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CQC Culture and Children Quiz by Hari Narayan


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Quiz at CQC

Published in: Education
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CQC Culture and Children Quiz by Hari Narayan

  1. 1. Quiz – Culture and Children
  2. 2. By Hari Narayanan K Standard 9 Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
  3. 3. This festival in Japan is celebrated by girl children for good health. Name the festival
  5. 5. This cartoon in America was first released in 1940. It was owned by Metro Golden Mayor and Chuck Jones and is currently owned by Warner Brothers. Which cartoon are we talking about?
  6. 6. This day, in Mexico, is celebrated to remember and pay homage to ancestors by lighting candles and skull like dolls. What day is it?
  7. 7. The day of the dead
  8. 8. Connect The year 2014 Rajendra Chola
  9. 9. Rajendra chola’s 1000th anniversary of coronation
  10. 10. This game was played in the Mayan civilization from 1400BC. This game is very similar to the modern football. Name the game
  11. 11. ulama
  12. 12. This city is 4100m(13,450ft) above the sea level. Tourists find it very difficult to breathe in this city. Name the city.
  13. 13. La Paz, Bolivia
  14. 14. This is the 2nd largest annual gathering after the carnival @ Rio de jeniro. This was actually started by Chatrapati Shivaji and was done on a very large scale by lokamniya tilak from 1893. Name the annual gathering.
  15. 15. The Ganesh Chaturthi festival rally -Mumbai-
  16. 16. These temples lie on a common longitude -79deg 69min E . These temples are also panchabootha sthalas. Name the temples
  17. 17. Kanchi Ekambareshwarar temple ,Chidambram and shri kalahasthi
  18. 18. These people were old Norse seafarers who spoke old Norse language. They travelled long distances from Scandinavia till the Mediterranean coast. Name the people.
  19. 19. They were called ‘The Vikings’.
  20. 20. This is the largest shopping mall in the world with 4,870,000 sq ft or 96 acres which is 7 times bigger then the yankee stadium. Name the mall.
  21. 21. The Mall of America
  22. 22. This celebration in Mexico is celebrated by children. They break a paper made balloon pointed on its sides. once the children break it with a bat candies come out. What celebration are we talking about?
  23. 23. Pinata party
  24. 24. This is celebrated as the children’s day in Japan on May 5th . Children fly kites and hang carps on this day. Name the festival.
  25. 25. kodomo no-hi
  26. 26. This doll was designed by a Russian named Vasily Zvyozdochkin in 1890. These dolls can be put inside each doll. What are they called as?
  27. 27. Matryoshka dolls
  28. 28. This person is a famous Chinese philosopher. He belonged to the Zhou dynasty and his philosophy was Taoism.
  29. 29. Lao Tzu
  30. 30. Name the Italian sailor who went 4 times where Christopher Columbus went and gave detailed explanation of the place.
  31. 31. Amerigo Vespucci
  32. 32. Connect Gengis Khan Timur
  33. 33. Babur
  34. 34. This is a Japanese manga series written by Fujiko Fujio. This cartoon series started in 1969 was one of the most successful cartoons of the 70s. This cartoon series is currently owned by Disney. Which cartoon series are we talking about?
  35. 35. This deity stayed away from his temple from 1323ad to 1394ad. The deity was carried from his temple to be protected during the invasion of Ulugh khan. Identify the deity and the temple.
  36. 36. Connect
  37. 37. Bi-cameral legislature for states
  38. 38. Identify this instrument. what is it used for?
  39. 39. Astrolabe. Used to know the local time and also used to predict the positions of stars, planets, sun and the moon.
  40. 40. That’s it fellas!