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The Herald - parish Newsletter July/August 20112011 vol37 no3

  1. 1. HERALDCHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK, TORONTO, CANADA VOLUME 37, NUMBER 3Eagerly waiting for the doors to open on a (rare, this year) beautiful April day.
  2. 2. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK SUMMER 2011 Tom’s HERALD Topic HERALD is published six times a year (Sept, Oct/Nov, Dec/Jan, Feb/Mar, Apr/May, June/July) by Christ Church Deer Park 1570 Yonge Street Toronto ON M4T 1Z8 Tel: 416.920.5211 Fax: 416.920.8400 Dear Friends, We welcome your submissions. AT PENTECOST, WE CELEBRATE the gift of God’s Holy Spirit upon the Church. The E-mail: activity of the Holy Spirit is the subject of much interest these days. In John’s Gospel or the editor (e-mail below). (14:15-21) Jesus describes a vital aspect of the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of PARISH CLERGY his followers. Interim Priest-in-Charge Given the availability of a time machine, would we rather spend time in the company The Ven. Thomas M. Greene of Jesus 2000 years ago or continue with what we have as Christians now in the age Assistant Curate The Rev. Samantha Caravan of the Holy Spirit? Most people would probably opt for the former. But as Jesus Honorary Assistants prepares his disciples for his immanent departure, he explains that it is actually to The Rev. Dr. Peter Slater their advantage that he is going away. The astonishing truth is that the blessing of The Rev. Canon Dr. David Neelands the Holy Spirit will be even greater than the blessing of the physical presence of Jesus. The Rev. Dr. Karen Hamilton, Ecumenical Partner Jesus underlines the fact that the one to come is the Spirit of truth who will faithfully The Rev. Michael Marshall, make Jesus real to them. Hospital for Sick Children Director of Children’s Education But not having the physical limitations imposed by the humanity of Jesus, the Hilary Keachie Spirit is able to be in all places at all times, not simply dwelling with us but, more WARDENS importantly dwelling within us. That is why it is to our advantage. But it all depends Rector’s Warden (Human Resources) David Thornton on Jesus “going to the Father”, a route which takes him inexorably via the sufering People’s Warden (Property) and the glory of the Cross to the glory of the resurrection and the ascension. Only Walter Blackwell when the Lamb of God has taken away the sins of the world will it be possible for Deputy Warden (Finance) the Holy Spirit to enter into this new relationship with his followers. Robert Morrow EDITORIAL COMMITTEE We read and hear that we will not be left comfortless; we will not be left orphaned. Editor That Spirit which we celebrate at Pentecost will continue to give us life as individuals Joyce Hamilton ( and as a community of faith. That will be so - that is the promise. The question is, Members do we believe it? Henry Zaluski, MJ Rosenthal, Photos: Deirdre Malone, Henry Zaluski, The commandments of Jesus are all to do with love. They are absolutely not to do Peter Curzon, Kate Rieger with multiple points of organizational structure or personal behaviour. Love God, Webmaster Brian Dench Love Your Neighbour. We know the summary of the Law that Jesus declared even PARISH STAFF as he gave us a new commandment: to love one another as he has loved us. We are Organist & Director of Music called to share back what we have ourselves already received. That is to be our most Eric Robertson defining and apparent characteristic. Parish Administrator & Rector’s Assistant Jean King Legend tells that Gabriel put the question to Jesus after the Ascension. Sexton “ What arrangements have you made for the continuation of your work?” Denis Delisle “ I have left eleven people”, Jesus replies. “What if they fail?” Gabriel asks. “I have made no other arrangements.” 2 / HERALD
