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All indian cuisine poster size 5 x3 feet


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all cuisine poster made by student and size is 5feet x 3 feet.

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All indian cuisine poster size 5 x3 feet

  1. 1. Submitted to: Chef Sunil Kumar Submitted By: Ajay Bazzad ANDHRA PRADESH CUISINE SPECIALITY DISHES HISTORY and FOOD HABITS ❖The cuisine of Andhra is based mostly on regional variation its rich cultural heritage ❖ the influence of the Royal recipes from the Nawabs. ❖The cuisine of Andhra Pradesh is mixed between the eating habits of the Hindus and Muslims style of eating. ❖ The Nawabs and Sultans who ruled over the Deccan brought some of the best cooks from all over the country to make the Deccan the food capital COMMON INGREDIENTS SPICE Red Chilli Powder, Coriander Powder, Cumin Seed, Turmeric, Gram Masala, Salt, KITCHEN UTENSILS AND TOOL Chippa Tiragali, Kavam, Ponganalu, Fry Pan Jaadilu, Rolu / Pothram, Tandoor, Sauce Pan, Tandoor, FAMOUS FOOD OF ANDHRA ❖ Boorelu ❖ Gonguru momsan ❖ Pesarautto Panasa Putta Koora Gutti Vankaya Kura Aandhra Pepper Chicken Crispy Aandhra Bhindi Hyderabadi Biryani Shikampuri Kebab Boorelu Gonguru Momsan Pesarautto Cowpeas, Field beans, Agathi leave , Sorrel leaves, Rhizome, Spine gourd, Cudapa seeds, Zizyphus Food isn’t My passion Food is my life @AJAYBAZZAD
  2. 2. Submitted to: Chef Sunil Kumar Submitted By: Akash kumar AVDHI CUISINE SPECIALITY DISHESHISTORY AND FOOD HABITS ❖Awadhi cuisine includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delights prepared in exotic spices and garnished with dry fruits. ❖Awadhi cuisine is a cuisine native to the city of lucknow, which is the capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh in northern India ❖It is very closely related to Bhojpuri cuisine of neighboring region, bhojpur. ❖The Murg Mussallam is a typical example of Persian flavours merged with the Awadhi style of cooking. So is also the case with kababs ❖Awadhi cooking in Lucknow particularly improvised and flourished after the capital was shifted from Faizabad to Lucknow, as it was then that the successive Nawabs SPICE Allspice (Kebab Chini), Royal Cumin (Shahi Jeera), Mace (Javitri), Saffron (Kesar/Zafraan), Lazzat-e-taam, Bayberry (Baobeer), Dried lemon grass (Jarakhush), Sandalwood (Chandan), Fox nuts (Makhana), Rose petals (Gulab patti), Perfume (Ittar), Alum (Fitkari), Vetiver (Kewra), Clotted Cream (Balai), Gold leaf (Soney ka varq), Silver leaf (Chandi ka varq). KITCHEN UTENSILS AND TOOL Bhagona or patili, Deg/Degchi, Kadhai, Lagan, Lohe ka tandoor, seeni FAMOUS FOOD OF AVADH ❖ Malai kofta ❖ Imarti ❖ Galouti kebab ❖ Lamp curry ❖ Badami murg ❖ Raj kachori MALAI KOFTA IMARTI GALOUTI KEBAB LAMP CURRY BADAMI MURG RAJ KACHORI MUSHROOM DO PYAZA PRAWN CURRY BIRYANI DHINGRI DOLMA JACKFRUIT PAV BHAJI ❖ Mushroom do pyaza ❖ Prawn curry ❖ Biryani ❖ Dhingri dolma ❖ Jack fruit ❖ Pav bhaji
