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Herald Vol39 No1 Jan Feb 2013

  2. 2. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2013 Kevin’s HERALD Corner HERALD is published six times a year (Sept, Oct/Nov, Dec/Jan, Feb/Mar, Apr/May, June/July) by Christ Church Deer Park 1570 Yonge Street Toronto ON M4T 1Z8 Tel: 416.920.5211 Fax: 416.920.8400 www.thereslifehere.org We welcome your submissions. Dear friends, E-mail: “Remember you are dust, and to dust you shall return.” jking@thereslifehere.org or the editor (e-mail below). WITH THESE WORDS, ashes are smudged on our foreheads and we begin the forty PARISH CLERGY day journey into the season of Lent. These forty days are meant to recall Jesus’ own Rector time of testing in the wilderness, where he survived on minimal food, water and The Rev. Kevin Robertson shelter, all the while confronting temptations to escape his plight with offers of Associate Priest The Rev. Canon Douglas Graydon comfort, universal recognition, and power. Assistant Curate Metaphorically, the season of Lent places us in the wilderness with Jesus, where we The Rev. Julie Meakin intentionally choose to “do without” – a discipline that helps to remind us of our Honorary Assistants The Rev. Dr. Peter Slater utter reliance on God. Because of its austerity, Lent is sometimes seen as a bit of The Rev. Dr. Karen Hamilton, a downer, while the rest of the world is out buying tulips and chocolate bunnies. Ecumenical Partner But it need not be so. Lent is not about miserable self-loathing. Instead it is an Organist & Director of Music opportunity to strip away the excess baggage which separates us from authentic Eric Robertson living in Christ. In a world so full of noise and clutter, Lent calls us to tune out the Director of Children’s Education things that keep us from a deep contemplation of who we really are, and who God Natalie Kemp is calling us to be. For each of us, the most alluring distractions are different. So CORPORATION Rector’s Warden (Property) Lent is, in many ways, a very personal journey – our own opportunity to meet God Walter Blackwell in the wilderness. People’s Warden (Finance) Robert Morrow As we approach Ash Wednesday once again, I encourage you to embrace Lent in a Deputy Warden (Human Resources) way that works for you. Give something up or take something on that will help to Carolyn Kearns reorient you, so that God might “create in you a clean heart, and renew a right Member-at-Large (Parish Forum) Genevieve Chornenki spirit within you” (Psalm 51:11). Then, when Easter comes in all of its joyful glory, the newness of life given in the resurrection will be felt more deeply within each of EDITORIAL COMMITTEE us. Editor Joyce Hamilton (joyceian@sympatico.ca) Rather than wishing you a happy Lent, I wish you a holy Lent. May it be a time of Members self-awareness, growth and renewal as we seek to live more fully into our identity as Henry Zaluski, Photos: Deirdre Malone, Henry Zaluski, the beloved children of God. Peter Curzon, Kate Rieger Webmaster Brian Dench PARISH STAFF The Reverend Kevin Robertson, Rector Parish Administrator & Rector’s Assistant Jean King Bookkeeper Elisabeth Lunder Sexton Denis Delisle 2 / HERALD
  3. 3. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2013 e.g. “This is the day the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be A Minute with glad in it” or“Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.” Use any phrase that speaks to you. Deacon Meakin Recall this phrase as you go about your daily activities; waiting in traffic, grocery line ups, etc. It will help to centre you. Daily Review: At the end of the day: 1. Ask God “For what moment today am I most grateful?”WE WILL SOON BE MOVING from the Season of Epiphanyto that of Lent. In the early church, Lent began as a period 2. Ask God “For what moment today am I least grateful?”of preparation for adults who would be baptized at the What made it so difficult?Easter Vigil. It was an intensive 40 days (imitating Christ’s You can listen to a guided version of this online at40 days in the desert) of instruction, purification, and www.pray-as-you-go.org Click on Review of the Day.preparation for their new life in Christ. It was a time ofentering more consciously into the mystery of Christ’s In Difficult Times/Situations:Passover. Place stones or glass beads which symbolize a hard/difficultIn the words of the twentieth-century Anglican writer problem near a cross. Give this problem to God.Evelyn Underhill, Lent is, “a pause, a retreat from life’s Anglican Rosarybusy surface to its solemn depths.” The traditional Lenten Did you know there is an Anglican Rosary? Some peopledisciplines are prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. find that touching the knots and repeating a word orWe are probably used to “giving something