  3. 3. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK SUMMER 2011No other arrangements. So it has always been. And this is have some outstanding lay leaders in this parish and theywhere we come in. have stepped forward. We have learned that our identity is“They who have my commandments and keep them are not encapsulated in the rector, and we are now engaged inthose who love me; and those who love me will be loved of the process of identifying and articulating that dynamicmy Father, and I will love them and reveal myself to them.” identity.This is good news on a grand scale.This is an understanding We have faced the hard facts! The parish profile (a wonderfulof God’s relationship to us and our relationship with God gift to us by a tremendously talented and committed selectionand each oher. committee) was hard medicine for some. The rose coloured glasses have been removed and CCDP with all its warts andMay this be so as we dwell in Him and He in us. failures is laid bare for the world to see. Here’s the goodFaithfully, news - you didn’t retreat! You have faced the financial and governance issues head on with integrity, determination and a healthy dose of hope for the future. In this transition some of the great strengths of the who(The Ven.) Thomas Greene and what of CCDP have also come to light. This is anPriest-in-Charge extraordinary community of welcome and inclusion. Any, and all are equally welcomed and valued. There is an open and, I believe, deliberate desire to live together in community. This is ever visible at the 10am liturgy where the tradition- From the alist and contemporary believer and liturgy participant worship side by side. Upper Room As a congregation you should be proud of yourselves - I am certainly proud of you! The summer brings with it the opportunity for rest and refreshment. To that end I will be on vacation during July, be assured of my continued prayer for you as individual people of God and as community. I hope you too make time for family, friends and perhaps a good book or two.CAN YOU BELIEVE IT - its June! We are half way toChristmas.. I have always found the human habit of looking Blessingsfor the next marker fascinating and, that has been the case Samanthathroughout this transition period. As a congregation I want Assistant Curateto commend you on a few things I have observed, on a fewmarkers as we journey through this current experience.Many of my colleagues warned me about the anxiety theparish would experience, how everyone will be off balanceand tentative, waiting on decisions until the ‘new’ rectorarrives. Well, they clearly do not know the people of Christ Tom’s “Grace”Church Deer Park. There has been a little anxiety, and a few (by request)decisions have been set aside waiting for the appointment Lord, bless this food upon these dishesof our new rector. BUT, overall I would say this experience,this transitional journey, has been wonderful. Full of As thou didst bless the loaves and fishes.opportunities for input, and for reflection of who we are as And as the sugar in the tea,individuals and who we are as a congregation. Instead of May all of us be stirred by thee.anxiety I think there has been a real and palpable excitementand anticipation.We have learned that we are not bereft of leadership, we 3 / HERALD
  4. 4. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK SUMMER 2011 Proud of the gift baskets they made for Nellies Womens Shelter, this year’s Lenten Acts of Kindness Project.PromiseLand Summer Fun!IT’S HARD TO BELIEVE it’s already June, and summer isjust a hop, skip and a jump away! We’ve been busy inPromiseLand over the past few months, and I think we’reall looking forward to a relaxing and fun summer!This May, we launched our World Religions Series bylearning about Judaism, Buddhism and Islam. We had aPassover Seder – we sang music, told the Exodus story andperhaps most importantly, tasted some of the traditionalfood. Then, we talked about appreciation and tried to bepresent in each moment by doing different Buddhist medi-tations. We learned about the Muslim Prophet Mohammedand practiced writing greetings in Arabic Script. It was agreat couple of weeks and helped us appreciate the diversityof our city and world!This summer, all kids are invited to learn and play togetherevery Sunday in the Chapel of St. Nicholas. We will havebooks, crafts, games and DVDs to keep kids engaged andlearning during the summer months. Every week from June19th to August 28th, a PromiseLand parent will downstairsready to welcome the kids of CCDP as well as all visitingkids! Hope to see you there!But before we head off to camp, cottages, or just hangingaround the city, we are having one LAST PARTY! Join uson Sunday, June 19th for our ANNUAL SUMMER BBQon the lawn. We’ll have tons of delicious food, and it’s a PromiseLand participated in the Easter Sunrise Service,great opportunity to catch up with friends and maybe makesome new ones, before the summer. I hope everyone canmake it.I wish everyone a safe, relaxing and laughter-filled summer!HilaryDirector of Children’s Education 4 / HERALD
