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Creating an influencer and advocacy marketing program framework


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Everybody wants more traffic, sales, and conversions for their business, but generating it can cost serious time, people, and money! What if you could get help from a tribe of people who already love your brand and would be happy to spread the word? In this session you will learn how a structured advocacy program can empower and engage a network of customers and employees to drive highly qualified traffic and business opportunity.

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Creating an influencer and advocacy marketing program framework

  1. 1. How to Tap Into Your Company’s Marketing Influencers @stephanhov Stephan Hovnanian Bambu by Sprout Social @stephanhov
  2. 2. We Want More! More
 Customers @stephanhov #VTNH2017CON More
 Clicks More
 Signups More
  3. 3. How We Currently Get More… Paying for digital
 advertising. @stephanhov #VTNH2017CON Hiring for
 demand gen. Fighting the attention battle. Paying for content marketing.
  4. 4. @stephanhov #VTNH2017CON Advocacy Program Framework Define Find EngageNurture
  5. 5. Define (What’s In It For YOU?) @stephanhov
  6. 6. Identify a recognized revenue contributor, then focus your advocacy program efforts on that item or items. @stephanhov ROO: Return on Objectives
  7. 7. Advocacy Program Business Outcomes @stephanhov #VTNH2017CON Web/Foot Traffic Conversions Content Opps GENERIC SPECIFIC Social Metrics Brand Awareness Thought Leadership Leads Sales Candidate Applications
  8. 8. Define • Who will own the program? • How will you define success? • How will you measure success? @stephanhov
  9. 9. Find (Your Advocates) @stephanhov
  10. 10. Who are your advocates? • Industry Channel • Partner Network • Repeat Customers • Employees • Strong Personal Brands @stephanhov
  11. 11. @stephanhov Where are your advocates? Email CRM Social Internal Advocate Database
  12. 12. Find • Who will you include? • Where can they be found? • What’s in it for them? @stephanhov
  13. 13. Engage (What’s In It For THEM?) @stephanhov
  14. 14. Key Ingredients • Executive Sponsorship • Ease of Use • Relevant and Valuable Content • What’s In It For Them? @stephanhov
  15. 15. What Type of Technology? YOU WILL NEED: Email Collaboration Platform Advocacy Solution @stephanhov
  16. 16. @stephanhov Customer Advocate Outreach
  17. 17. Employee Advocate Outreach • Lunch & Learns • New Hire Onboarding • Exclusive Invitations • Paired With Social Media Training @stephanhov
  18. 18. Engage • How will you invite them? • How will you communicate with them? • What are the expectations? • What will they need to share? @stephanhov
  19. 19. Nurture (Grow Together And Win) @stephanhov
  20. 20. Keys to Participation • Communication • Recognition • Exclusivity • Sustained Value @stephanhov
  21. 21. Nurture • How will you keep them motivated? • How will you help them grow? • How will the program stay valuable? @stephanhov
  22. 22. How to Tap Into Your Company’s Marketing Influencers @stephanhov Stephan Hovnanian Bambu by Sprout Social @stephanhov