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The Rainy Season in Japan


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Description of the rainy season in Japan.
This is a slide for my English.

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The Rainy Season in Japan

  1. 1. The Rainy Season in Japan
  2. 2. Tsu-yu The Japanese rainy season = Plum Rain
  3. 3. Why is the rainy season called “Tsu-yu”? Plum Rain
  4. 4. Starts the beginning of June Ends the middle of July Japanese Rainy Season
  5. 5. Plums are ripening in this season. Plum Season
  6. 6. Cause of the rainy season
  7. 7. June
  8. 8. Uncomfortable Season
  9. 9. The rain is very important for having a harvest.
  10. 10. Traditional Architectures
  11. 11. Beautiful Hydrangeas
  12. 12. Teru Teru Bouzu
  13. 13. Fireflies