  5. 5. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK SUMMER 2011 An exciting new ministry added to FaithWorks this year is the Street to Trail Association (Toronto). It helps street people rediscover their own inner sense of worth using nature’s healing power by taking them on wilderness hikes, canoe trips, and other outdoor excursions out of the city. Stories of recovered hope and inner peace, addictions overcome, new Catch the Spirit! meaningful relationships, and even jobs are emerging!THE FAITHWORKS 2011 CAMPAIGN is in full swing. This CCDP has been a leader in FaithWorks in the past. Thediocesan appeal supports 14 community ministries. It also campaign donation envelopes are at the back of the churchhelps fund three partner agencies: the Anglican Appeal (for on the table. When you donate, be sure to give throughclergy and lay leader theological education in the North, CCDP - 15% of donations can be retained by CCDP foras well as church partners in the Anglican Communion); our own outreach work (as the donation card explains).LOFT Community Services (for housing, community Let’s make this another banner year!support, and street outreach to needy and troubled people); Phyllis Creightonand the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (for CCDP FaithWorks coordinatorsustainable development, emergency relief, refugees, and phyllis.creighton@bell.netglobal justice). With overhead of just 12 cents on the dollar,FaithWorks over the past 15 years has distributed more than$18 million to people in need. This year’s goal is $1,550,000- to top the record $1.5 million raised in 2010. So thecampaign seeks a 5% increase in donations from every ACW News Lynn Lovekin and Nancy Pickering were our delegatesparish in the diocese. at the ACW Annual General Meeting in May. The themeWhy should it matter to us in CCDP? Archbishop Colin was “The Tapestry of Life” and they particulary enjoyedJohnson sees donating to it as a tangible way that we, as the Keynote Speaker, Marian Timmermans, ExecutiveAnglicans in the Diocese of Toronto, live out our Baptismal Director of Extendicare, Cobourg. New ACW pins arecall. Faithworks says its ministries change hopelessness into now available ($5.00).hope, loneliness and isolation into community, despair into This year’s Spring Luncheon was a great success...86 peopledignity. On the broader canvas of the diocese, it does what attended with a good number of men joining in...weCCDP and the Churches on the Hill show in the neigh- hope this sets a trend. The lunch was, as usual, deliciousbourhood that they care about. and everyone thoroughly enjoyed Walter Blackwell’s tales,There’s a wide range of FaithWorks ministries. All Saints with photos, of his trip to Nepal.Church Community Centre serves marginalized people The St. Andrew’s Group Tuesday gatherings will continuedowntown, Flemingdon Park Ministry has a storefront over the summer months...drop in with your knitting,mission for a multicultural community, and the Philip Aziz craft or just for conversation...bring your lunch...or justCentre on Moore Avenue offers home hospice service and drop in to eat your lunch. Afternoon Bridge will alsochaplaincy care for people with HIV/AIDS. In North continue if players turn up. Remember...we’re promisedDurham region, North House provides transitional housing a hot, steamy summer, so keep in mind that the churchand support for homeless women and children. In Orillia, is air conditioned!Couchiching Jubilee House offers transitional housing andsupport for homeless women and children. Barrie has the CCDP will be hosting an Eglinton Deanery meeting onDavid Busby Street Centre and in Mississauga The Dam Tuesday, October 18th at 6:30pm. Coffe, tea and cookieshelps youth and young moms (13 to 24). Toronto Urban will be served.Native Ministry works with aboriginals who live on the The always popular Bridge Luncheon is set for Tuesday,street. Anglican United Refugee Alliance provides support October to churches helping refugees. 5 / HERALD
