T H E MA N C H E S T ER C H U R C H O F C H R I S T, MA N C H E S T ER, N H             F e b 1 8 , 2009

T H E MA N C H E S T ER C H U R C H O F C H R I S T, MA N C H E S T ER, N H                                  F e b 1 8 , 2...
T H E MA N C H E S T ER C H U R C H O F C H R I S T, MA N C H E S T ER, N H                              F e b 1 8 , 2009
T H E MA N C H E S T ER C H U R C H O F C H R I S T, MA N C H E S T ER, N H                            F e b 1 8 , 2009

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Feburary 18, 2009


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Feburary 18, 2009

  1. 1. T H E MA N C H E S T ER C H U R C H O F C H R I S T, MA N C H E S T ER, N H F e b 1 8 , 2009 THE BULLETIN An Elders’ Sunday Manchester Church of Christ 66 Mammoth Rd. Manchester, NH 03109 603.623.5559 This Sunday will provide Park, Lord willing, will a double dose of teaching and be back in the pulpit on March mht_church@comcast.net interaction with our elders. 1, next Sunday. www.mhtcoc.org Every fourth Sunday of a month our elders have asked that one Elder’s Link: February of them be given the Sunday Duane Coss – drcoss@verizon.net morning sermon, and this 424-9152 Sunday Larry Glass is slated to Barry Fogal – bfogal@comcast.net be in the pulpit. We look 487-2387 forward to Larry’s message from God’s word at both the 8:30 and If you have any concerns that the 11:00 services. elders should be aware of, or need to speak to with them, please Sunday evening all our contact Lee or Larry this month. small groups will be dismissed, Our Worship Services in order for the whole Sunday AM: 8:30 & 11:00 congregation to meet at the Bible Class: 10:00 church building for an “elders’ Sunday PM: 6:00 fireside chat” with the Small Groups: congregation. The elders have a West Side Small Group: 6:15PM at lot of things to share with the Doug Paul’s church and they’re looking for Merrimack Small Group: 6:00PM at significant input from the Stuart Peacock’s congregation on several things, Nashua Small Group: 6:00PM at Paul not the least of which has to do Mosier's with building a new building for Wednesday PM Devotional/Bible our church to meet in. Classes: 7:00 News Items? Please submit before 11AM each Tuesday. First of all, I wanted to thank of this lesson. Next Sunday, Lord willing, I'll everyone in the congregation who helped in bring the second part of the lesson. If you one way or another with the services, food found it helpful and think others would also provisions, food preparation, chair find it helpful, invite them along. It's a movement, and clean-up for our brother subject we could all find useful. Clyde's funeral. It was a real tribute to a Next Sunday evening will feature a good man. continuation of a lesson series on 2 Last Sunday I spoke about “The End Timothy. Come dig a little deeper in God's of Worry”, the first part of a two part lesson. word with us. I got a lot of great feedback on the first part PA G E 1
  2. 2. T H E MA N C H E S T ER C H U R C H O F C H R I S T, MA N C H E S T ER, N H F e b 1 8 , 2009 “So then you are no longer strangers and Our Family aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the saints, and are of God’s household,” Ephesians 2:19, NAS95. Coming up in February... Suzanne Parker, 5 Center As a family we have been St., Methuen ,MA 01844. revived and sustained by your Stephanie Parker and We will be hosting a Life Line love and prayers at the passing Seth, 43 Greenough Rd., Screening here this Saturday, of our husband, father, and Plaistow, NH 03865. February 21st. Their mission is "Grampie" Clyde Daggett. to make people aware of Thank you for your prayers, Housing needed A group of highly undetected health problems cards, visits, flowers, and meals motivated, mission minded and encourage them to seek prepared. Our family deeply young people from Harding follow-up care with their appreciates this generous show will be traveling around the personal physician. There is a of love. northeast during their spring phone number listed on the Gratefully, break, probably beginning bulletin board in the foyer to Lucy, Susan, Shawn, Zane, March 6th. Somewhere along call and register. Alan, Donna, Kim, Seth, the line they will need housing Jeremy, Rebecca, Kenna, Jill, in Manchester. Would you Small group The singing small John, Zachary, Kaylee, and consider offering your group will be meeting at the Kara.” hospitality? building this Saturday, February 21st at 6pm for dinner Pantry revival The church has and 7pm for singing. Please been without a functional RSVP to the Evans' if you will pantry for a while now, but be coming for dinner. Cecilia Skerry and Missy Duer Wednesday Night Dinner Congregational meeting There are taking it on as a ministry will be a congregational and with the elders' and egg casserole meeting this Sunday, February deacons' oversight are now biscuits calling for donations for our 22nd at 6pm. No small groups sausage gravy will be meeting that evening. pantry. Please bring your non- perishable food items to the What else? church foyer. Note of appreciation “Dear Placing membership Please update Brothers and Sisters of the your directory with the Manchester church, following addresses: Ben & Prayer Concerns Worship Leaders Health: Doreen Lee, Pat Arel, Bill Waisnor, Rosemary Landry, Clyde Sunday, February 22, 8:30AM Scripture .....................Paul M. Daggett, Dawn & Kassidy Law, Deniza Songs .........................Doug P. Lord’s Supper .............Pete S. Chase’s niece, Marge Simon, Penny Prayers ....................Ken B. & Larry G. Coordinator ................Pete S. Ranger, Manley Jones, Michael Scripture ....................Mike M. Anderson's brother, Diane Lord’s Supper ...........Stuart P. Sunday, February 22, 6:00PM Bridgewater Coordinator ...............Ken B. Songs...........................Mark E. Leadership: Ministers, Elders, Deacons Sunday, February 22, 11:00AM Wednesday, February 25, 7:00PM Evangelism: Bible studies in Songs ........................Gerry M Songs..........................Mark C. progress, our website, MNFM Prayers ....................David S. & Barry F. Return to the Lord: Brethren who have forsaken the assembly PA G E 2