  3. 3. Submitted to: Chef Sunil Kumar Submitted By: Gaurav ruhil KERALA CUISINE THE LAND OF COCONUTS SPECIALITY DISHES HISTORY and FOOD HABITS ❖It incorporate a large variety of vegetarian dish and it bitter gourd ,Yam, Casava ,Ash gourd . ❖Rice and cassava are the staple diet of Kerala. ❖Cuisine of the Kerala differ from region to region for example – costal Kerala prefer to consume sea food frequently ❖Breakfast of Kerala is declared as the best breakfast of the world COMMON INGREDIENTS ❖ Milk, Coconut milk, Rice, Fish, Coconut water, Chicken, White gourd, Beans, Raw banana, Curd SPICE ❖ Pepper, Cardamom, Clove, Cinnamon, Ginger, Turmeric, Nutmeg KITCHEN UTENSILS AND TOOL ❖ Chembu, Puttu kutti, Cheena Chatti, Kalam, Urali. Naimeen Vevichathu Ada Pradhaman Aattirachi Ularthiyathu Kozhi Peralan Olan Thoran Kaalan Avial Pazhampori Cheru payar Eachi vada Muttamala SUB-PART OF CUISINE ❖ SYRIAN CHRISTIAN CUISINE ❖ MOPLAH CUISINE: Moplah cuisine holds its origin to the numerous Arab traders, who used to visits Kerala, eventually got married to local ladies and paved way for moplah style of cooking. ❖ NAMBOODRI BRAHMIN CUISINE: The Namboodris are strict vegetarians and usually involves themselves with the service of god
  4. 4. Submitted to: Chef Sunil Kumar Submitted By: Gaurav BIHAR CUISINE ‘THE LAND OF WHEAT AND RICE’ HISTORY AND FOOD HABITS COMMON INGREDIENTS KITCHEN UTENSILS AND TOOL LITTI CHOKA CHIWRA SATTU DHUSKA BELGRAMI KHAJA PEDUKIA PITTIHA PUA BIHARI KABAB NIHARI KABAB DAL PITTHA SPECIALITY DISHES OF BIHAR ➢Bihar was hotbed of indian civilization with its fertile land. ➢The traditional bihari society in preponderantly inclined toward vegetarianism. ➢A bihari meal is packed with simplicity like Rice, Dal, Tarkari. Whole wheat flour, Roasted gram flour, Dal. SPICES Dry red chillies, Turmeric powder,Coriander powder,Black pepper ,cumin seeds, whole spices powder FAMOUS FOOD Bihari Kabab, Bihari Boti, Bihari Chicken Masala, Sattu Parantha, Dhuska The staple food of the poor man is bhat (rice), dal (lentil), roti, tarkari (vegetables) and achar (pickles). Mustard oil is the traditional cooking oil. Cooker,kadhai,Patila,Tawa,Laddle,Frying pan.
  5. 5. Fillter Submitted to: Chef Sunil Kumar Submitted By: JATIN SHARMA TAMIL NADU CUISINE SPECIALITY DISHES INTRODUSE AND FOOD HABITS ❖ THE cuisine of this state is famed and known for distinctive taste. ❖ The taste of all the dishes is characterized by a unique taste due to coconut oil which is used as a cooking medium ❖ Served the dish on banana lives ❖ Breakfast –idlli, dosa ❖ Lunch- rasam milagu, pongal ❖ Dinner- kozhambu, urlai rest ❖ Sweets- murukku, rava ladoo ❖ Beverage- filter coffee, koozh. COMMON INGREDIENTS Fresh coconut, Red Chilli, Tamarind, Turmeric, Asafoetida, Rice, Chicken PRODUCTION OF SPICE IN TAMILNADU ❖ Pepper, Cardamom(small), Vanilla, Clove, Cinnamon, Ginger, pomegranate Seeds, Nutmeg Mace UNDER THE TAMILNADU CUISINE The chettinad cuisine is a sub-section the Tamilnadu cuisine Chettinad cuisine is the varuval that is a dish fried and mixed with spices and onion, poriyal, pepper chicken and kuzambu with ingredients cooked in spices and fresh milk of coconut gravy. Idlli Dosa Rasam Kozhambu Urlai Rast Chicken Chettinad Murukku Rave Ladoo Filter Coffee Milagu Pongal Complete thali of TamilnaduKoozh