  6. 6. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK SUMMER 2011 Parish Forum Special VestryIsn’t it a 20 dollar bill seems like such a large amount when Motion:you donate it to church, but such a small amount when you CORPORATION BE AUTHORIZED to borrow up to $110,000go shopping? from the 1870 Fund to draw down Christ Church Deer Park’s bank line. Any surplus in the Operating Fund atA COMMITTED GROUP of approximately 75 people attended the end of the year shall first be used to pay down thethe Forum on Stewardship on Sunday, June 12th. outstanding bank line and the rest shall be returned, withRob Morrow, Finance Warden, gave a summary of the interest, to the 1870 situation at CCDP; while spending has been Moved by David Thornton and seconded by Rob Morrow.under control there is little room for any further reductions.On the other hand, some basic costs continue to rise while A short discussion followed in which it was pointed outour revenues have been in a decline for several years. that interest charged on our bank line has recently risen to 7 1/2% while interest earned on the 1870 Fund is 2%. ItSusan Graham Walker, from the Church of the Redeemer, is also a fact of life that givings drop noticably over thegave us a history of their very successful efforts to encourage summer months when many parishioners are away and theand increase the financial contributions from each of their present budget shortfall will only worsen.members. These included reviewing the previous year’sgivings, setting a theme for the coming year, discussion The motion passed Vestry followed by a letter and pledge card, a mid-yearreview (June), a mailed or personal reminder (Sept.), ayear-end push and a personal “thank-you” note to everydonor.Innes van Nostrand, Chair of the Stewardship Committee,then presented some general principles for successfulfundraising and some particulars on a proposed upcomingstewardship campaign at CCDP. He disclosed that 6 of the8 people he has approached to serve on the committee haveaccepted.Following these presentations smaller groups discussed thevarious questions posed on stewardship and reported backto the general forum. Based on their comments, three main Books, Books, Booksobservations were made at the conclusion of the meeting: THE BOOK SALE WAS A SUCCESS (inspite of a cool and1. There was unanimous acceptance of the need for rainy day) and many thanks to all who helped on thea financial stewardship campaign. Friday and Saturday. Spoecial thanks go to Ben Dibben,2. There was recognition that part of the current Rita Becker, Judith Maxwell, Anne Kear and Deidreproblem was that people had not been personally Malone, whose help during the year was essential.approached about their annual contributions in a long Future book sales are under discussion; sales are decliningtime. slightly each year and, to continue, we need more help3. There was optimism that, when our congregation and more storage space. In the meantime we will not beare asked with understanding and sensitivity, a significant accepting books, tapes or CD’s until a decision has beenincrease in annual givings can be anticipated. made.Thank you to all who participated. Maggie Symons 6 / HERALD
  7. 7. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK SUMMER 2011 Rummage...Past and Future Fall A last word of thanks from Rita... Rummage ONCE AGAIN ANOTHER successful Rummage Sale, held on April final sale as co-ordinator. SALE Many thanks to all who have participated so loyally over the last several years. Jean King and Denis Delisle...thank you for your valued support. Saturday, October 1 A special thanks to Judith Maxwell and Betty Dickerson, who worked on rummage year-round and also to those who It’s earlier than usual this year, helped on an “as needed” basis. so mark your calendars now! I have enjoyed this most challenging experience which We are now accepting good, fall clothing proved to be a most helpful diversion from personal issues. (men, women and children’s), For this I am very gratedul. jewellery, treasures etc. Thank you all! See you around! now and through the summer. Rita Becker Drop in the box in the Atrium. Looking Forward with MJ... AS MANY OF YOU KNOW, I, have accepted the challenge to run our Rummage Sales for the next two years. I am very fortunate in that Judith Maxwell and Rita Becker have agreed to stay on with me. Judith is very knowledgeable about Christmas our Treasures, Art and White Elephants. Rita Becker’s expertise is in Ladies Wear and she has agreed to oversee our Fair “Boutique” and