up” for Lent – phrase helps them focus their attention. I have some in mywe can fast from chocolate or caffeine. You may have heard office if you want to come and check it out!of a “carbon fast” such as driving less to save energy. We http://www.saintgabriels.org/rosary.htmlmight fast from the 6 o’clock news or from e-mail for a At the end of this Lenten season –when we have journeyedday. When we fast from something, we are making room with Christ through his Passion – may we be transformedfor God to renew and transform us. by his grace and love in a new and life-giving way.When my husband and I clean our apartment, vacuuming, Wishing you a blessed Lent,dusting, organizing, getting rid of things, we often say toourselves: “the “chi” or energy feels much better now.”The place feels lighter, there is space for energy to movearound. We feel more energetic. Similarly in Lent we aredoing the same for our inner lives – we are getting rid of The Reverend Julie Meakin,things and cleaning off the dust that blocks the energy of Assistant Curatedivine love that is in our hearts. These may be negativeattitudes or tendencies that have just become habit.When we engage in these Lenten practices we make space Annual Meeting of Vestryfor God to work within us in new and life-changing ways. Sunday, February 24We are more able to receive the gift of God’s self to us and 11:30amlive out of it. Elliott HallHere are some practical suggestions for entering into a The annual meeting of Vestry takes place to:Holy Lent this year. Review the year 2012 - Approve the Budget for 2013Alphabet Prayers: Good for Families! Appoint Chairs of MinistriesThe first person prays for something/someone beginning Appoint and elect Churchwardenswith the letter ‘A.’ Continue following the alphabet until Bring new business to the congregationeveryone has had a chance. This can be used for prayers of Sandwiches and refreshments will be servedthanks, prayers for others etc. Donations will be accepted to cover costsPhrase of the Day: A program for children and childcare will be availableChoose a short phrase and use as your “phrase of the day” 3 / HERALD
  4. 4. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2013 Director for The Canadian International Student Services, St. Michael’s College, UofT. I am currently taking an Additional Qualification course in Special Education through OISE at UofT and am volunteering in a Kindergarten class at Rolph Road Public School. I am very excited to begin this position and to continue to work with children and youth within the Toronto community. I believe that faith education should be fun and engaging for all participants. I plan on integrating scripture readingsA “Fare thee well”... into a myriad of activities that are both active and creative.In December 27th CCDP bade a sad farewell to Hilary I want PromiseLand to be a place the children of theKeachie, Director of Children’s Education for Christ congregation are excited to attend each week. PromiseLandChurch Deer Park since August, 2010. will provide a positive, inclusive community where children can learn and be creative.Hilary, in her time directing PromiseLand and overseeingthe activities and development of the members of Young I am also enthusiastic about beginningAnglican Leaders (YAL), has made an indelible impression YAL (Young Anglican Leaders) Lunchon the younger members, youth and families of Christ and Learn sessions along with SocialChurch. Action Nights. Once a month we will have a one hour Lunch and Learn followingWhether through her creative plans for integrating learning Sunday’s service. The first Lunch andlessons with crafts projects, to engage PromiseLand partici- Learn will be held on Sunday, January 20,pants of all ages, or her supportive and enthusiastic staging 2013. Lunch and Learn afternoons areof annual pageants and other presentations, Hilary has left designed to talk about particular charactersa wonderful legacy of caring and involvement during her in the bible and see how we can relate to them in 2013.time at CCDP. I believe it is important to make connections between theHer inclusive manner, patience, warmth and excellent bible and other literary works, one’s self and the world.ideas for involving the children of CCDP in our church’s One Friday a month we will have a Social Action Nightoutreach initiatives, will all be truly missed as she moves which will provide an opportunity for YAL members toon to new opportunities and adventures in Germany. explore different social justice issues around our local com- munity as well as the global community. We will becomeLuckily for us, however, she’s brought her contacts to bear aware of a variety of issues and will work together to createfor the benefit of Christ Church’s families who are involved a plan of how we can assist a particular cause.in