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Inter school Literary quiz


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Published in: Education
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Inter school Literary quiz

  2. 2. “ConfliCt Cannot survivewithout your partiCipation”THANK YOU FOR PARTICPATING
  3. 3. Rules• Direct Question for each team• Questions does not pass• +20 without the options• +15 in the first attempt of MCQ• +10 and +5 in second and third attempt of MCQ
  4. 4. 4 21 5 3 6
  5. 5. “Moments” is an autobiography of which famous sportsperson? A:Christiano Ronaldo Lance Armstrong Muhammed Ali Micheal Phelps
  6. 6. Who is the first Indian to receive a booker prize? Kiran Desai Kushwanth singh A:Arundathi roy Aravind Adiga
  7. 7. Mary westmacott was the pen name of whom? Jane Austen A:Agatha Christie Nancy Drew Emily Bronte
  8. 8. Which is the First James Bond Novel? A:Casino Royale License to kill Skyfall Diamonds Are Forever
  9. 9. MegasthanesNostradamusA:Gutenberg O’Henry
  10. 10. Who created Winnie the Pooh? Hans Christian Anderson A:AA Milne Walt Disney William Hanna
  11. 11. Rules• Choose your lucky color• +10 irrespective of a direct or a pass• 1 attempt per team• No negative marking
  12. 12. Choose your Lucky color
  13. 13. Complete the seriesThe Immortals of MeluhaThe Secret of the Nagas ?
  14. 14. Oath of Vayuputhras
  15. 15. Story revolving these characters Percy Blakney Sir Marguerite Andrew.S.Ffoulkes St.Just Armand Chauvelin St.Just
  16. 16. Scarlet Pimpernal
  17. 17. What are these? Nook GloPapyrus Alex Hanlin Kindle
  18. 18. E-Book Readers
  19. 19. Where can you see these books?Magical Me Spellman’s Syllabary Armando dippet:Master or moron A history of magic Flying with the cannons Secrets of the darkest art
  20. 20. Books seen in Harry Potter
  21. 21. Books by Special “Persons”? A World TransformedBetween Hope and History Audacity of hope Why England Slept Crusade in Europe
  22. 22. Books by US Presidents
  23. 23. In which book?Sloth GoldenBear JackelBengal Water Tiger Buffalo Kite Rat
  24. 24. Jungle book
  25. 25. “Shakespeares Globe” is a modern reconstructionof the 1614 Globe Theatre building.It was founded by the actor and director Sam Wanamaker and built approximately 230 metres from the site of the original theatre.Opened to the public in 1997,which of Shakespeares historical productions,was the first to be performed there?
  26. 26. Henry V
  27. 27. Who wrote the book“The Fountain Head”?
  28. 28. Ayn Rand
  29. 29. Which statesman won the 1953 Nobel prize for Literature?
  31. 31. Which great scientist collaboarated with Sigmund Freud to write the 1933 book “Why War”?
  33. 33. Which popular childrens character, associated with Kensington Gardens, first appeared in the 1902 novel “The Little White Bird”,beforeappearing in his own novels and several subsequent films?
  34. 34. Peter pan
  35. 35. “Yours is the world and all that is in it and what’s more, you’ll be a man my son” These are the last lines of which poem?
  37. 37. AUDIENCE
  38. 38. Who is the author of“What Young India wants”?
  39. 39. Chetan Bhagat
  40. 40. In classical antiquity, Illyria was a region in the western part of the Balkan Peninsula. It is also thesetting for which of Shakespeares plays?
  41. 41. Twelfth night
  42. 42. Which famous 19th century author, wrote the unfinished book, “Billy Budd” ,that waspublished posthumously in 1924?
  43. 43. Herman melville
  44. 44. This publishing house is known for its good quality, inexpensive paperbacksand uses thefollowing colour codes for the cover of publications •Orange and White for General fiction, •Green and White for Crime fiction, •Cerise and White for Travel and Adventure •Dark blue and White for Biographies, •Yellow and White for Miscellaneous •Red and White for Drama; •Purple and White for Essays and Letters •Grey and White for world affairs Which publishing house?
  45. 45. Penguin
  46. 46. His first-class career lasted from 1900 to 1907. In all he played 10 matches for MCC - 18 innings, 6 not-outs, 231 runs, highest score43, average 19.25. He also took one wicket for 50 runs. Identify this famous author
  47. 47. Arthur Conan Doyle.His only wicket in first class cricket was W G Grace.
  48. 48. What connects Hannah Abbott, LavenderBrown, Katie Bell, Susan Bones, Terry Boot, Cho Chang, Michael Corner, Colin Creevey, Dennis Creevy, Marietta Edgecombe, Justin Flinch- Fletchey, Seamus Finnigan, Anthony Goldstein, Hermione Granger, AngelinaJohnson, Lee Jordan, Neville Longbottom, LunaLovegood, Ernie Macmillan, Padma Patil, Parvati Patil, Harry Potter, Zacharius Smith, Alicia Spinnet, Dean Thomas, Fred Weasley, George Weasley , Ginny and Ron Weasley?
  49. 49. They all together formed Dumbledore’sarmy in the book Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
  50. 50. His 1956 autobiography has a single- word title that effectivelyevokes the way he played the game he was associated with. It beginswith the words "You are doubtless aware that I am a common man". Who? Name the autobiography.
  51. 51. Goal by Dhyan Chand
  52. 52. It was recorded in the Oxford English Dictionary as originating from Shakespeares The Merry Wives ofWindsor. In the phrase What the X!“the word X is used as a substitute fordevil. It was also used in the phrase to play the X in the meaning to playhavoc/mischief . X also happens to be the name of a writer.
  53. 53. Dickens
  54. 54. AUDIENCE
  55. 55. In which Indian fictional townwould you find Kabir and Vinayaktown, Boardless hotel and Mempi hills?