  6. 6. Submitted to: Chef Sunil Kumar Submitted By: Jitesh Kumar lddlkdk KARNATAKA CUISINE THE MIXTURE OF SOUTH INDIAN CUISINE SPECIALITY DISHES HISTORY AND FOOD HABITS ❖The people living in the coastal areas eat fish appreciatively, meat and a cluster of seafood . ❖Rice is the staple food of the state as this region has high production of rice due to a favourable climate. ❖The food of Karnataka is characteristically non-greasy and symbolizes using of oil less in quantity. ❖The authentic and traditional Karnataka meals are served on a patravali or muttuga. SPICES Colocassia leaves, turmeric leaves, raw jackfruit, musturd seeds, INGREDIENTS KITCHEN UTENSILS AND TOOL Fry Scoop, Momo Basket, Multi pan, Alda triply,patila, kadhai, fry pan FAMOUS FOOD OF KARNATAKA Akki Roti Curry Ragi Mudde Jolada Roti Chitaranna Chowchow Bath Gojju Obbatu Neer Dosa Bisi Bele Bath Rava kesari Sagu Korri Gassi Allugedda Mangalorean Biryani Pori Urundai Mysor Pake Haalbai Udupi Sambar Maddur Vada Gram flour, Rice, Sugar, Dal, Jaggery, Semolina, Wheat, Oil, Almond, Cashew Nuts, sesame Seeds, Green chilli, Special Thali of Karnataka
  7. 7. MAAHNI HIMACHALI CUISINE SPECIALITY DISHES HISTORY AND FOOD HABITS COMMON INGREDIENTS SPICE KITCHEN UTENSILS AND TOOL Hamachi Dham CHHA MEAT BHATURU BEDUAN ROTI KHATTA MADRAH CHICKEN ANARDANA ANKOLAS AND AKTORI KACHAIU KA SALAN SIDU PATANDE ❖ Rice paddy and maize are the staple diet of the people . Jkjlahul spiti locally grown coarse grains like buckwheat , millets, and barley are chiefly used, in the regins with high productivity and having pastoral tradition use generous amounts of milk and it’s by-products in their dishes. ❖ Vegetarians have a distinct segment of preparations and relish dishes like guchhi mattar,sepv=uvadi and kaddu ka khatta . Milk and milk products are also used Munificently Himachalis have a great penchant for tea And they prepare it in myriad ways . Siddu a Himachali dish is one of the most loved dishes in Himachai mostly in > wheat flour ‘Dried yeast,Warm water Green Chilly ,Walnuts(akhrot) Roasted peanuts Garlic,Baking Powder,Refined oil ,Salt,Broken,Black pepper Garam masala, With liberal usage of spices like cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and red chilies. Meat is prepared with of spices cinan arry namon, red chille, cloves, cardomom and corriander leaves. Tandoor, Tawa, Frying pan, Sauce Pan, Potato masher, Laddle, Pufratted spoon, Oil and Grease Trap, Shawarma Machine, Baking Oven ,Bulk Cooker . The authentic and dham is commemorated with great Enthusiasm.dham is cooked specifically by botis a peculiar caste Of brahmins who are professional cooks by generation . MAL PUDA MAAHNI Submitted to: Chef Sunil Kumar Submitted By: KRISHAN
  8. 8. Submitted to: Chef Sunil Kumar Submitted By: Kushal sharma GOAN CUISINE Goan cuisine = Portuguese + Muslim + Hindu style cooking SPECIALITY DISHES HISTORY AND FOOD HABITS Xacutti, Bebinca, Ambika, Saar, Khat khatem, Moonga gha, Fish curry, chicken peri - peri, pork vindoo. COMMON INGREDIENTS SPICE KITCHEN UTENSILS AND TOOL FAMOUS FOOD OF GOAN Fish curry Prawn curry Rava fried fish Bebinca Fish Recheado Pork vindaloo Chicken cafreal Nervi Sorpotel (Sara patel) Pork sorpotel Peri-Peri Chicken Chicken xacuti The cuisine of Goa is influenced by its Hindu origins, the four hundred years of Portuguese colonialisation and the Muslim rule that preceded the Portuguese. Beef and pork is relished among the Christians. the spices and flavors are intense of Goa .  