PromiseLand. Prior to moving on from CCDP, sheintroduced Natalie Kemp into our midst, to become the I will post a schedule of the monthly YAL meetings on thenew Director of Children’s Education…another wonderful bulletin board outside the Chapel of St. Nicholas, as welllegacy of Hilary and her many contributions to Christ as emailing parents and YAL members on a regular basis.Church. She will be hugely missed, and remembered I am very excited to begin my journey at Christ Churchgratefully. Deer Park and have been so grateful for all of the warm welcomes I have received. If you have any questions I can...and a Welcome be reached at nkemp@christchurshdeerpark.org or in person on Sundays.I WOULD LIKE TO TAKE the opportunity to introduce myselfto Christ Church Deer Park. My name is Natalie Kemp Sincerely,and I am an Ontario Certified elementary School Teacher. Natalie KempI have worked at Harbourfront Centre Camps for seven Director of Children and Youth Ministryyears and as Director of several day camps for four consec-utive years. Last summer I worked as the Programing 4 / HERALD
  5. 5. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2013 Epiphany Pageant Henri Nouwen (1932-1996) was a Dutch-born spiritual I want to thank all of the PromiseLand children and YAL thinker and writer with a background in psychology. members who participated in the Epiphany Pageant, and He believed in, and lived the ideal, that Christians are a special thank you to Hilary for her assitance. The service healers who must use their individual gifts in the service of on Sunday, January 6th, was a true success. I think these others. At the end of his life, Nouwen made his home at pictures help to capture and remind us of this special story. L’Arche Daybreak, a community in Richmond Hill where people with developmental disabilities live with assistants. Nouwen wrote Reaching Out in response to the question: “What does it mean to live a life in the Spirit of Jesus Christ?” Presenting the gifts He said that he was moved to write it “because it is my growing conviction that my life belongs to others just as much as it belongs to myself and that what is experienced as most unique often proves to be most solidly embedded in the common condition of being human.” This insight is relevant to Christ Church Deer Park, especially in light of our In The Works working groups on hospitality, healing ministries The Magi meet and spiritual practices. King Herod Specifically, this Lenten practice will involve Sunday, February 10, 2012 11:30 a.m. - noon: Pre-Lent Preparation A short in-person orientation to Henri Nouwen, his book The Holy Family Reaching Out plus some basic how-to’s for new bloggers. with Books available for inspection and purchase. the three Magi Monday – Saturday A time and location of your choice: Daily Lenten Practice Individual reading and reflection based on daily segments of Reaching Out with related questions or prompts. Conversing with others by typing your thoughts, insights, questions into the blog and responding to others.Join us in a Personal Sunday, April 7, 2013Lenten Journey: 11:30 a.m. - noon: Post-Lent DebriefHenri Nouwen’s Reaching Out A short in-person meeting to acknowledge the end of our practice and discuss how we grew and learned as a result.THIS YEAR LENT BEGINS on Ash Wednesday (February13th) and continues for 46 days, ending on Holy Please join the discussion and reflect on Nouwen’s threeSaturday (March 30th). The six intervening Sundays movements:do not count, as they are considered to be “mini-Easters” (i) Reaching Out To Our Innermost Self;and thus constitute pause days. (ii) Reaching Out to Our Fellow Human Beings; (iii) Reaching Out to Our God.This Lent, parishioners are invited to engage in forty-sixdays of personal reflection and electronic “conversations” Blog Facilitators: Genevieve Chornenki and Barbarabased on Reaching Out: The Three Movements of the Pepperdene.Spiritual Life by Henri Nouwen. 5 / HERALD
  6. 6. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2013 weekly materials will be made available to participants Doug’s through the parish website. Details as to the location of the discussion will be noted in the Sunday leaflets. Discourse The timing of this discussion group is a bit of an innovation for CCDP. Those who attend the 8:00am service are invited to linger to explore the scriptural readings of the day, while “ten o’clocker’s” will be encouraged to come early for the same opportunity. As is the custom of Lent, some will be invited to “give up” their time on a Sunday morning whileLENTEN LECTIONARY DISCUSSION GROUP: An Invitation others will be challenged to “take on” the Lenten disciplineIn collaboration with parish clergy and the Lay Ministry of arriving at church a little earlier on Sunday mornings.Committee; CCDP wishes to build upon the success