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Jr.Einstein - Science Quiz finals


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Science Quiz

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Jr.Einstein - Science Quiz finals

  1. 1. Welcome One And All
  2. 2. Quiz Finals
  3. 3. Rules And Regulations • 5 Rounds of Quizzing • All questions from the world of Science • Scoring pattern will be explained before each round. • Quiz Master’s Verdict is Final!
  4. 4. Engine Start Taxiing Take-offBanking Landing
  5. 5. ENGINE STARTR o u n d 1
  6. 6. Rules for Round 1 • One Question per Team • Multiple Choice Questions • +15 in the First attempt,+10 in Second and +5 in Third • Questions Does not pass • No Negative Markings
  7. 7. Choose your lucky no 1 4 5 2 3 6
  8. 8. Which Company’s name means 10 to the power 100 Yahoo Ans:Google Nintendo Sega HOME
  9. 9. Who was the first woman in Space Sally Ride Kalpana Chawla Ans:Valentina Tereshkova Sunita Williams HOME
  10. 10. The element Gallium is named after which country? Ans:France Germany Ghana Poland HOME
  11. 11. Which is the fastest flying bird Swift Ans:Peregrine Falcon Arctic Tern Hyacinth Macaw HOME
  12. 12. “The Grand Design” is a book by which famous Physicist Albert Einstein John Dalton C.V Raman Ans:Stephen hawking HOME
  13. 13. “Achluophobia” is a fear of what? Height Reading Ans:Darkness Sunlight HOME
  14. 14. TAXIING R O U N D 2
  15. 15. Rules • An Infinite Bounce round(Clockwise) • +10 for every correct answer even on a pass • No negative Marking • Feel free to guess
  16. 16. 1.Like.No.Other was the tagline of which famous Company?
  17. 17. 2.It was codenamed as Project “Revolution” by the gaming company Nintendo for the launch of its very famous product.Which product is described here?
  18. 18. 3. In the medieval ages, this term (deriving from the Greek word meaning “uncuttable”) used to denote a unit of time, specifically “a twinkling of the eye” – the smallest amount of time imaginable. This was sometimes defined in a precise way equivalent to exactly 1/376 minute or about 160 milliseconds. Though the term has retained much of the original meaning, it is now mostly applied in a different context. What is this word?
  19. 19. Atom
  20. 20. 4. The system was based on a method of communication originally developed by Charles Barbier in response to Napoleon’s demand for a code that soldiers could use to communicate at night called night writing. Barbier’s system was too complex for soldiers to learn, and was rejected by the military. In 1821 he met Louis X, who identified the major failing of the code and added his modifications including the representation of characters in 6 bits. Identify the system
  21. 21. 5. Patients suffering from a rupture of the biceps tendon may develop a bulge in their arm. This is the retracted muscle bunched up in the arm, and is sometimes referred to as a “_______Muscle” in medical circles because the muscle is more pronounced than normal and famous among kids. Fill in the blank
  22. 22. 6. Elisha Gray and Johann Philip Reis laid claim to having devised this invention. Who was the author of the patent, titled “Improvement in Telegraphy” , now regarded as the most valuable single patent ever issued?
  23. 23. 7. The medical term for it is Cutis anserina , and it occurs due to the pilomotor reflex — essentially a disturbance of the arrectores pilorum muscles. The common term for this condition has also served as the title for a 62-book horror series, written by an American author from 1992 to1997. What term?
  24. 24. 8. A hemi-hydrate of Calcium Sulphate (gypsum) is used in a variety of fields such as art,architecture and medicine. It owes its common name to the fact that large quantities of it were found in the quarries of Montmartre near Paris. What?
  25. 25. 9. What is the only mineral that is directly consumed by man?
  26. 26. 10. The European system (which is followed in India too) of labelling what item uses a ‘degree’ scale from H (for ‘hardness’) to F (for ‘fine point’) to B (for ‘blackness’)?
  27. 27. TAKE - OFFR O U N D 3
  28. 28. Rules • Choose a topic • +15 if you get it right • The questions does not pass • Other teams can bid if you know the answer • It is +10 or -5 for bids