Goa food is considered incomplete without fish Rice Coconut milk Kokuma Tamarind Cashew Star anise Nutmeg Mace Cinnamon Black pepper Doules (Coconut spoons) : coconut shells with wooden handle used for cooking Clay pot : Earthern pot used for cooking gravies and curries Brass utensils : Thick bottomed brass utensils which aviod sticking jaggery and coconut Varna : Two piece grinding stone used for making paste of spices by rotating stone in circular motion Moltulem
  9. 9. Submitted to: Chef Sunil Kumar Submitted By: Manit GUJARATI CUISINE SPECIALITY DISHESHISTORY OF GUJARATI FOOD SPICES 1.PuranPoli 2.Vagharelu Bhaat 3.Undhiyu 4.Sutarfeni 5.Mohanthal 6.Khajoor Pak ❖Gujarati cuisine is delightfully an ultimate assemblage of green leafy vegetable and the world of pulses, which has subtle flavours of the spices and finally accompanied with rice preparation and a variety of breads. ❖The Gujarati thali is considered to diet as it comprises all the four major components.(Dal, bhaati, rotli and shaak). ❖Guajarati cuisine have been the inference of jainism and vaishnavaim. ❖The Gujaratis have excelled are very preparing homemade khichdi and chaas with a wide variety of pickles as an accompaniment. ❖Gujaratis use mainly sugar or jaggery in some of their sabzishaak and dal dishes. NORTH GUJARAT The region is renowned for its traditional gujarati thali comprising rice, dal, curry, vegetable food is mostly non-spicy and oil is used generously. KATHIAWAD The cuisine of kathiawad preparation like debras which is made with whole wheat and sugar. KUTCH Kutch cuisine is comparatively very simple and majorly vegetarian. In the rural areas of kutch, bajra and milk are the chief foods. SOUTH GUJARAT Southern Gujarat is blassed with abundantrain fall as compared to the kathiawad region and excess of fruits the cuisine of this region. 7.Gudpapdi 8.Basundi 9. Bateta Nu Shaak 10.Dudhi Nu Shaak 11.Patrani Macchi 12.Thepla Shaak: It is a common term used generally for a dry stir fried vegetable preparation such as batata nu shaak, kobi vatana nu shaak, tuvar ringan nu shaak, kantola nu shaak, karela nu shaak, and so on.
  10. 10. Submitted to: Chef Sunil Kumar Submitted By: Navdeep singh a HISTORY and FOOD HABITS ❖Kashmiri cuisine is the cuisine of the Kashmiri's valley ragion. Kashmiri cuisine is divided into two parts:- (1) The kasmiti pandit cooking (2) Kashmiri muslim ❖Kashmiri pandit :- They eat only lamb meat , usally cut into large pieces. Beef , pork are prohibited for them. Onion and garlic never used in kashmiti pandit”s cooking. ❖Kashmiri muslim :- Mostly muslim people like to take the same meat dishs , but just spices them diffrently using lots of garlic , dried red cockscomb and onion. COMMON INGREDIENTS VER is a mixture of spices. Its contains Garlic , Praan for Muslim , Red chilli , Cumin seeds , Coriander seeds , Dried ginger , Cloves and Turmeric powder. All these spices are ground and made into patty with mustard oil. Small amount of “VER' sprinkled over many food to give Kashmiri flavour. SPICE Red Chilli Powder, Coriander Powder, Cumin Seed, Turmeric powder, Salt. KITCHEN UENSILS AND TOOL S FAMOUS FOOD OF KASHMIR Rogan josh, Yoghurt lamb curry, Dum olav, Mastschgand, Kashmiri muji gaad, Thukpa, Thenthuk, Gushtaba, Tabac Maaz, Modur Pulaav. Rogan Josh Yoghurt Lamb Curry Dum Olav Matschgand Momos Kashmiri Muji Gaad Thenthuk Tabac Maaz Lyodur Tschaman Aab Gosht Thukpa Modur Pulao Dan, Trami, Digcha, Krech, Khalur, Samovar, Chhan, Dakna, Hahkol, Taev, Sikh, Masala, Krond, Kafgir, Dul, Dakna (Lids)