all the Ladies’ clothes. Pat Anderson continues to do a great job with our Jewellery department as does Betty Van Wyck with our linens. There are two additional people I must not neglect to We welcome your donations of jams, jellies thank...Jean King and Denis Delisle are always of great help and home preserves, sewn and knitted articles, to us. So to both of you, thank you. craft items, jewellery, treasures and collectables, However our back-bones are you, the Volunteers...we simply tins and fine linens. can’t do it without you! Do keep knitting over the summer... To run the “Sale” itself we need sixty five (65) Volunteers cotton dish cloths, sweaters (sizes 3 and up), (that includes the three of us) plus an additional eight (8) scarves, booties and tea cozies for clean up. One drawback is that most of our volunteers remain popular items. are getting on in years. So please know that we appreciate We also welcome your suggestions and your help and thank you all for the time and energy you have given us Please contact: over the past years, and hopefully I can count on you for Lynn Lovekin at 416-960-2193 coming years as well. or Clearly, it is time for some of our younger parishioners and Lorna Lang at 416-932-2599 friends to start stepping in to help. Yes, we work hard, but we also have a lot of fun and gain a great deal of satisfaction in knowing that out efforts are appreciated at multi levels. MJ Rosenthall 7 / HERALD
  8. 8. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK SUMMER 2011 held in that fund, we were happy to be able to send $5000 Outreach in June. We need to work on raising an additional $9,000 in order to sustain the project for the next while. Any ideas, or offers, would be welcome. If interested in donating money or time to the Malawi Committee, please speak to Samantha Caravan or J.R.Thornton. While here, Bishop Fanuel extended an invitation to visitWE ARE VERY MUCH MISSING the inspiration and leadership opportunity to see, befriend, learn and work inof Brian Buckingham, who died this past January. His situ.widow, Yvonne, has requested that memorial gifts given inhis name be designated for CCDP Outreach and used in his We are presently working on setting up an Airmiles Poolingmemory. About $5,000.00 has been donated to date, for Bank (for Aeroplan miles) to cover the traveling costs ofwhich we are very grateful.. sending a group of our Youth (chaperoned) to Malawi. There will be more news about this soon.The Outreach Committee met May 3rd and June 7th, todiscuss and plan for the future. School Lunch ProgramOur budget from Corporation is $5,000.00. In these times We investigated the possibility of setting up a lunchof financial restraint our plan is to live within it through program for hungry children in a downtown school. Wecareful management. In doing so, we have to consider discovered that this would be a complicated and expensiveseveral ongoing committments: undertaking for us at this time, so have decided to place the idea aside for future consideration.COTH Foodbank We are also looking into partnering with the Blessing of theOur monetary responsibility to the COTH Foodbank Backpack organization, that aids students with educationalis $2,500 each year. We also provide volunteers and food materials.collected through your generous donations. We continueto welcome your gifts of food and money to help with this Drew Buckingham, Brian’s son, is a teacher in themuch needed project. Jane/Finch area. We have learned that, from his own pocket, he regularly purchases bread, cheese, peanut butter etc. toSaturday Morning Breakfast provide food for the many children who arrive at schoolThis program has proven very successful, thanks to without having had breakfast. Hungry children cannotRoss Morrow, Anne Larkin and a wonderful group of learn. We agreed to send a small amount from Brian’svolunteers. It is also much appreciated by our clients. Memorial Fund to assist him in this good work. We willOutreach funds this program from our budget (about revisit helping further with this project in September.