  29. 29. Google Doodle CINEMA IT SPACE Medicine Invention Literature
  30. 30. Bunsen Burner
  31. 31. Whose hand?
  32. 32. Frau Roentgen(Roentgen’s wife)
  33. 33. Which is India’s first Supercomputer?
  34. 34. What was used in olden days for treatment of all physical maladies and is considered as the best treatment of common cold?(It’s a name of series of books by Jack Canfield)
  35. 35. How is acetylsalycyclic acid better known?(Think GTA Vice city)
  36. 36. Aspirin
  37. 37. First Song to be transmitted from Mars to Earth
  38. 38. BANKING R O U N D 4
  39. 39. Rules • An Infinite Bounce round(Anti - Clockwise) • +10 for every correct answer even on a pass • No negative Marking • Feel free to guess
  40. 40. 1.This is the first what?
  41. 41. 2. This European company was busy manufacturing forest products like paper in the initial 130 years of existence . They expanded to manufacturing of television in the 1980’s , but lost a lot of money. It then ventured into the computer field which lead to a total burn out forcing the CEO to take away his life. During Russian recession of early 90’s, it underwent a big slump and was on the verge of termination when the new CEO decided to concentrate on just one sector they are now synonymous with . Which company am I talking about
  42. 42. 3.Founder of which famous company?
  43. 43. 4. Whose first venture was Traf-o-Data along with “Paul allen” and Paul Gilbert when he was 17 years old.?
  44. 44. 5. The puzzle, known as Number Place in the U.S., was published in New York in the late 1970s by the puzzle publisher Dell in its magazine Math Problems and Logic Puzzles. It became immensely popular in the U.K in 2005, stimulating international interest. What is its popular name which is also the Japanese for ‘single number’
  45. 45. 6. This breed of dog was known as the 'Firehouse Dog' as it was the mascot of American fire stations for a long time. Their popularity surged after a Hollywood film of 1996 and lead to a widespread demand from households for the particular breed to be taken as pet. Which is the breed in question?
  46. 46. 7. . A myth about this brand’s name is that it had a pH rating greater than “7”,making it alkaline. However, this was proved to be false, as it has a pH rating of around 3.79, similar to other products in its class.Which brand?
  47. 47. 8.This is an inspiration for what?
  48. 48. 9.Who started the “Aadhar of the UIDAI” project?
  49. 49. Nandan nilekani
  50. 50. 10.This is the mascot of the FIFA WC 2014 which will take place in Brazil.Identify this Animal!
  51. 51. Armadillo
  52. 52. Landing R O U N D 5
  53. 53. Rules • 10 Questions • Written round • +10 for every correct answer • The first letter of the every answer gives the name of a “Bird in the news” which is jumbled • +40 if you get the name of the bird
  54. 54. 1
  55. 55. 2.Which peptide hormone is produced by the beta cells of Pancreas?
  56. 56. 3.Identify
  57. 57. 4.It is made of what?
  58. 58. 5.Vaccination for what?
  59. 59. 6.Ovaphobia is the fear of what?
  60. 60. 7.Which famous national park is located in Assam?
  61. 61. 8.Which instrument is used to determine the depth of water?
  62. 62. 9.In which series of films does one find a Mammoth,Sloth,Saber tooth Tiger and a possum?
  63. 63. 10.Which famous 15th century prophet predicted the end of the world?
  65. 65. ANSWERS
  66. 66. 1
  67. 67. Helicopter
  68. 68. 2.Which peptide hormone is produced by the beta cells of Pancreas?
  69. 69. Insulin
  70. 70. 3.Identify
  71. 71. Rafflesia
  72. 72. 4.It is made of what?
  73. 73. Granite
  74. 74. 5.Vaccination for what?
  75. 75. Swine flu
  76. 76. 6.Ovaphobia is the fear of what?
  77. 77. Eggs
  78. 78. 7.Which famous national park is located in Assam?
  79. 79. Kaziranga
  80. 80. 8.Which instrument is used to determine the depth of water?
  81. 81. Fathometer
  82. 82. 9.In which series of films does one find a Mammoth,Sloth,Saber tooth Tiger and a possum?
  83. 83. Ice Age
  84. 84. 10.Which famous 15th century prophet predicted the end of the world?
  85. 85. Nostradamus
  86. 86. The “In the news bird” is ..