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Csdh sbg clariah_intr01


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These are slides from the first sounding board group meeting of the Clariah Structured Data Hub

Published in: Science
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Csdh sbg clariah_intr01

  1. 1. Clariah  Structured  Data  Hub     Sounding  Board  Group  mee8ng     IISH,  Amsterdam   Feb  16,  2015  
  2. 2. Clariah:  who,  what,  why?   “CLARIAH  aims  to  offer  humani5es  scholars  a  ︎︎︎︎︎︎︎  ︎︎︎︎   ‘Common  Lab’  that  provides  them  access  to   large  collec5ons  of  digital  resources  and   innova5ve  user-­‐friendly  processing  tools,  thus   enabling  them  to  carry  out  ground-­‐breaking   research  to  discover  the  nature  of  human   culture.“     Heerma  van  Voss  et  al.,  2013  
  3. 3. Clariah:  three  pillars   •  Language  studies     – textual  data  and  tools   •  Media  studies     – audio-­‐visual  data  and  tools   •  Socio-­‐economic  history   – structured  data  and  tools    
  4. 4. Structured  Data  Hub   Curate  and  link  datasets     For  example:   – Isolate  datasets  on  laptops   – Data  in  repositories   – Data  on  different  levels:   •  Micro  (individual)   •  Meso  (organiza8onal,  e.g.  firms,  guilds)   •  Macro  (regional,  country)  
  5. 5. Structured  Data  Hub   Create  tools  to  facilitate  the  research  process   For  example:   – Evaluate  and  clean  data   – Link  data   – Perform  basic  analyses   – Visualize  data  
  6. 6. Planning  (months)   •  Design  phase  (1-­‐7)   –  two  pilot  studies   •  Prepara8on  phase  (7-­‐13)   –  proto-­‐type  of  research  infrastructure   •  Execu8on  phase,  part  1  (14-­‐26)   –  first  version  of  infrastructure  (first  tools  and  data)   •  Execu8on  phase,  part  2  (27-­‐48)   –  Polishing  and  extending  first  version  of  infrastructure   •  Project  close  phase   –  Securing  tools  and  data  at  dedicated  partners,  e.g.   IISH,  DANS  
  7. 7. Pilots   Aim:     to  inventories  and  evaluate  issues  in  the  workflow   from  ‘raw  data’  to  ‘open  linked  data’       Characteris8cs:   •  Two  pilots   •  Six  months   •  On  human  capital  and  social  stra8fica8on   –  Linking  non-­‐linked  data  through  RDF   –  Adding  data  from  the  seman8c  web