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India technology summit 2017

Entrepreneurship Week for this year's Europe India Centre for Business & Industry's (EICBI) India Technology Summit, held on 14th November, to listen to 28 speakers from pioneering British and Indian start-ups, major corporates and investors.
Supported by Sivaleen Associates and Empact Ventures with Silicon India as media partners , this curated event aimed to establish an understanding of the major technological challenges and opportunities in India and the UK, and to connect and enable people, companies and communities to work together. Since it was first held in 2012, the EICBI’s summits have engaged more than 2700 delegates from over 1000 companies.

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India technology summit 2017

  1. 1.   INDIAN TECHNOLOGY SUMMIT 2017 Post Meet Report Tuesday, 14th November, 2017 UK Parliament, London, UK PRESENTED BY EVENT PARTNERS
  2. 2. THE MEET Various reports have suggested that India has 355 million internet users, which amounts to roughly 27 percent of the population of 1.3 billion people. That’s up from 277 million in 2015.Close to $500B of value will get created in Indian tech space over the next decade. In Q1 2017, 214 Indian tech startups raised about $1.46 Bn in funding (data is based on startups that disclosed their funding amounts). This is a 25% jump in the number of deals and 122% jump in total funding raised, as compared to the last quarter of 2016. Consumer Internet continues to be the top sector , followed by Healthtech and Fintech .. Hyperlocal startups are closing down The discussion during the summit were aimed to showcase challenges and opportunities in UK, India and Europe so as to help companies make better decisions while expanding into these markets. About 120 technology companies working in the area of  Internet of Things, Artificial intelligence Big data, Fintech, electronic systems, communications, cyber security & Retail technology attended the summit. Around 28 speakers shared their expertise with the delegates, who also had a chance to have productive discussion with speakers. Few of the British MPs who attended the summit included Hon Virendra Sharma MP (Ealing Southall); Hon Bob Blackman MP (Harrow East); Hon Tanmanjeet Singh MP ( Slough); Hon Ruth Cadbury MP (Brentford & Isleworth) & Preet Gill (Birmingham Edgbaston)
  3. 3. PROGRAMME SUMMARY ITC Infotech Ltd, an Indian company and Chirp, a UK company whereby both companies are jointly developing business solutions which use ‘data over sound’ technology to interact between mobile phones, machines and other electronic devices. This session was followed by a talk by Ms.Ashvini Danigond - Chief Executive Officer, Manorama Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd who provided an overview of the technology sector in India and Mr.Virendra Sharma MP, the Chairman of Indo British All Party Parliamentary group and Patron of Europe India Centre for Business and Industry, welcomed the delegates attending the business meet.  The first session was about the collaboration between a UK technology company and Indian technology company. This discussion focused on a partnership between showcased opportunities across each of these technology sectors including education, healthcare, finance amongst others. This talk was followed by the corporate innovation panel discussion where experts discussed about the state of innovation and technology within large corporate organisations in light of recent technological developments across areas Internet of Things, Artificial intelligence, Big data, Fintech, electronic systems, communications, cyber security & Retail technology and other related areas. The session was chaired
  4. 4. Director of Technology at News Corp and Rakesh Bokinal - Programme Manager at Isban (Santander Technology) & Founder of This panel discussion was followed by Investment Panel discussion where experts discussed about the statement of the technology investment landscape within the startup ecosystem in the UK, Europe and India. The panel discussion was chaired by Raphael Weninger - Head by Kosta Mavroulakis, Founder & CEO, Empact Ventures. The panelists who were part of the discussions include Manoj Agarwal - Director of Digital Services at Hays; Anjali Kumar - Head of Technology at Pizza Hut ; Ajay Hari - Founding Director at LogicShore & Head of IT (Customer Services & After Sales) at Jaguar Land Rover; Martin Smale - IT Director at Selwood, former Director of IT at Cisco Systems & former of Ventures, Empact Ventures. The panelists who were were part of the discussions included Arun Thangavel – Co -Founder, Hollabox; Andrew Jervis - Co-Founder & CEO, ClickMechanic ; Pier Paolo Mucelli - CEO of eOffice & PropTech Investor; John Maltman - Founder & CEO of E-Fundamentals & former VP of PepsiCo ; Simon Brown - Founder & CEO, Skignz  and Kirsty Grant - Investment Director, Seedrs. This panel discussion was followed by Next Big Thing Panel where experts discussed on the current trends in the tech industry and more importantly where things are things are
  5. 5. Mallon, MD of Rarely Impossible. The following panel discussion was about the opportunities for UK India Technology partnerships whereas panelists from UK and India discussed about various opportunities that are available for companies from UK and India to work together. The panel was chaired by Madhuban Kumar - CEO, Metafused. The panelists who were part of the discussion included Mahesh Bigala - going next in UK, Europe and India. The panel discussion was chaired by Andrew Milsom -  Managing Director, Three Straight Lines. The panelists who participated in the discussion included Nitin Dahad – Founder, The Next Silicon Valley; Shourik Chatterjee – Director, Sipahi Group; Simon Brown - Founder & CEO, Skignz ; John Maltman - Founder & CEO of E-Fundamentals & former VP of PepsiCo and Lee NRI representative/ IT representative - Telangana; Ankur Modi – CEO, Status Today; Paul Andrews – Founder, Oaktec; Kosta Mavroulakis - Founder & CEO, Empact Ventures and Dr Alex Mereacre -  VP Systems Engineering, NquiringMinds. Following this session, all the delegates were encouraged to introduce themselves so as to let other delegates know about their work & what they intend to get out of the summit.
  6. 6. We thank our event partners, who played a key role in helping us organise a successful summit. The event partners for this Summit were as follows Sivaleen Inc - Empact Ventures - Manorama Infosolutions - The Next Silicon Valley - EVENT PARTNERS Tapping into our network and expertise built over the years, we also offers consultancy services to those companies who are looking to start, scale up or expand into the UK and Indian markets Important Disclaimer: Important please note: This report is for guidance only and has been prepared in good faith to give a fair overall view of the meet and is believed to be correct at the date of publication. Copyright All content in this document, including logos, text, images, graphics etc are protected by copyright and/or design right owned by Sivaleen Inc unless identified as belonging to third parties. The business meets of Europe India Centre for Business & Industry is initiated, implemented and executed by Sivaleen Inc , which also represents EICBI in India