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Bibliotheca Digitalis Summer School: Humanities at Scale and Dariah-EU - Nicolas Larrousse


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Bibliotheca Digitalis. Reconstitution of Early Modern Cultural Networks. From Primary Source to Data.
DARIAH / Biblissima Summer School, 4-8 July 2017, Le Mans, France.
5th and last day, July 8th – Digital representation and data accuracy for Humanities.

Humanities at Scale and Dariah-EU.
Nicolas Larrousse – Research officer, TGIR Huma-Num.

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Bibliotheca Digitalis Summer School: Humanities at Scale and Dariah-EU - Nicolas Larrousse

  1. 1. Bibliotheca Digitalis Reconstitution of Early Modern Cultural Networks From Primary Source to Data DARIAH / Biblissima Summer School Le Mans, 4-8 July 2017 Humanities at Scale & Dariah-EU 5th and last day, July 8th – Digital representation and data accuracy for Humanities Nicolas Larrousse Research officer, TGIR Huma-Num
  2. 2. La partie de l'image avec l'ID de relation rId2 n'a pas été trouvé dans le fichier. A French Infrastructure for Digital Humanities Nicolas Larrousse DARIAH an European Infrastructure For Humanities Nicolas Larrousse Le Mans 08/07/2017
  3. 3. An Infrastructure for Humanities? Huma-Num, an Infrastructure Very Large Research Infrastructure? What exactly is an Infrastructure?
  4. 4. Huma-Num’s Ecosystem
  5. 5. … ProjectsERICs is entrusted with France’s participation in is involved in
  6. 6. What Is DARIAH? DARIAH is a pan-European community of researchers to facilitate humanities research in the digital age
  7. 7. Digital Methods in the Arts and Humanities Make human traces digitally available Documenting: material Documenting: origin, date,  material Qualifying: authenticity Qualifying: authorship,  research value,  authenticity Analyzing: names, dates Analyzing: layout,  transcription,  names, dates Communicating: contextualization  Communicating: corpus, rights,  contextualization 
  8. 8. Founding Members Austria Belgium Croatia Cyprus Denmark France Germany Greece Founding Members Ireland Italy Luxembourg Malta Netherlands Serbia Slovenia Candidate countries and associated members Lithuania Spain Switzerland Founded 2006 17 Members Countries New Members since ERIC  agreement was signed Poland Portugal Slide by Suzanne DuMouchel
  9. 9. • Sharing knowledge to create new connections and insight, through networking, training and projects • Sharing tools to promote the work of others with similar research questions • Sharing data to allow new projects to start from a higher baseline • Sharing networks to build key relationships and seek funding • Sharing a voice to be heard in European and national policy debates People Data Computation People Data Computation DARIAH is a Community Slide by Suzanne DuMouchel
  10. 10. High-level Principles (Community) • Governed and led by the arts and humanities research community • Become community-driven • Be inclusive • Promote openness • Enable transnational collaboration • Promote standards and best practices
  11. 11. High-level Principles (Organisational) • Operate under a sustainable business model within the larger scientific community in Europe • Be receptive to community needs • Deliver easy-to-use services and resources • Delegate trust and share responsibilities • Display high quality services
  12. 12. High-level Principles (Science & technology) • Enable digital arts and humanities research • Integrate existing resources, research and services • Use innovations from the national DARIAH partners and scale them to a European level • Deliver methodological innovation and promote interdisciplinary research • Stay digitally-focused and analogue-aware
  13. 13. Virtual Competence Centers as Knowledge Transfer Points VCC 1 – e‐Infrastructure 1.A+H Infrastructure Services 2.A+H Research Environment demonstrators 3.A+H Service Environment 4.Data Federation and interoperability 5.Developer community 6.Preservation Infrastructure 7.Reference Software Packages VCC 2  ‐ Research & Education 1. Community engagement 2. Training and Education Programme 3. Understanding research practices 4. Virtual Research Environment VCC 3 – Scholarly Content Management 1.Best Practices and Open Access 2.Curation 3.Dissemination and Digital Publishing 4.Enrich digital scholarly content 5.Reference Data Registries VCC 4 – Advocacy, Impact & Outreach 1.Ensuring capacity in DARIAH 2.Ensuring Participation in DARIAH 3.High‐level Advocacy 4.Impact and value 5.Outreach Slide by Suzanne DuMouchel
  14. 14. Working Groups
  15. 15. E‐RIHS Communities/Projects within and around DARIAH
  16. 16. How to Access DARIAH • DARIAH Marketplace (Coming Soon) for tools and services • DARIAH Annual Meetings (next one in Aarhus, November 2017) for community interactions • DARIAH Theme/Ambassador funding for small projects • DARIAH Working Groups for collaborative work • DARIAH central team for access to information and advice • DARIAH training events and materials to improve your skills
  17. 17. Humanities At Scale? “Add-On“ to DARIAH Help during the construction phase of DARIAH WP for training and Education