Nick's News Easter 2013


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Nick's News Easter 2013

  1. 1. ST. NICHOLAS BIRCH CLIFF ANGLICAN CHURCH EASTER, 2013 NICK’S NEWS The annual St. Nick’s Tubing Party was a huge success again this year. We had a small, but mighty and courageous group on hand to conquer the hill and all made it out of the experience with their limbs intact. God brings new life during Easter Something odd is Easter and our daily faith Church were augmented happening in the Church. journey. with dogwood branches Something odd and deeply During the season of that remained on the altars symbolic of our Lenten Lent, as a sign of during the week. This year, journey, our journey moderation, the flowers despite the snowy days and through Good Friday to which are placed in the cold weather, the dogwood Continued on page 2 PAGE 1
  2. 2. ST. NICHOLAS BIRCH CLIFF ANGLICAN CHURCH EASTER, 2013 God sets the promise of new lifeContinued from page 1 world this Jesus-shaped love, lives by the belief andbranches have begun to hope that with the crosssprout with tiny green there is resurrection. Itleaves appearing on the isn’t simply a matter ofbranches that just a few putting up with a mess inweeks ago appeared tired this life, and hoping forand lifeless. How does better things in the next.God seek to bring the We are commissioned tosame new life to us as we create beauty out ofjourney to Easter? ugliness, to bring order out of chaos, to bring hope out God’s desire and Bishop N.T. (Tom) Wright of despair, to bring peacewillingness to bring new out of violence, to bringlife into the tired and nor rulers, nor things love where there is hatred.lifeless corners of our lives present, nor things to We will only partiallyis what the celebration of come, nor powers, nor succeed in any of theseJesus’ Resurrection is all height, nor depth, nor tasks. But when we do, andabout. anything else in all even when we don’t, there While, first and will be hidden light, creation, will be able toforemost, the Resurrection reflected glory, shining separate us from the loveholds out the promise that both on us and through us. of God in Christ Jesus oureven physical death does Lord.” (Romans 8:38-39) As we make ournot have the final word, it The celebration, journey to Easter may wealso reminds us that Jesus’ acceptance, and more fully embrace theovercoming of physical willingness to embody this new life Jesus Christ offersdeath is also the overflowing love of God to us in and through hisovercoming of all the little sets before us the promise death and resurrection and‘deaths’ we experience that of new life. may we embody and shareseparate us from God and In Jesus: The New Way, the new life he offers to another. It is perhapsfor this reason that Paul in Bishop N.T. (Tom) Wright With every blessing tothe letter to Romans provides a glimpse of what you, and your family, thisproclaims that through our this overflowing love at Easter and life in Christ ‘neither work in our lives and our The Rev. Janet Read-death, nor life, nor angels, world looks like. He says Hockin the church, in offering the PAGE 2
  3. 3. ST. NICHOLAS BIRCH CLIFF ANGLICAN CHURCH EASTER, 2013 WARDENS’ REPORT As we wait for the Wardens. Hey, who put scheduled for April 4 snow to melt and look that in there?) through 6, which basically forward to Easter, we can We are also pleased to means a shutdown of the look back over the first report that in response to building for those days. three months of 2013 as a suggestions from the In addition several of period of relative calm in Wardens regarding Pre- the opening sections of comparison with the authorized Giving, a the stained glass windows excitement and activity of number of parishioners in the chancel and last year’s Centennial. have switched to this transepts have bulged and Our first vestry with means of making their require repair. Those Rev. Janet Read- parochial offering. We repairs will be carried out Hockin did however see would again encourage at the beginning of that significant changes in the everyone who has not same week immediately Executive committee as switched to this method of after Easter. both our Rector’s Warden giving to seriously consider And on that weekend Doug Goss and Deputy doing so. PAG not only of April 6, our Synod Lay Warden Brian Todd removes the necessity of Delegates, Barbara stepped down from their dealing with weekly Betts and Dennis positions. We are grateful envelopes, it significantly Newman will be at St. for their many years of benefits the church as it James Cathedral dedicated service on the takes a lot of the representing us all as a new Executive and very pleased guesswork out of our bishop is elected for the that Doug has agreed to financial planning. Diocese of Toronto. Our head up the parish As was stated at Vestry, prayers will be with them Stewardship plan. it was hoped that there as they participate in this The appointment to would be only minor important process. the Executive of Ken property issues this year. Finally we ask for your Campbell as Deputy However, the discovery of continued prayers and Warden was also good water running through the support and extend to you news and brings us to to electrical box on a all our best wishes for a full strength. (Editor’s particularly rainy day has blessed and Happy Easter. note: This might be the meant that significant The Church- most outstanding, greatest, work must be done by wardens: Sonia most terrific choice of Toronto Hydro and our Halloran, Anne Moir, Deputy Wardens in the electrician to resolve the Michael Braley, Ken history of Deputy problem. This work is Campbell PAGE 3
  4. 4. ST. NICHOLAS BIRCH CLIFF ANGLICAN CHURCH EASTER, 2013 to express their deep gratitude and offer a Tip of the Hat on behalf of us all to: Parishioners John Lister and Harold Ewers, who were recently recognized for their longstanding community efforts with The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal Freda Gearing for organizing the Women’s/Parish breakfasts. Ron and Betty Kimball for running the monthly card parties and faithfully helping at the Lenten lunches. Mildred Hilton, almost 96!, for providing the best chicken salad around. The Sidespeople, for another successful Pancake Supper. As always, St Nicholas could not and And Angela McCulloch, Sarahwould not function so well without the Brown and all those involved with thecommitment and effort of so many. To Church School.focus on just a few, the Wardens would likeHOLY WEEKSunday, March 24 7:30 p.m. – Service of 10:30 a.m. - Good Friday(Palm Sunday) Tenebrae Solumn Liturgy with8:30 a.m. – Holy Thursday March 28 Children’s Program inEucharist (Maundy Thursday) Robinson Hall10:30 a.m. – Palm 7:30 p.m. - Institution Saturday, March 30Procession, Sung of the Lord’s Supper (Holy Saturday)Eucharist including Foot Washing 8 p.m. - Easter Vigil andMonday March 25 and Stripping of the Sung Eucharist, followed7:30 p.m.– Holy Altars by a Resurrection PartyEucharist 9-11 p.m. - Gethsemane Sunday, March 31Tuesday March 26 Watch (Easter Sunday7:30 p.m - Holy Friday March 29 8:30 a.m. – SungEucharist (Good Friday) EucharistWednesday March 27 9 a.m. - Stations of the 10:30 a.m. - Sung Cross Eucharist PAGE 4