  3. 3. T H E MA N C H E S T ER C H U R C H O F C H R I S T, MA N C H E S T ER, N H F e b 1 8 , 2009 Sta r tli n g A d m issi o n: “Dar wi n w a s W r o n g” by Eric Lyons, M.Min. For decades, Darwin’s represented as a tree” (p. 37). evolutionists that it is not just evolutionary tree of life has been Lawton also interviewed Darwin’s tree of life that needs to be deeply embedded into the walls of evolutionary biologist Eric Bapteste cast aside, but the entire theory of science classrooms, the pages of of Pierre and Marie Curie University evolution. biology textbooks, and the lectures in Paris, who exclaimed, “We have of evolutionary biology teachers. no evidence at all that the tree of life REFERENCES Multiplied millions of high school is a reality” (p. 34, emp. added). Jackson, Wayne (1981), “Frauds in and college students have seen Though Darwin’s tree of life has Science,” Reason & Revelation, illustrations of the supposed been taught as fact for decades, the 1[2]:6-7, February, [On-line], URL: unicellular common ancestor of all truth is, “we have no evidence at all” http://www.apologeticspress.org/arti living things at the base of a tree that for it. Go figure. cles/336. branches into a plethora of more complex living organisms. Although Baptiste, Lawton, Graham (2009), “Uprooting Supposedly, certain unicellular Doolittle, and many other Darwin’s Tree,” New Scientist, organisms slowly evolved into evolutionists admit that “the 201[2692]:34-39, January 24-30. multicellular organisms, and some Darwinian tree is no longer an multicellular organisms evolved into adequate description of how Major, Trevor (1996), “Low Down fish, which then evolved into evolution in general works” (p. 39; on Piltdown,” Reason & Revelation, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals. Was it ever?), they are not willing to 16[10]:77, October, [On-line], URL: The image below, which shows a give up their theory. Baptiste and http://www.apologeticspress.org/arti poster that once hung prominently in Doolittle “stress that downgrading cles/245. a university science lab in Searcy, the tree of life doesn’t mean that the Arkansas, briefly illustrates the theory of evolution is wrong—just Copyright © 2009 Apologetics standard, widely accepted history of that evolution is not as tidy as we Press, Inc. All rights reserved. evolutionary progression. would like to believe” (p. 39). Now, scientists admit that It is amazing how year after “the tree-of-life concept...absolutely year, decade after decade, as more central to Darwin’s thinking, equal information becomes available, in importance to natural yesterday’s standard, rock-solid selection...lies in tatters, torn to “proof” of evolution becomes pieces by an onslaught of negative tomorrow’s admission of error. Ernst evidence” (Lawton, 2009, Haeckel’s professed biogenetic 201[2692]:34, emp. added). On the “law” (ontogeny recapitulates cover of a recent issue of New phylogeny) turned out to be nothing Scientist was Darwin’s tree of life, more than a hypothesis. Piltdown along with the statement “Darwin Man was fraudulently constructed was Wrong” (2009, 201[2692]). from the jawbone of an orangutan Cover-story author Graham Lawton and cranium of a man, though it was admitted, “The tree of life, one of paraded before the world as proof of the iconic concepts of evolution, has evolution for 40 years (cf. Jackson, turned out to be a figment of our 1981; Major, 1996). Now another imagination” (p. 34). Lawton “iconic concept of evolution” has reminded readers of Dr. W. Ford fallen on hard times. One wonders Doolittle’s 1999 claim that “the what it will take to convince history of life cannot properly be PA G E 3
  4. 4. T H E MA N C H E S T ER C H U R C H O F C H R I S T, MA N C H E S T ER, N H F e b 1 8 , 2009 Our Congregational Calendar Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Bible class 7PM Happy Birthday: Happy Birthday: Happy Birthday: Brandon Hombs Linda McCarthy Bradley Happy Birthday: Chandler & Jason Therrien Singing small Klaryssa Ortega group 6pm/7pm 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Bible class 7PM Happy Birthday: Happy Birthday: Happy Birthday: Destiny Chase Candy Chase Emily Bowers T ee n N e w s Y o u n g A d u l ts • We will be leaving the building at 3:45pm • Come join us for Bible class on Sunday for the Conway youth rally. Remember to morning! bring your release of liability form for tubing and money for food on the way up and back. Please be on time!! Our Statistics Sunday Morning Worship (combined) 167 Contribution $3,445.44 T h e M a n c h es te r c h u r c h o f C h rist 66 M a m m o t h R d. M a n c h es te r, N H 03109 PA G E 4