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TSC Brief Employer Branding Do's and Don'ts


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Employer branding is so important for companies, but they should follow these do's and don'ts to make sure they're not forcing something that is inauthentic.

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TSC Brief Employer Branding Do's and Don'ts

  1. 1. HOTTEST BRAND _YOU WANT EVERYONE TO WANT YOUON THE BLOCK: All organizations want to be the company that garners the longest line at the job fairs, collects a constant stream of the best applications from its Careers page, and is showcased asALIGN ERRATIC EMPLOYER the poster child for the best company to work for by every major publication. Being an extraordinary employer is just asBRANDING TO ATTRACT TOP important as being an extraordinary brand.CANDIDATES_ But there are some do’s and don’ts that companies need to be aware of when launching an employer branding strategy.
  2. 2. DON’T_ DO_LIE ABOUT YOUR AWESOMENESS: SHARE THE REALITY:We’re obsessed with truth here, but marketing has a When candidates look into working at your company, theyreputation for stretching it a little — and employer want to know what it’s going to be like to be in thebranding is the worst culprit. Employer branding isn’t an trenches day to day. Make sure you have answers toopportunity to hide your company’s dirty secrets under questions like these readily available:the rug. will bring most of that to the _ Does onboarding get you the training you need, orsurface, anyway. Fix the problems, and then create astrategy that highlights what you’re doing right, not what are you thrown into the deep end?you’re not doing wrong. _ What are the typical communication styles used at the company? _ How difficult is it to get projects completed? _ Are people recognized for good work? _ What are the different career paths people take? These questions just scratch the surface, but they help you think about what employees need to know about getting work done.
  3. 3. DON’T_ DO_DEVELOP EMPLOYEE BRANDING IN A VACUUM: MAKE USE OF THE WORK ALREADY BEING DONE:Nothing dilutes a brand faster than having one side of the Your HR department might have $0 for employer brandingcompany talking about its rebellious products for a efforts, but the marketing department will have budgetdefiant generation — and then the Careers page touting that can play double duty. For example, a retailer bringingthe company’s strong belief in traditional values. The in a photographer to take pictures of customers in themessages have to be in sync. Your company’s marketing store can also capture updated shots of the associates.department will have lots of information about the brand’s Those associate shots can go on the Careers page, whilegoals, messages, and key campaigns going on throughout the customer shots will help with other marketingthe year. Use those resources to develop a consistent materials. Talk to the marketing team and startemployer branding strategy. collaborating. Your efforts will be aligned, and budget will be spent more effectively.
  4. 4. DON’T_ DO_MINIMIZE THE GREAT WORK PEOPLE DO: SHOWCASE YOUR EMPLOYEES:Millennials are looking to find meaningful jobs, and More and more companies are encouraging employees toaccording to Deloitte, 66 percent of them see innovation pursue philanthropic projects or head up initiatives thatas a key ingredient to making a company an employer of help communities all over the world. People are energizedchoice. 1 Showcase the people behind the game-changing when they get to pursue their passion at work. Candidatesproducts your company offers. Highlight the inventions are attracted to companies that encourage humanity,and experiments that are making work challenging as well even when under pressure to get the most out ofas fun. Even when you have to protect trade secrets, you productive workforces. Get to know some of the peoplecan attract in-demand talent, like programmers and shaking things up in your company and start collectingengineers, by showing the work they’d be doing to make a their stories. We all understand that a job is work, butdifference in your company’s future. these stories will show that you can offer “work plus.” 1 Deloitte. The Millennial Survey 2013. annual-meeting-at-davos/8182b8e049b3c310VgnVCM3000003456f70aRCRD.htm#
  5. 5. GET REAL WITH Employer branding is an opportunity to align your company’s marketing strategy with the company’s identity. They shouldEMPLOYER already be one and the same, but differences are bound to exist. Take a step in the right direction by assessing yourBRANDING_ current employer branding communications and see if you’re following our do’s and don’ts. Then call us for an evaluation today. We’ll see where your brand hits the mark and where it needs a lift. Then you can get the tools you need to have the best candidates banging down your door. 817-204-0400