$2,300 a year). Cooking ClassThese do not leave much room, for other direct donations. Tailored for those among us who find themselves on theirWe are grateful to the ACW, who sent representatives to own, recently widowed or have become the caregiver in theour meeting and shared their Outreach budget endeavors family and find themselves at a loss in the kitchen...we’llwith us. They are very generous supporters of many causes help de-mystify the art of shopping for and preparing basic,and we feel, between us, that we are able to fund our In- healthy, comfort foods...and we guarantee that you’ll haveHouse projects within our means. We are thankful to a fun too. Courses will run 6 weeks, Thursdays, 3:30 - 5:30,number of generous persons who have made donations to beginning in late September, in the lower. kitchen. Ifthese projects and others, such as the Malawi Fund. interested, leave a message with Jean King in the office:Malawi 416-920-5211 ext 22The Rt. Rev. Fanuel Magangani, the new Bishop of Our ability to continue these valuable programsNorthern Malawi (who visited us recently), is doing a great depends, as always, upon the availability of sufficientjob and our lines of communication have been reopened. financial and volunteer support. We need more of both -In 2007-8 we were able to send just under $10,000 to more money and more volunteers! If you can help withsupport the Dietary Improvement Plan, and the Prenatal either, we would be delighted to hear from you. ContactClinic on Likoma Island. From the balance of about $6,000 J.R.Thornton at 416-489-6740 or 8 / HERALD
  9. 9. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK SUMMER 2011 From the Organ Bench THE WARM WEATHER is finally here! While many will be heading to the cottage over for the summer, there JOIN US every second Sunday at 4:30 pm for this popular are still a lot of people – parishioners, service of music, a reflective reading, prayers for our city visitors, people who are looking for and the world and great music...featuring some of Toronto’s a new church home - who will attend finest jazz musicians! services at Christ Church Deer Park July 3 Brian Barlow Big Band on Sunday mornings. ‘The Sacred Music of Duke Ellington’ As in previous years, our Sunday with guest vocalist Heather Bambrickservices feature the Christ Church Summer Singers. The (Part of the TD Toronto Jazz Festival)Summer Singers meet in the chancel at 9:15am every Jazz Vespers will resume in the Fall on Sunday, September 11th.Sunday throughout the summer to rehearse music for the10am service that follows. Our summer repertoire is accessible,attendance requirements are flexible, and the choir is filledwith enthusiastic people who go out of their way to makenewcomers feel welcome. If you think you’d like to sing in achoir, the Summer Singers just might be the choir for you –who knows, you may enjoy yourself so much that you’llwant to sing with us all year round!If you read music and would like to learn more about ourchoir here at Christ Church, I’d love to hear from you! Dropby the organ console after church and say hello or get intouch with me through the contact page of the ChristChurch Deer Park website at THE FINAL FREE CONCERT of this season will be onHave a great summer! Thursday, June 23 at 12:10 pm. Bring your lunch, relaxEric N. Robertson, Organist & Director of Music and enjoy. Concerts will resume, weekly, in September, after labour Day. Presented by Nine Sparrows Arts foundation and Christ Church Deer Park Remember to check our website for updates on these and other events. 9 / HERALD
  10. 10. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK SUMMER 2011 Anglican Church Workers YOUTHLINK Dinner ON MAY 12TH at 6:00pm, a few members of our ACW descended on the Vanauley Street offices of the Inner City Youth Program, bringing with them a feast of homemade goodies. It was “Drop in Night” and about 30 street youth, boys and girls, attended. They were so polite...and SO hungry...gobbling up all the cassaroles, lasagnas (meat and vegetarian), salads, cookies and fruit, (all made and provided by members of the ACW) In the mid-eighties, Christ Church Deer Park and a Peonies Jane Gillespie parishioner (who wished to remain anonymous) joined forces to hire a street worker for a year ($15,000), whose project was to do research on street prostitution (a concernThe Gallery for both girls and boys). It was a wonderful contribution to the program that ultimately became Youthlink and it“THE GALLERY” HAS BEEN drawing increasing attention and seems fitting that we have helped them again.traffic from the community. The solo exhibitions this yearhave been well received and we’re attracting some very A huge “thank