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New tasks, new roles: Libraries in the tension between Digital Humanities, Research Data, and Research Infrastructures


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Presentation at ILIDe 2017, 3rd March 2017

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New tasks, new roles: Libraries in the tension between Digital Humanities, Research Data, and Research Infrastructures

  1. 1. New tasks, new roles: Libraries in the tension between Digital Humanities, Research Data, and Research Infrastructures Dr. Stefan Schmunk | Jasná, 3rd April 2017 Research & Development Department (RDD) @DARIAHde @StefanSchmunk
  2. 2. •  Introduction •  Digital Humanities: DARIAH-DE and TextGrid •  Research Data in the Arts and Humanities •  Digital Scholarly Editions as new tasks for Research Libraries •  Conclusion 03.04.17 Overview – Agenda
  3. 3. 03.04.17 Arts and Humanities & Social Science Computer Science Libraries & Archives – Information Science Digital Humanities = Applied digital enabled research in the Arts and Humanities Digital Humanities – an interdisciplinary approach
  4. 4. -  funding: 2011-2019 -  Continous operation after 2019 -  funded by -  about 15 m euros -  consortium of 17 partners: universities, research institutions, computing centres, libraries, Academy of Sciences and Humanities, SME, NGO -  funding: 2006-2015 (integration in DARIAH-DE) -  funded by -  about 8 m euros -  consortium of 10 partners: universities, research institutions, computing centre, library, Academy of Sciences and Humanities, SME 03.04.17
  5. 5. … supports digitally-enabled research and teaching in the arts and humanities -  Teaching -  Research -  Research Data -  Technical Infrastructure … supports the creation of digital editions in the humanities and cultural studies -  Tools for text enrichment and annotation -  Repository for long term preservation -  Training and education 03.04.17 è Research driven and conceptualized as an architecture of par4cipa4on
  6. 6. 03.04.17 Teaching (support, training) •  Workshops on methods, expert colloquia, Summer Schools •  Coordination of national and international curricular developments Research Data (research data collections, research data management) •  Best practices for metadata, standardised exchange of data, ontologies •  Development of generic search, collection and schema registry •  Development of a tool based federation architecture for research data Research (DH & Information Science) •  DH methods and practices •  Use Cases: Annotation, Big Data •  Tools and services •  Bibliography Doing Digital Humanities Technical Infrastructure (development and provision of infrastructural services) •  collaborative research environments, virtual machines, monitoring, authentication and authorization infrastructure etc. DARIAH-DE – four main tasks
  7. 7. 03.04.17 Definition Research Data “By research data in the Arts and Humanities is meant all those sources and outputs that are based on a research question, collected either by scholars, libraries, archives or any other institution, which may be described, evaluated and/or generated and stored in machine-readable form for analyzing, archiving purposes, citability, and for further processing.” Research Data – Arts and Humanities
  8. 8. 03.04.17 •  Metadata, bibliographical data, finding aids •  Digital and/or digitized data and/or digital representation of analog data •  Digital objects (tool generated data) •  Full text, transcripts •  Enriched full text •  Images, movies, music & notes •  Authority files, controlled vocabularies, ontologies •  ... Research Data – Arts and Humanities
  9. 9. 03.04.17 Research Data Collection – epidat •  Data: 30.000 inscriptions of more than 130 Jewish cemeteries in Germany and the Netherlands (1050-2000) •  Contains: Digitized Data, transcripts, maps, photographs, and archival sources •  Methods: Visual Analytics, Named-Entity-Recognition, Temporal-Spatial Visualization Source: Example: Epigraphical Database
  10. 10. 03.04.17 Photography Scholarly Edition – synoptical view of inscriptions Burial site Symbols Further information about Epidat: Thomas Kollatz Example: Epigraphical Database