  11. 11. Submitted to: Chef Sunil Kumar Submitted By: Neelam Patel COMMUNITY CUISINE Gourmet Healthy, Vegan, Local Food for You h UDIPI CUISINE Udipi cuisine is the cuisine of karnataka .Traditionally served on a banana leavs it represent of all six flavours like sweet,sour,salt,pungent,bitterastringent. 1.Masala dosa 5.Gashi 2.Putnis 3.Pelakai 4.Pelakai halva CHETTINAD CUISINE Chettinad cuisine is a renowned cuisine of the chettiyar community of the Tamil nadu. In the chettinad cuisine the chattined chicken is the most famous and popular dish. 1.Dosais 4.chickan chettined 2.appams 3.Idli SINDHI CUISINE Sindhi cuisine is send prvince of Pakistan and belong to the indus vally civilization. Most spice use in this coriander powder, turmeric powder,garam masala,(mixture of cardemom,clove and cinemann) BOHRA CUISINE Bohra cuisine settled in gujrat.This community is widely all across the globe from the middle east 1.Masoor pulao 2.Khichda 3.White chicken 4.Gol papdi KONKANI CUISINE Konkani cuisine is situated on the western coast of India. Their mother tongue is the konkani. 4. Varan bhatt 1.Kokum curry 2.Rice pooris 3.Alu vadi IYENAGAR CUISINE The iyenagar community is referred to as iyengar cuisine.Iyenagar cuisine are south indianbrahmins and are trsditionally strict vegetarians. 1.Tamarind rice 2.Sakkar pongal 3.Ven pongal 4.Kancheepuram idli MALABARI CUISINE Malabari cuisine is situated in the north kerala malabari biryani is the most celebrates delicacy of this cuisine. 1.Chatti pathiri 2.Malabar biryani 3.Adukku pathuri 4kai pathuri SARASWAT CUISINE Saraswat cuisine is the cuisine of saraswat Brahmins. This cuisine is hails from Goa ,india. 1.Sweet dhosa 2.Undi 3.Haldi pana pathali
  12. 12. Submitted to: Chef Sunil Kumar Submitted By: Parkash Bhushall ODIYA CUISINE s HISTORY AND FOOD HABITS COMMON INGREDIENTS KITCHEN UTENSILS AND TOOL PILAF CHUNGDI MALAI DAHIVADA BARA GUOCHUP KADALI KANIKA RASABALI MACHA GHANTA CHENNA JHILI SANTULA KORA KHAI SPECIALITY DISHES OF ODIYA ❖Odisha, known as ‘The soul of India’ is a beautiful combination of exotic cultures, architectural brilliance, and stunning natural landscapes. ❖Little do people know that Odisha is equally rich when it comes to its local cuisine. ❖Aptly called ‘the Goa of Eastern India’, Odisha is like a quintessential gourmet central for every foodie. ❖The simple yet distinctive style of cooking in Odisha has its own identity. Plantains, Jackfruit, Papaya, Mango. SPICES Mustard, Cumin, Fenugreek, Aniseed, Kalonji, Garlic, Onion, Ginger, Turmeric, Red chilli, Green chilli FAMOUS OF FOOD ❖ Pakhela ❖ Khechidi ❖ Palau ❖ Dalma ❖ Sauce Pan ❖ Burner Gas ❖ Non Stick Pan ❖ Patila ❖ Kadhai ❖ Palta ❖ Tarkari ❖ Santula ❖ Rai ❖ Dahi baigana