you” to everyone who contributed. It wasinteresting community artists who want to show their work very much The guest book in the Gallery is just about full - we’ll Jane Reeveshave to get another one soon!In response to the numerous artists’ queries, we have setup a selection jury of three of our congregation members:Nora Dobell, Joyce Hamilton and Bob Reeves. They havean interesting job ahead for them. It promises to be anexciting line-up of artists and a full schedule.For the Summer, we have scheduled two group art showsof five artists each. The theme for the first show (June 19th- July 31st) is: “Does art have a transformative power?” Fiveartists are inviting viewers to see their work and ponder.From our congregation, Jane Gillespie will be displaying4 Chinese brush paintings, and Vivien Jenkinson will be Director and Staff of Innershowing 3 watercolors. The 3 community artists are: Joana City Youth ProramMarcinenas (Pointillism), Mary Wagler and Ileen Kohn -exhibiting oils and acrylics.The second group art show will hang from Aug. 7th toSept.11th and will also show 5 artists. The selection juryis in the process of finalizing the line-up of artists for yetanother interesting exhibition.The schedule for the rest of the calendar year is just aboutcomplete and the selection jury will soon be starting to fillthe slots for early 2012. The CCDP crewPlease feel free to tell your friends and associates about ourArt and Spirituality program and the exhibitions. 10 / HERALD
  11. 11. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK SUMMER 2011 PARISH REGISTER Baptism Maeve Louise Platt Jane Elizabeth Reliana Devine Homan Hunter Dehghan Kellan Rourke Howard Charlotte Yun-Yee Lau Claire Charlotte Tutching Confirmation William James Gordon Cowan Catherine Elizabeth Fanjoy Gavin Iain James Hamilton Keachie Bronwen Willa Lathrop Confirmation took place on Saturday, April 23rd, presided Cecilia Rose Vogan-Lowe over by Aechbishop Terence Finlay and the Rev. Samantha Tor Elvind Calhoun Tjensvoll Kitching Caravan. This photo of the happy group (a copy of which Tessa Juliet Oxtoby is presented to each Confirmant in a commemorative Gwyneth Bryden Richardson folder) was taken by Kate Curzon. Quinn Thomas Callon Robinson Jordan Ashley Grace Wilkinson Re-Affirmation Ross Bryden Richardson HERALD Deadline for the next HERALD is August 31 Marriage DO YOU HAVE AN IDEA for an article? Perhaps a feature Nicolle Elfriedg Nordmann and Ian Christian Moore on an unsung hero in the parish? A special memory? In Memoriam An historical fact? Please speak to one of the clergy or to the Editor. Kenneth Ian Malcolm Frederick William Gray Articles and announcements may be submitted at any Judith Robinson Sheard time up to the deadline. Just leave in the box in the Mary Margaret Eleanor Haig Atrium or e-mail the editor at John Douglas Rawes Wright Irene Anthes Locke Askew Mary Alice Stuart Feel like being more involved? Don’t have much time, but David Howard Woodhouse Henry want to help out? Feeling new, but want to join in? Been here Graham Edward Bruce Donald a while, but haven’t been involved? Have ideas to share? Join us! THERE’S LIFE HERE in what we do, how we get together and what gets done. New members are always welcome to join any group at CCDP...choose one that interests you. 11 / HERALD
  12. 12. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK SUMMER 2011Have you consideredadvertising in theHERALD?HERALD is published 6 times per year; Sept/Oct;Nov/Dec: Jan/Feb: April/May; :June/July. Ad rates arevery reasonable...we can even design your ad if required.And... since the HERALD is posted in full to our your advertisements will also getexposure on the internet.HERALD Advertising RatesSize $Per Issue $Per YearBusiness Card 25 1001/3 page 35 1251/4 page 50 2001/2 page 125 500Full page 225 900Contact: Elisabeth Lunder, Advertising Robert O’Reilly ExecutiveDirector 7BPleasantBlvd.,Box1053 Toronto,OntarioM4T1K2 Tel:416923-3779 Fax:416923-0083 1-800-883-7761 Family owned and operated Withadedicatedteamofthefinestdirectorsintheprofession,theCrawford familycontinuesthetraditionofservingthecommunityofNorthToronto. • Burial Cremation • Ample parking available • No obligation Pre-Planning • Chapel, Reception children’s Services recreation rooms. 159 Eglinton Ave. W. Toronto ON M4R 1A8 416-489-8733 Wishing everyone a peaceful, happy, safe summer. 12 / HERALD