  11. 11. 03.04.17 •  DARIAH-DE Geo- Browser •  Visualisation of data, sets, and collection •  Temporal-Spatial- Contextualisation •  Open Source tool as a service for the community Source: info=e4d&lang=de Epidat: Data-Visualisation
  12. 12. Research data are representations of observations, objects, or other entities used as evidence of phenomena for the purposes of research or scholarship” C.L. Borgman (2015). Big Data, Little Data, No Data: Scholarship in the Networked World. New challenges in the Humanities dealing with Research data concerning: •  Discovering data •  Access to data •  Extended search strategies for data •  Using data tools (and generating data) •  Linking articles with data à enhanced publications 03.04.17 What is the situation for the Digital Humanities?
  13. 13. 03.04.17 Tool-oriented approach ... Building a Data Federation Architecture No Silos Interoperability!
  14. 14. 03.04.17 Repositories for the Arts and Humanities DARIAH-DE Repository TextGrid Repository Integra4ng exis4ng tools Analyze and visualize Data e.g. Voyant Tools Archive, store, preserve, but also: explore, find, analyze and visualize
  15. 15. •  period: 1859 - 1880s •  67 notebooks •  64 - 120 leaves each •  < 10.000 pages Theodor Fontane (1819 - 1898) Digital Scholarly Edition Theodor Fontane‘s Notebooks 03.04.17
  16. 16. MATERIAL VIRTUAL RESEARCH ENVIRONMENT USAGE FONTANE-NOTEBOOK- PORTAL (Digital EdiJon powered by SADE) TEXTGRID REPOSITORY (Long term preservaJon of research data) PRINT EDITION via XML-Print with Walter-deGruyter Publishing House TEXTGRID LABORATORY TEXTGRID REPOSITORY XML/TEI- Encoding DigiJzed Material XML-Editor DicJonaries Metadata RelaJons e.g. DTA, GND, … Material Appraisal Digital Objects Ingest Editorial Principles and TranscripJon PracJces Metadata Schema TranscripJons Conversion TEI as XSD Philological EdiJon Text Cons4tu4on Cri4cal Apparatus Editorial Comments Register Report and Guidelines etc. InformaJon Science Prepara4on of the Digital Publica4on (visualiza4on) Data aggrega4on etc. Export to SADE (existdb, Lucene, Ba4k, DigiLib, …) PublicaJon (Persistent Iden4fier, Metadata Validia4on) Plugins Object Hierarchy Exemplary Workflow – New Taks and challenges for Research Libraries 03.04.17
  17. 17. Anlass der Präsentation (Fußzeile)
  18. 18. Research Object Research Data observational data, audio, video, interviews, statistical data, ... Publication •  Documentation of research data for replication and detection of fraud •  Sharing and publication of research data: „old“ data for new research •  Building up research infrastructures for scientist •  Keep digital data usable despite changes in technology, organisations, background knowledge, ... •  Supporting researchers during the project phase (embedded data managers) New Tasks for Libraries: Data, Infrastructures, and Digital Humanities 03.04.17
  19. 19. •  Scientific Information is more than a journal article or a book •  Libraries should open their catalogues to any kind of information •  The catalogue of the future is NOT ONLY a window to the library‘s holding, but •  A portal in a net of trusted providers of scientific content Consequences for Libraries 03.04.17
  20. 20. Libraries will be ... •  Data provider •  Informa4on centers (advise and consult scien4st) •  Scien4fic so^ware houses •  Training facili4es •  Experts for enhanced publica4ons •  Hoster of research infrastructures •  Research ins4tu4ons in the field of informa4on science •  Networked informa4on facili4es (open interfaces) •  ... „Vision 2030“ for Libraries 03.04.17
  21. 21. It is not only a challenge … … it is an opportunity Libraries should ride the wave … 03.04.17
  22. 22. Thank you for your attention! Dr. Stefan Schmunk 03.04.17 @DARIAHde @StefanSchmunk
  23. 23. DARIAH-DE Homepage DARIAH-EU Homepage DARIAH-DE Repository DARIAH Working Papers DARIAH-DE Research Data Services Collection Registry Schema Registry Generic Search DHd-Blog DHd-Channel Links and references TextGrid Homepage Download TextGridLab TextGrid Repository technical Documentation 03.04.17