diagnosis Service in partnership with Skype, (software that allows users to communicate with each other via video chat for free.) This will be made a unit of the Circuit City Homepage. 2.The Firedog helpline number will be made a regular feature on the Skype software interface, giving anyone who downloads the software exposure to Circuit City. Implications: 1.Awareness – Greater awareness due to unmissable presence on Circuit City homepage. Awareness will also increase as the number of Skype users increase. 2.Time – The Firedog Video Diagnosis Service will benefit consumers who are pressed for time and do not want to wait for the Firedog service to reach their homes. It will be able to give them on the spot guidance, where, by seeing what the problem is through the video chat service, the Firedog crew will be able to diagnose and lead the consumerthrough the necessary steps required in solving the problem. 3.Cost – As the software is free, it will save Circuit City a lot of money spent in fuel and labor costs associated with sending Firedog members to different areas. It will also encourage people who were till now reluctant to call Firedog and use its services, since the cost of services rendered will be much lower due to the savings on transportation and labor costs.
  7. 7. Pet Project (Digital Anthropology) The 21st Century Anti-Brand. In this synopsis of an ongoing project that I am working on outside the school curriculum, I will outline a ‘digital’ brand of the 21st Century, and its cultural relevance. Brand: Brand Positioning: Sharing is caring. Brand Values: Standing for the right to copy. Description: A Bittorrent search engine that facilitates file-sharing between people. Why is this brand important: The organisation behind this Swedish site, Piratbyran, is the first body to openly contest the right to copy files. Their vision is to make file-sharing on the internet a legal phenomena. Their argument - copying is a natural digital and neurological process, especially in this age of technolgy when the cost of reproduction is virtually zero. Brand Valuation: Worth millions of dollars in music, software and other digital information that is being traded for free, but casing losses to their respective industries. Legality: File sharing is illegal. The site was shut down for three days last year, but since they are not hosting any content on it themselves, but merely playing a connection between two file sharers, they are protected by the law. They are as legal as Google. Piratebay can not be shut down. Implications: As web sites such as these expose the nearing obsoletion of traditional copyright laws, they will affect changes in business models, as can be seen in case of the music industry and the struggling record labels. The changes will also be felt on the part of software developers, the movie industry and image banks such as Getty Images. Conclusion: Piratebay is spurning a cultural movement all across the world where people on the net are beginning to fight for their right to copy. This larger brand is facilitating file sharers all across the world to connect on a common ideology, and is breeding a base for 21st century digital philosphy. this could have a radical impact on our ecnomies, making Piratebay one of the most important ‘anti-brands’ of the century. Essence: Technology is changing our philosophy towards intellectual property, and this movement is being spurned by a website/brand that stands for this right to copy. This brand is now branch- ing out to other spheres of society such as politics and fashion, powered by its ideology.
  8. 8. Piratbyran (The mother brand that is spurning this movement) Piratpartiet: An actual political Kopimi Clothing: To stand for ‘copy party that has sprung up in me’, this clothing brand released by Sweden. It’s agenda, file sharing on the same organisation is selling out the Internet being legalized and the in Sweden the moment it hits stores. right to intellectual property. Why? Because it represents an ideology that is relevant to the people; that of the freedom to copy. Their target audience, file sharers all over the world. The website that is leading this cutural and ideological paradigm shift by facilitating file sharing worth millions of dollars, every day. A chart showing how the ideology of this anti-brand is spreading to different spheres of life such as politics, economics and fashion.
  9. 9. Creative Thinking Assignment Synopsis Task: Bring the Pogo Stick back to cultural relevance whether in the present form or modified. Problem: Due to the prevalence of other means of entertainment, digital or real, the pogo stick is now looked at as a thing of the past. The only people who still use them are people who have been able to adopt it as an extreme sport, a very niche segment propagated by brands such as XPogo. Target Segment: Children of all ages! What are they doing now? Their most favorite activity is video games. (Average time spent gaming – 10 hours a week) [Juniorsenior Research] What is the functionality of the pogo stick? It lets you jump around. What is the biggest recent trend in gaming? Active gaming. Controllers such as the Wii and games such as Guitar Hero, add an experiential dimension to gaming, and are becoming increasingly popular. How do we make this relevant to the pogo stick? The jump is a common and important action in video gaming, but no product has yet reciprocated the experience of jumping around in the virtual world. Product: ‘Jump Stick’ controller for active gaming. A pogo stick adapted with the motion sensor technology found in controllers such as the Wii remote. Feasibility: After doing research on third party developers for Wii controllers, I found out that developing this controller is possible, because the software that makes motion sensing possible already exists. It has to be modified and fitted into a pogo stick. There are also developers that can be contacted to do the job. Effectivity: There is a huge market for third party accesories developed for consoles such as the Wii. The industry is already flooding with various accesories that add to the experience of active gaming, some only aesthetically but some experientially as well. Essence: Product modification. A gaming remote made out of a pogo stick, modified with available motion sensor technology, that lets you physically jump in video games.