  13. 13. Submitted to: Chef Sunil Kumar Submitted By: Randheer RAJASTHANI CUISINE SPECIALITY DISHES HISTORY AND FOOD HABITS COMMON INGREDIENTS SPICE KITCHEN UTENSILS AND TOOL RAJASTHAN EATING CUSTOM ALWAR KA MAVA LAAL MAAS AAMRAS KI KADI DAL BATI CHURMA BHUNA KUKDA GATTE KI SABZI KHER SANGRI BAZRI KI ROTI DAL FRY ➢ The cuisine of rajasthan was highly influnced by both the war. Like life style of its. ➢ The passion of the maharajas of rajasthan for shikar has been largely responsible for shaping the art in rajasthan in the word of good eating. ➢ Rajasthan cooking has its own unique flavour and the simplest. ➢ The most basic of ingredients go into the preparation as most. ➢ They are uses in oil and butter , Meat, chicken, mutton, gram flour, Bazre ka atta. With liberal usage of spices like cardamom, cinnamon, cloves Bhagwati Haldi, Chat masala, Ajwain powder, Red chilli, Veg kabab sizzler, Bay leaf. 1. Tikda 2. Chullah 3. Sigri ➢ Some of the large thalis served for the royal families. Contained as many as 56 items on the thali and such a lavish fore is after referred to as chappan bhog. MHARO RAJASTHAN MHARI PAHCHAAN FESTIVALS 1. Camel Festival 2. Pushkar fair 3. Kite festival MOST DISHES 1. MAAS KE SULE 2. SAFED MAAS 3. MAKKI KA SOWETA 4. KHAD 5. MANGODI KI SABJI 6. KHEECH 7. GHEVAR 8. SULE / SULA 9. BIKANER KI BHUJIA 10. SOHAN HALWA 11. MAWA KACHORI 12. MALPUAS 13. DIL JANI
  14. 14. UTTARAKHAND CUISINE SPECIALITY DISHES HISTORY AND FOOD UTTARAKHAND CUISION COMMON INGREDIENTS SPICE KITCHEN UTENSILS AND TOOL FAMOUS FOOD OF UTTARAKHAND 1. MIBALTHAI 4.JHONGORE KI KHEER 7.CHICKEN ARLICG 10. HANKAR POLIS 2.LESU KI ROTI 5.ALOO KA GUTKA 8.ARSA 11.CHAINSOO 3. GHAT KI DAL 6.MUNDA KI ROTI 9.MEETHA BHAAT 12.CHOL KI ROTI  Bhang seeds,Jakhiya, Cloves, min,MaiCuze  Jower, Tobacco, Paddy, Kala Jeera,Timor With liberal usage of spices like cinnamon, cloves, and red chilies. red chille, Kwacho, Hing, Caraway seeds, corriander leaves.  JHANGORE KI KHEER  BAL MITHAI  GHAT KI DAL  PHAANU  CHAINSOO  The food nutritious as weel as tasty .The primery food of uttarakhand includes vegetable.  Food is non –veg also served and rorsaed by many.  Uttarakhand formerly a part of the uttarakhand is a state sittuated in central himalaye I.e,North india.  BAIN MARIE & CHAPATI PLATE.  BATTERIA DI PANTALE.  STEEL DINNER “Work is the meat of life, pleasure the dessert”-B.C. Forbes Submitted to: Chef Sunil Kumar Submitted:-CHEF SANJAY DIVAN Uttarakhand Cuisine Main Thali
  15. 15. Submitted to: Chef Sunil Kumar Submitted By: Shubham Khatter AYURVEDIC CUISINE PHYSICAL PROPERTIES & ATTRIBUTIES OF AYURVED TRADITIONAL HERB MIXTURE SOURCE OF FOOD DISCRIBE IN AYURVEDA 1. Heavy 2. Slow 3. Cold 4. Oily 5. Slimy 6. Sharp 7. Hot 8. Hard 9. Gross 10. Dry 11. Rough 12. Dense 13. Soft 14. Stable 15. Subtle 16. Clear 17. Liquid 18. Mobile 19. Solid 20. Cloudy 1. Triphala 2. Tikal 3. Chyavan Prooh 4. Sitapaladi 5. Lavoo Bhaskar 6. Mahasudarshan 7. Dahmul 8. Avipattikar Churoo 9. Hi’Gwastak 10. Yograj Guggule 1. Corn 2. Pulses 3. Meat 4. Vegetable 5. Fruits 6. Greens 7. Food Adivants 8. Wines 9. Water 10.Milk & Milk Product 11.Sugarcane & Related product 12.Cooked Product Fire Earth SpaceAir Water FIVE ELEMENTS AYURVEDA SLEEP IS IMPORTANT Sweet SALT SOUR ASTRINGENT BITTER SIX TASTE Desha viruddha/climate Koshta viruddha/bowel habits Kala viruddha/season Avastha viruddha/patient state Agni viruddha/digestive power Karma viruddha/order of eating Matra viruddha/measure Parihara viruddha/restriction Satmya viruddha/adaptability Upachara viruddha/observance Dosh viruddha/body humors Paka viruddha/cooking Samskara viruddha/processing Samyoga viruddha/combination Virya viruddha/potency Hridaya viruddha/palatability DIETARY INCOMPATIBILITY (VIRUDDHAHARA) AYURVEDA EQUIPMENTS
