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Webinar - Measuring What Matters with Google Analytics - 2015-12-3


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George Weiner, founder of Whole Whale, helps make sense of Google Analytics. He'll show you how to track social, content, and user behavior; analyze the numbers; and become an action-oriented, data-driven organization.

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Webinar - Measuring What Matters with Google Analytics - 2015-12-3

  1. 1. Google Analytics: Measuring What Matters With George Weiner, Whole Whale December 3, 2015
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  8. 8. What Do You Want to Learn?
  9. 9. Google Analytics: Measuring What Matters
  10. 10. Who is Whole Whale? We leverage data and tech to increase nonprofit impact.
  11. 11. My Goals 1.Increase your knowledge of GA 2.Provide a framework for using GA 3.Make a change in your organization Questions? @WholeWhale (or chat)
  12. 12. Poll: How much do you know? A.No Google Analytics knowledge B.Beginner C.Intermediate D.Enough to be dangerous E.Advanced
  13. 13. Contents Gather ●Setup ●Google Analytics terms ●Basics of metrics ●Goals Analyze ●Misleading Metrics (M&Ms) ●Case Study Examples Act ●Dashboards
  14. 14. What is it? ●Free ●Web analytics for your website ●Javascript that lives on every page ●Every website codebase can handle this ●Takes less than 30min to install ●Shows what/where/how/when activities on your website (not so much why)
  15. 15. How do we measure behavior?
  16. 16. How do we measure behavior?
  17. 17. ? Gather Data Ask Questions AnalyzeInsights Learn & Act
  18. 18. Gather
  19. 19. Poll: Is your site using Analytics? A.No clue - how do I check? B.No we aren’t C.Yes - outdated Analytics code D.Yes - Universal Analytics E.I wandered into this webinar by accident and just like clicking buttons
  20. 20. Getting Started with GA ●Setup: is it installed? ●Staff: who is monitoring? ●Access: are there tiers of access? ●Goals: are they setup/defined? ●Webmaster tools: is it connected? ●AdWords: Connected? ●Dashboards: (WW bundle)
  21. 21. Google Analytics Terms ●Users (formerly Unique Visitors) ●Sessions (formerly Visits) ●Pageviews ●Bounce Rate (Bounces) ●Average Visit Duration ●Exit Rate (Exits) ●Goal ●Event Simple Glossary @
  22. 22. Basics: Users, Sessions, Pageviews Simple Glossary @
  23. 23. Basics: Bounces and Exits 1 Session, 1 Pageview enter 1 bounce 1 exit 1 Session, 2 Pageviews enter 1 exit no bounce
  24. 24. Demographic Info Upgrade to Universal Analytics for... How to tell in Code Universal Analytics = Analytics.js Old Analytics = ga.js
  25. 25. Logic Model Input: what you invest Output: what you make Outcome: what you expect to happen Free PDFs Free Photos Free Classes Downloads Pageviews Signups Informed Programs Health Literacy Healthier World GOALS!
  26. 26. Goals
  27. 27. Goals
  28. 28. Analyze
  29. 29. M&M: Users ●How is this possible? Selected together: oJune-August: 2,000 users Selected month by month: oJune: 1,500 users oJuly: 1,000 users oAugust: 1,200 users
  30. 30. M&M: Users Cookies are used to track unique users over time.
  31. 31. M&M: Counting Sessions ●Quiz: A user visits homepage, 5 minutes browsing 2 pages. They leave the site for 20 minutes, return and spend another 5 minutes browsing 2 pages. How many sessions and pageviews are recorded? A. 2 Sessions - 4 Pageviews B. 1 Session - 4 Pageviews C. 1 Session - 2 Pageviews D. Other 5m 20m 5m
  32. 32. M&M: Counting Sessions B: Correct answer - 1 Session - 4 Pageviews - 1 User Session cookies last 30 minutes 1 Session 5m 20m 5m
  33. 33. M&M: Avg. Session Duration ●Quiz: A user visits homepage, spends 3 minutes scrolling through the article title, and then bounces (leaves the site). How long does GA record for session duration? A. 3m B. More than 3m C. 0m C. 0m is Correct
  34. 34. M&M: Avg. Session Duration Add a non-bounce segment to see true time But… Averages are misleading (they can also hurt kittens)
  35. 35. M&M: Avg. Session Duration All Sessions Non-Bounce Sessions
  36. 36. M&M: Session Duration ●Quiz: A user visits homepage, spends 3 minutes scrolling through 1 page, the 2 minutes on the next page and then leaves the site. How long does GA record for session duration? A. 5m B. 3m C. 0m 1 Session 3m 2m enter exit B is Correct - 3m
  37. 37. M&M: Session Duration ●Problems o Metric underestimates true session duration o Bounced sessions have durations of 0 ●Solutions o Look at non-bounce visitors o Goal tracking
  38. 38. M&M: Internal Sessions Internal Traffic can inflate sessions
  39. 39. M&M: No Filters ●Problems o internal traffic can overestimate traffic numbers ●Solutions o Create filters to exclude traffic from internal IP address o Also exclude traffic from “dev” sites
  40. 40. What else can Google Analytics Track? ●Goals! o Newsletter signups o Donations o Sales Funnels o 5 minute visits o Any click on the site ●Events o Outbound referrals o Scroll depth o Video interaction
  41. 41. Event: Outbound Referrals Note: this requires advanced configuration via Google Tag Manager Q: Where do people go when they click to leave our site?
  42. 42. Example: Social Media Traffic Q: Which social network sends better traffic to our website?
  43. 43. Example: Demo Conversion Q: Do millenials like us?
  44. 44. Example: Increasing Subscriptions How many new subscriptions are we getting? How can we increase that?
  45. 45. An example... Interesting - Paid traffic is #winning
  46. 46. Dig a little deeper... Which keywords are driving the most conversions? ACTION: Tell marketing team team to pursue these for higher quality traffic
  47. 47. Find your impact sabermetrics
  48. 48. Act
  49. 49. Using Dashboards Download the free Whole Whale starter pack
  50. 50. Using Dashboards
  51. 51. ? Gather Data Ask Questions AnalyzeInsights Learn & Act
  52. 52. Are mobile users happy? Problem: ● Mobile bounce rate is unusually high ● It is more than 10% higher than the desktop bounce rate, our benchmark
  53. 53. Something on Mobile is Broken Insight: ● Mobile experience is lackluster, people are less engaged ● People are less likely to interact the way we want Solution: ● Talk to developers/QA team to discuss further mobile testing and theme improvements.
  54. 54. Broken Funnels
  55. 55. Something can be improved Maybe the homepage needs improvement?
  56. 56. OK, so how do we improve? A B B Wins + 25%
  57. 57. Numbers are people too How do we talk about #s internally? 1. There were 315 newsletter signups during the month of September, an average of 10.5 per day. 2. In September, 10.5 people per DAY told us they care about the cause and want to hear more about our work. 3. During September, 315 people signed up to hear more from us, this should lead to 31 new donors in the next 6 months.
  58. 58. ? Gather Data Ask Questions AnalyzeInsights Learn & Act
  59. 59. Q&A?
  60. 60. - University
  61. 61. Whole Whale Resources Google Resources - Tons of helpful training articles Video Trainings - Free digital strategy YouTube series Online course - Google AdWords for Nonprofits Nonprofit Podcast - Stories of tech in the nonprofit world podcast
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