  10. 10. Product Proposal: A motion sensing video game controller modified into a pogo stick attached to a base. Lets you jump around in the virtual world like Mario. Patents recently filed for by Nintendo for the Wii. They have not yet devel- oped them yet, but are hoping to modify a bike into a Wii controller, and also a teddy bear! [Source -] Graph showing the exponential growth in the gaming industry, especially after the appearance of active gaming in the industry.
  11. 11. A probability tree for revenue approximation: The figures are based on sales trends in the industry. While considering partnering with the Wii, best and worst case scenarios were taken from the sales figures of existing Wii remote peripherals. [Best Case scenario- Wii Fit (1,000,000 units sold in the first month in Japan), Worst Case Scenario - Wii Zapper (232,000 units sold in the first month)] [Source -]
  12. 12. Discussion Guide Synopsis One of the projects that I am currently working on is the action sports brand X, which include X Games, and the X Games gear and apparel for kids. This discussion guide was prepared for our focus groups which we conducted to get direction on what the brand’s percpeived values are in the minds of actions sports participants and fans, and what direction the brand should take. The focus group participants were action sports practitioners who had qualified the screening process (i.e. they practiced at least one of the events listed in the X Games schedule. Our first round of questions were to get introduced to everyone in the focus group. The following rounds probed into their general interests and their interst in action sports. The next few rounds got into the lifestyle and the community of action sports and questioned the participants on their own experiences and perspectives. We then asked for their opinions on action sports competitions and thereafter tested some benefit statements for the brand that we had hypothesized. We then ended with a closing exercise that tred to determing their perspetive on where they thought action sports was going. Diagrammatic Representation of the Exercise Essence: The exercise was all about checking the action sports practioner’s response to stimuli when it came to the ideology they held true to, and its relationship with X Games.
  13. 13. X Games Discussion Guide Introduction: Allow 3 minutes Topic Comment Acrodunk teammember asks each participant as they arrive “What does ‘X’ mean to you?” This will glean connections to Arrival the actual letter X and also set the stage for more abstract thinking among the participants. Moderator introduces self. The discussion today is focused Introduction on action sports. The objective of this group is find information about action Focus Group Objectives sports, your participation in the sport. Please speak freely and openly with your answers. You will not be judged on any of your responses, we simply want to Rules gain knowledge from your experiences. You may also ask for clarification any questions or subjects being discussed at anytime. We ask that you also turn off your cell phone for the duration of the session. General Interests: Allow 5 minutes Purpose Comment Question The questions in this section Ask participants to go around the Provide participants with a aim to establish a connec- room and introduce themselves. “bio sheet” asking for their tion with the participants, favorite band/singer, make them comfortable and movie/TV show, get a conversation going. At book/magazine/website, the same time, the questions favorite action sport, and in this section aim to get a 3 adjectives to describe holistic view of their genera- their generation (from tion and what their values word list). and ideologies are, so as to be able to correlate it to all the activities that they engage in.
  14. 14. General Action Sports Interest: Allow 3 minutes Comment Purpose Question This section aims at finding If you were to have to Group Activity: Each out how the sport itself explain what an action sport person individually defines spreads amongst people, what was to someone, what would action sports on a piece of its main attractions are, and you say? paper using the what are the various nuances think/feel/say exercise. that make people choose the Allow only one minute to action sport that they do. It write to gain immediate also tests their level of thoughts. involvement and the problems if any, faced by them in the Allow each person to pursuit of the sports. define action sports. Action Sports Lifestyle: Allow 7 minutes Purpose Comment Question This section will allow us to Does action sports have a lifestyle gauge how involved their life- behind the individual sport? Talk style is to action sports. about it. Does action sports have one cohe- sive lifestyle or do they change from sport to sport? If one lifestyle, describe. If more than one lifestyle, how are they different? Are there any con- nections between them. Do you fit your description of the lifestyle? Why or why not? Action Sports Commuity: Allow 10 minutes Comment Purpose Question This section aims at finding What are your thoughts on the out how exactly news about action sports community as a the action sports community whole? spreads around, and how Do you feel you are a part of this involved in the community community? people participating in action sports are. It also gauges the How prevalent is this community in impact of standards set by the your life outside of participating in community on their lifestyle the sport? Does this community and probes into their aspira- have any affect on you outside of tions towards the sport. your participation in the sport?
  15. 15. Action sports Community (contd.) Comment Purpose Question Who/What has the biggest influ- ence on action sports? How do you learn about what’s happening in the world of action sports? Is it a local or national influence? Do you feel action sports are main- stream? Is this a positive or a negative? Will this ever change? Action Sports Competitions: Allow 7 minutes Comment Purpose Question What competitions come to mind This section asks their views when they think of action sports? on competition in the field of action sports. It tests the General thoughts on action sports Open discussion presence of the brand X in and competitions. their lives, and finds out what Do you think competitions are a position it occupies in their negative or a positive for action minds. sports? What are you thoughts on the X Games? What does the brand X Games add to action sports? Closing Exercise: Allow 5 minutes Comment Purpose Question To determine their thoughts If you were able to write a post- Group Activity: ask partici- on the path that action sports card from the future what would pants to work together to is going. you say about the state of actions write their message while we sports. Discuss. discusses any final business. Thank you. We hope you enjoyed the pizza!
  16. 16. Thank You.