of At its simplest, Lent is a season where we examine oncethe Advent Discussion Group by sponsoring a similar again our understanding of who God is and how Godgroup for the season of Lent. However, it arrives with an makes manifest God’s divine grace through Jesus Christ.appropriate Lenten twist. Exploring the meanings of scripture is a powerful way ofParticipants in the Advent Discussion Group reported that doing exactly that. I hope you will consider, if only for 45they valued the opportunity to either explore the lectionary minutes on a Sunday morning, exploring with the clergyreadings for each Sunday of Advent, or to reflect upon the and others at CCDP our Lenten journey towards Eastersermon of the day. The discussion groups were well attended as captured within our lectionary readings.and generally fell into a 45 minute format which followedshortly after the 10:00am service.When the Lay Ministry Committee met to explore Lentenadult educational opportunities, we found the Sunday“after church” schedule already committed to the important The Reverend Canon Douglas Graydon,business of reviewing parish finances and then the 2013 Assistant PriestVestry meeting. The challenge became not how might wecontinue to build upon the success of the Advent program,but when. Shrove Tuesday Pancake SupperLent is that Christian season where we turn our hearts and Tuesday, February 12minds towards the spiritual preparation of journeying with 5:30 - 7:00 pmChrist towards Easter. Traditionally, Lent is a time when Elliott HallChristians give up some aspect of personal behaviour as $5. for Adults,an outward sign of preparation for Easter. Such a Lenten Children enjoy for Freepractice is made manifest through the action, or witness,of giving up alcohol, dessert, movies, or whatever might Yummy pancakes, syrup, sausages and other goodbe considered pleasurable. things. Don’t mss it!An equally valid Lenten observance is the opposite of Followed by Family Ash Wednesday Service - 7:00 pmthe above. The “taking on” of an additional practice or Ash Wednesday Servicesobservance, which helps one to focus upon the worshiping 7:00 am, 12 noon and 7:00 pmlife of the parish or the themes of the Lenten season. The Chapel will be open all day on Wednesday.This Lenten season, CCDP will sponsor a Sunday discussion for prayer and reflection.group which will explore the Lectionary readings of each Sunday Services in Lent:Sunday’s worship. The discussion group will be scheduled Feb. 17. 24, March 3, 10, 17, 24between the 8:00 and 10:00am services beginning shortly 8:00 am Holy Eucharistafter 9:00am and ending by 9:45am. Such a time slot is 10:00 am Holy Eucharist with choirdesigned to invite worshippers from both the 8:00 and (church school & childcare provided)10:00 congregations. The discussion groups will befacilitated by both the clergy and laity of the parish and 6 / HERALD
  7. 7. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2013Help us make Palm Crosses Friday March 22 9.30am in the Arthur Smith Room Please join us. There will be people there to and remind us how to make the crosses, Christ Church Deer Park and also to demonstrate the present the technique for those new to the task. Bring a pair of scissors with you. Good Friday Concert Music for a Most Holy Day Featuring readings and music based onHoly Week and Easter Services “Seven last words of Christ on the Cross”Palm Sunday, March 24 Special Guest:8/10am Holy Eucharist with Palm Procession Arkadas String Quartet Emily Kruspe, violin; Jamie Kruspe, violinMaundy Thursday, March 28 Jessie Morrison, viola; Brandon Wilkie, cello7pm Sung Eucharist, the Washing of Feet and Featuring: followed by a Stripping of the Altar8pm Gethsemane Watch in the Chapel Soloists and Choir of Christ Church Deer ParkGood Friday, March 29 Eric Robertson9:15am Stations of the Cross Music Director for Children & Families11am Sung Solemn Liturgy March 29- 4:00pm12:50pm Churches on-the-Hill Good Friday Walk Admission Free4pm Good Friday Concert All are WelcomeHoly Saturday, March 307:30pm The Great Vigil of Easter Holy Eucharist followed by the planting of the Easter Garden and a Resurrection Party Easter Memorial Flowers IF YOU WOULD LIKE to contribute to the cost of decorating the church for Easter, please use the small brown envelopes in the pews, If you would like to make your donation in memory of a loved one, print the name of the person(s) to be remembered on the envelope. Place the envelope in the offering plate. Memorials will be included in theEaster Day, March 31 Easter bulletin.8/10am Holy Eucharist Donations may also be arranged through the office. 7 / HERALD