  16. 16. Submitted to: Chef Sunil Kumar Submitted By: Vaibhav khurana PUNJABI CUISINE ‘THE FOOD BOWL OF THE COUNTRY’ SPECIALITY DISHES OF PUNJABHISTORY OF PUNJABI FOOD SPICES 1.Paneer Tikka 2.Punjabi Kadhi 3.Butter Chicken 4.Parantha 5.Chole Bhature 6.Makke Di Roti 7.Punjabi Pinni 8.Sarso Da Saag 9.Punjabi Lassi ❖Punjabi cuisine is associated with food from the punjab region of india and pakistan . ❖Punjab is known the bread of basket of India. ❖The dhaba culture boomed mainly in punjab culture. ❖ Punjabi cuisine is known for its rich, buttery flavours along with the extensive vegetarian and meat dishes. 1.Paneer Tikka- The chicken of the vegetarian. 2.Punjabi Kadhi- Light and flavourful. 3.Butter Chicken- The king of all Punjabi dishes. 4.Parantha- The staple food of punjab. 5.Chole Bhature- Punjabi food fiesta. 6.Makke Di Roti- The saag’s favourite companion. 7.Punjabi Pinni- A hot, sweet hug from punjab. 8.Sarso Da Saag- The most stereotyped dish of punjab. 9.Punjabi Lassi- The punjabi pride beverage. Red chilli ,Black pepper, Turmeric powder, Aniseed,Cumin seeds. INGREDIENTS Rice, Corn, Gram flour, Dal, Refined flour, Musturd leaves, Milk. EQUIPMENTS USE IN PUNJAB Tandoor, chulha, Drgachi, Chimta, Phookni, Kadhai, Hamam dasta, Kunda Sotti, Chanani, Patila. FAMOUS FOOD OF PUNJAB ❖ Butter Chicken. ❖ Sarson Ka Saag Aur Makki Ki Roti ❖ Tandoori Chicken ❖ Chole Bhature ❖ Masala Channa ❖ Dal Makhani ❖ Machchli Amritsari ❖ Dhaba Dal ❖ Murgh Malaiwala ❖ Amritsari Naan ❖ Chicken Tikka
  17. 17. Submitted to: Chef Sunil Kumar Submitted By: Vikash Kumar MAHARASHTRIAN CUISINE SPECIALITY DISHES HISTORY AND FOOD HABITS ❖The people of Maharashtra consider their food as Anna he poornabrahma meaning they consider anna, or food, equal to Brahma, or the creator of the universe. ❖Overlooking the vast expanse of the Arabian Sea, Maharashtra cuisine is largely influenced by seafoods. ❖Which is a harmonized combination of Malvani, Gaud Saraswat Brahmin, and Goan cuisines. COMMON INGREDIENTS ❖Round of the Year: Curd. Milk, Butter, Wheat, Mix Dal, Tomato, Onion, Green Chilli SPICES ❖Red Chilli Powder, Coriander Powder, Cumin Seed, Turmeric, Gram Masala, Salt, coconuts, peanut Oil, kokum, Jaggery and tamarind, Kala Masala. KITCHEN UTENSILS AND TOOL ❖Chool, Thikra, Mande Tawa, Modak Patra, ❖Pata – Warwanta ❖Gundponglu Tawa, Veeli ❖Khalbhtta, Puranchey Yantra FAMOUS FOOD OF Maharashtra ❖Gudi Padwa: Soonth Panak, Sprouted Chana Usal ❖Holi: Puran Poli ❖Haritalika: Coconut Potali ❖Ganesh Chaturthi: Karanji, Chakli ❖Diwali: Shankarpali, Badam Halwa, Chakli, Karanji. ❖Makar Sakranti: Shengdana Chikki Wada Pav Kala Muttan Pithala Shrikhand Chakali Kolharapuri Muttan Rasa Crab Curray Amarkhand Pohay / Pohe Fish Curray Tomoto Saar Karanji