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We bring you strategic offshore outsourcing, SEO, Software Development and business consulting services for secure your business processes.

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Brizgo Technology

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  2. 2. you know how to write coding, that’s great, ifnot then you can get someone to build yourwebsite for you. The best website is the mostsimple and easy to navigate. Brizgotechnology provides usable web design and website development services that help you code, test, maintain and market your website from scratch.
  3. 3. Various Steps of Software DevelopmentThe software development is to first do somemarket research; secondly, you are going to needto develop certain requirements for a possiblesolution to the issue at hand. Next, you will needto analyze the problem facing the business orcorporation. The next stage is to come up with asoftware solution. After a solution has beenarrived at, the real work starts with coding of theactual software itself.
  4. 4. the coding is complete then the software isready to test; after the testing phase is complete,you are ready to have the software deployed. Thiswill mean that the software is now operational;however, the final stage is fixing bugs. This processcan be a very short period of time or in some cases,these can be a long-term project.
  5. 5. Good Web Developer Can Successfully Help To Knock The Benefits Of Online Presence We have the latest tools to create the clients best. We are usually works in association with the functional consultants and project coordinators . In the web development process, first the requirement of the customer is gathered and then the proposed solution is sent for client’s acceptance. There are models of web development and each model has its uniqueness. A client can also specify a model of development. The online resources help us to know more about the latest trends of web development. a web developer is significantly increasing with the rise of web based communication and this is the right time to go online and knock the benefits of e-commerce.
  6. 6. To A Web Site’s SuccessThe most successful websites out there havetwo things in common: great web design andSEO strategy. As we know, search engines arenot able to find specific sites from theirimages, that’s why having a good SEO strategyis key to generating traffic.
  7. 7. BuildingLink building is one of the SEO solutions that help inproviding high search engine page ranking andimproved visibility to a website. For any professionalweb developer, link building forms the backbone of SEOoperations that helps in bringing quality web traffic toyour website. Link building is an efficient way of enhancing the popularity of a website.
  8. 8. Types Of Link BuildingLink building is a big part of increasing web traffics and awebsites search engine ranking.There are roughly nine types of link building 1. Reciprocal link building 2. Authority link building 3. One-way link building 4. Article submission 5. Three way link exchange 6. Social networking 7. Directory link building 8. Press release link building 9. Blog link building
  9. 9. Software Quality AnalysisQuality Analysis is one of the most crucial andcritical process in any development process. Flawedsoftware can seriously affect the business of anyorganization in terms of reputation and more overloss of money. We offer a wide range of Quality assurance process by our Quality Engineers. Our team prepares a detailed quality report with the all functional issues and standard quality issues, enabling you to make the correct and informed decisions.
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