  8. 8. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2013 The point is, all that made the water or the wood does not cease to exist. It simply continues in a different form. The essence of the original cannot be destroyed. You cannot destroy matter. That is a universal law that applies to all things. Every particle of the universe exists today as it has existed from the beginning of time. I believe that includes the essence of each of us. I accept that it is a simple rule of the universe that all that exists has existed forever, and willSHROVE TUESDAY OCCURS THE TUESDAY before Ash exist forever. We may not understand the infinite permutations,Wednesday. It officially ends the season of Epiphany but we simply cannot deny the infinite.and is the vigil for the starting of Lent. As far as the universe being some sort of cataclysmicTraditionally viewed as a day of repentance, Shrove accident, I’ll refer to Albert Einstein. He spent a great dealTuesday has become the last day for celebration and feasting of his life as a proclaimed atheist. Somewhere along thebefore the period of fasting required during the Lenten way, he started having some doubts about the universeseason. The name “Shrove Tuesday” is derived from the being some sort of random accident. I submit that Einsteinword “shrive”, which means to confess and receive absolution. had a better understanding of the universe than most of us.The name denotes a period of cleansing, wherein a person Below is an excerpt from an article on his thoughts.brings their lusts and appetites under subjection through “In developing the theory of relativity, Einstein realized thatabstention and self-sacrifice. the equations led to the conclusion that the universe hadThe concept behind this practice is found in a beginning. He didn’t like the idea of a beginning, because1 Corinthians 9:27, where the Apostle Paul states: “I buffet he thought one would have to conclude that the universemy body and make it my slave...” Ironically, Shrove was created by God. So, he added a cosmological constantTuesday has evolved into a day of frivolity and indulgence, to the equation to attempt to get rid of the beginning.during which people participate in as much pleasure and He said this was one of the worst mistakes of his life. Ofself-gratification as they can before Lent begins. course, the results of Edwin Hubble confirmed that the universe was expanding and had a beginning at some pointAt Christ Church Deer Park, our delicious feast begins at in the past. So, Einstein became a deist - a believer in an5:30 and runs until 7pm. Families in the Community eat impersonal creator God:”together on long tables, sharing with Newcomers, Singles,and Seniors. It is a happy occasion, where everyone is Tim Newinvited into the Arthur Smith room for an Imposition ofthe Ashes ceremony, intended for those who won’t makeour Ash Wednesday services. Please plan to join us. Tim New is the son of a friend of your editor. Tim happened to be at home during one of our visits. Our friend had been concerned about the direction his life had been taking. Over theOn Easter course of the evening, Tim and Ian carried on a conversation at the kitchen table. None of the rest of us were party to what theyA REFLECTION discussed, but to this day, Tim credits Ian, and this conversationON EASTER, I thought I would write down some of my with his new direction and perspective...who knew? (and histhoughts on religion. I apologize in advance for my mother is very happy.)ramblings..On life after death.. This is one of the more perplexingissues. Personally I am confident that the moment inwhich we shed our earthly skin is not the last moment.It is simply a new beginning. 8 / HERALD
  9. 9. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2013 A Word from the Wardens • Salaries and many regular expenses will be going up due to inflation, i.e. non-discretionary expenses will go up slightly; • There is a deficit of about $100,000 outstanding from previous years. A loan from the 1870 Fund covers this deficit. This loan should be paid off as soon as reasonableTHERE HAVE BEEN some recent changes to our staff at • The Building Fund is very nearly depleted, and isCCDP. currently insufficient to fund normal “capital projects”. These generally run in the order of $50,000 to $60,000In December, we bid farewell to Hilary Keachie, our annuallypopular and energetic Director of Children & YouthMinistry. Corporation wishes Hilary success in all her For these reasons, there will be no increases in the 2013future endeavors. budget over 2012 except for those items that are non- discretionary.The new Director of Children and Youth Ministry isNatalie Kemp. Corporation welcomes Natalie to CCDP. The CCDP “Our Faith – Our Hope Campaign” was veryWith her training, her experience and her enthusiasm, we successful. We have already received our first installment ofbelieve that PromiseLand, YAL and other ministries for our the $406,000 we will receive over the next five years. Theseyounger parishioners will flourish