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Media tech evaluation q


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Coursework evaluation Question 4

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Media tech evaluation q

  1. 1. Media technolo g ies in construction and research, planning, and evaluation stages. 
  2. 2. iMovie This programme on MAC computers was used to create our short film as all of our editing could be done on it. As we used iMovie last year we were already familiar with its features. However this year, we expanded on our knowledge of iMovie as we had a chance to explore more of its properties. We could upload all of our videos from the camera straight onto this programme which saved time and allowed us to get straight into editing. It was easy to keep cutting bits off our video clips or adding what we took off using trimming to ensure the best match on action. We also added music from garageband for our short film and also used one sound track from iMovie itself.
  3. 3. Sony Cameras All the clips we used for our short film were filmed via the Sony Cameras therefore they were a huge part of the success of our creation. The cameras were simple to use and suited our needs. It could be easily attached to a tripod so we could improve our steadiness. We used the zoom a lot to get different shots and it was easy to flick through the clips that we’ve filmed to see whether it needed re-filming or not. These cameras were also used to film two out of three of our first audience research. We have also used it to film all three of our new audience research. Photos for the poster were also taken on this camera.
  4. 4. Hard Drive The hard drive was new to us this year as we didn’t use it last year. This was extremely useful as it helped quicken the pace of iMovie which saved us a lot of editing time and it was also used to save our files on.
  5. 5. PowerPoint We used power point for our evaluation. A simple software we have lots of experience on was easy to play around with, to change fonts, effects, colours etc. It also made a change from using iMovie or the cameras and keeps it different by involving images rather than videos. To upload it to our blogs we uploaded it to ‘’ and converted it to video form then uploaded it from its new format.
  6. 6. Garageband This software we used last year, we familiarised ourselves with and became more creative with by exploring more tunes and instruments. Having used this last year, it was easier to use than if we hadn’t used it at all. Creating our music was enjoyable as there were many rhythms to choose from, we kept inserting new bars and rhythms until it suited our music. From here we saved it to iTunes so that it was easy for us to upload into iMovie and then insert into our short film. A useful aspect of garageband was that if it came to short in our film or something didn’t fit right, it was easy to open and change.
  7. 7. YouTube YouTube was useful for trying to find music and that we would have liked to use for our short film. These YouTube videos were very simple to upload to our blogs which saved a lot of time rather than converting the files or saving them elsewhere. YouTube is also easy to explore and there is a massive selection of available videos to share.
  8. 8. Blogger For our AS coursework, we used blogger to post all of our work and did the same this year. This was an extremely useful way of keeping all of our final work together and also all the planning stages. The blogs were easy to use as it had simple features such as differences in fonts and layouts which helped keep our presentation neat. It also has more complicated features such as uploading images and videos. This helped visualise what our posts were and also helped get our final work onto our blogs. The posts were easy to post and easy to keep in reorder depending on when you post your drafts. Keeping posts in drafts was useful if you are not ready for it to be posted. Every single part of our work has been uploaded to blogger. This includes all of our analysing, ideas for films, development of films etc. This helped keeping all of our work and ourselves organised.
  9. 9. Publisher Instead of using a programme on Adobe for our review, we chose to use publisher instead. This was because it was a familiar programme and it had all the similar features of the programme on Adobe. Knowing how to use this helped save time so we didn’t have to play around with all the features. It was easy to add text boxes, insert pictures, create headings and create our own layout with publisher. We could also style it all using colours and borders etc to make the presentation of our review more suitable to our short film.
  10. 10. Mobile Phones We used out mobile phones mostly for our blogs. As they are mobile so taken with us everywhere, they were useful to take images of our filming, taking images of posters and reviews to analyse, plans of our posters and reviews and our storyboards. Also one of our first audience researches was filmed on a mobile phone as it was available at the time, however the quality was not as good as if it were filmed on camera.
  11. 11. Photosho p We used photo shop to create our poster as the features were useful and easy to use. Firstly we pasted the photos of Joe, Melanie and Richard into the right place and used a paintbrush to go around them with a black outline. Using the paintbrush features we reinforced the shadow around Joe and made Melanie and Richard fade more into the background. By changing the gradient, we made the background behind Melanie and Richard fade from black to grey. The final step was to add in the text in three different colours to add a shadow effect.