under Natalie’s leadership. funds are being put into a new “Re-Imagining Church Fund”. They will be used for new initiatives to build up ourWe also note the departure of The Reverend Joanne parish as outlined in the CCDP “Our Faith – Our Hope”,Billinger who was with us as an Assistant Curate for a short Parish Case Statement as follows:period between assignments. It was a pleasure havingJoanne with us again and wish her all the best in her new • Additional staffing for new ministries (i.e. youth andparish. pastoral care);We completed our second annual Stewardship campaign • Capital projects that will enhance our mission andin December. In view of the major campaign in December ministry;of 2011, and an extremely successful “Our-Faith Our-Hope” • Technology to help us communicate in more innovativecampaign in 2012, it was decided that this year’s Advent ways ;campaign would be fairly low-keyed. The results reflectedthat decision. However, both the Stewardship Committee • Outreach projects – locally and globally.and Corporation believe strongly that having an annual Corporation is currently developing a procedure for thecampaign is critical to ensure that our revenue continues to allotment of the monies in the “Re-Imagining Churchmeet our expenses. Since some expenses will increase every Fund “.year due to inflation, efforts will have to be made to bring “In the Works” has working groups developing initiatives inin increased annual revenue to offset these increases as well six priority areas that have been identified. Your participationas to fund increased program initiatives. in any of these groups is welcomed. Check the SundayCorporation is presently finalizing the financial statements bulletin for details. A progress report on “In the Works”for the 2012 year end, developing the budget for 2013, will be made at Vestry in February.and completing all the other items required prior to Vestry Enjoy the rest of the winter,on 24th of February. Walter Blackwell Rob Morrow Carolyn KearnsIt appears that we will meet the operating budget for 2012. Rector’s Warden People’s Warden Deputy WardenHowever, we still have very significant challenges for 2013: Genevieve Chornenki• We have no reason to predict any significant increase in Member-at-Largeannual givings from the congregation, i.e. income will be flat: 9 / HERALD
  10. 10. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2013 Social Matters brink because we “took the greatest challenge humans have ever faced, and simply ran with it.” (See: http://www.toronto.anglican.ca/2013/01/23/vigil-for-earth- raises-environmental-aboriginal-concerns/ to download the text.) In prayers Bishop MacDonald linked the indigenous search for justice with the need for eco-justice and care of thePLANET ENDANGERED environment. We drank from the bowl of water that had been blessed and took small vials to pour into a treasuredIN MID JANUARY I took part, with 130 other seekers, in a lake or river as a sign of renewal. Fear, sorrow, thanksgiving,moving vigil for planet Earth at the Church of the Holy joy, and resolution filled our worship. It was a blessedTrinity. It opened fittingly, in the heart of this city built on evening. Lent is near, the season to reflect on our lives. Atancient Mississauga lands, with smudging and prayers for the vigil, diocesan Social Justice and Advocacy consultantwisdom, guidance, and strength. We shared an original Murray Macadam urged us to take action, raise these issuesliturgy celebrating, in Jesus’ baptism, God’s purpose not in our congregation, become active in environmentalonly for Jesus but for water. Anglican Indigenous Bishop organizations, talk to our MPs. How can we show in ourMark MacDonald presided over the scripture readings, personal and collective lives that we understand who wehymns laments, prayers, and blessing of water. are and what care of God’s creation means?I found author Alanna Mitchell’s address riveting. Our Phyllis Creightonvigil, she said, was in fact for planet Water — 71% of theEarth’s surface is ocean, and it contains all but 1% ofEarth’s living space. Water is the key to life. If life in the A Gift and aocean dies, so does life in the air. In the five past massextinctions on Earth, “changes to the ocean played a starring Thank Yourole”: over time, carbon dioxide turned the ocean acidicand also, by warming the air, created vast swathes of oceandevoid of oxygen. Siberian volcanic eruptions were thekilling mechanism in the last great extinction — of 95%of species — 252 million years ago. Now we ourselves arethe erupting volcano. Ocean is becoming “warm sour, andbreathless,” the changes are speeding up, and Its creaturesare having a hard time making shells, coral reefs, bones.Increasing wild weather, hurricanes, floods, extreme heat, MADISON HOUSE is a large house on Madison Avenueare not mere global warming: “scientists call it planetary which was purchased in the 1950s by the Big Sisters ofdestabilization,” she told us. Five huge subtropical swathes Metropolitan Toronto - Betty Van Wyck was at one timeof ocean — 40% of the planet’s surface — have become a President and Chairman of the Board of this organization.soup of plastics (themselves fossil-based) disintegrated intofragments that are being ingested by ocean creatures. Now called Youth Link, the agency offers treatment,Water, in our liturgy and life, is healing, renewal, survival, counselling and some residences and co-ops for teenagebaptism, redemption, forgiveness, and hope “holding out girls and boys.the dream of infinite possibility.” We can forestall massive Our ACW recently donated one of their hand-made quiltsextinction, she urged; we can stop using fossils in ways to Madison House.damaging Earth, we have the technology for a shift to In their thank you notes, we are told that they had a hardgreen energy. Maybe the response across Canada to the time deciding how best to use it...and so, on agreement,“Idle No More” movement shows that, we ourselves, can they drew names and and one lucky young womanput the puzzle together. Perhaps the ending to the “parable received it...to use while in residence and to take with herof the human reign on Earth” will be one based on when she has her own apartment.redemption, love, and success as we pull back from the 10 / HERALD
  11. 11. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2013 The World Day of Prayer is now a world-wide movement of Christian women of many denominations and traditions, who come together to observe a common day of prayer each year, to which all people are welcome. It is now a movement initiated, and carried out by women, in more that 170 countries and regions around the world. Through World Day of Prayer, women affirm that prayer and action are inseparable and that both havePlease join us as we celebrate immeasurable influence in the world. Hosting the World Day of Prayer celebration rotatesWorld Day of Prayer among the Churches on--the-Hill. This year CCDP has the honour. Friday, March 1 Our guest speaker will be former Member of Parliament, 1:00 pm The Hon. John Godfrey. Christ Church Deer Park Come...add your voice to the millions around the world who will be gathering in powerful prayer to share the “I was a stranger and you welcomed me” same service, at the same time. (and then share in the conversationand French treats after the service.A brief history:THE ORIGINS OF THE WORLD DAY OF PRAYER date back tothe 19th century. Christian women of the United Statesand Canada initiated a variety of cooperative activities insupport of women’s involvement in misson at home andin other parts of the world.Women had a vision of Christian unity as being essentialto their exercise of mission. By 1897, women of sixdenominations had formed a joint committee for a united Have you been to France?day of prayer for home missons. In 1912, the Woman’sBoards of Foreign Missions called for a united day of Do you have photos, memorabiliaprayer for foreign missions. or stories to share?After the devastation of World War I, women incorporatedthe conviction that world peace was intrinsically tied toworld mission. Therefore, the women renewed their effortsfor unity.In 1928, during an International Missionary Conferencein Jerusalem, delegates agreed that worldwide participationwould be a bond of unity among women. In 1930, HelenKim of Korea was chosen to be the first woman outside of We would love to have you share them with us as weNorth America to write the order of worship for the World celebrate France on this World Day of Prayer.Day of Prayer. Contact Elizabeth Joy...speak to her in church or callEach year, one country is chosen to prepare the service, her at 416-487-3007readings, related study topics plus stories about their country; Merci bien.all relating to the theme. This year’s program is presentedby the women of France. 11 / HERALD
  12. 12. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2013 Mark your calendars now for our annual BOOK SALE Saturday, May 25th The Gallery In the Arthur Smith Room 10:00 am - 2:00 pmWE WELCOME HELP with sorting and storing the books in theweeks leading up to May 25th. We also need help in settingout the books on the day before as well as on the day of the sale.Of course we will neeed books too...drop off in the boxin the Atrium...paperback, hardcover, coffee table; LPs. CDs.Videos and DVDs but please, NO encyclopaedias, outdatedtext or business booksIf you have any questions, or wish to volunteer some time,please call Anne Kear: 416-924-3940 Dorothy Linton Stewart Spring In her 85th year, on January 5th, 2013, after a long illness. Luncheon Dorothy was a congregant of Christ Church Deer Park since 2004, after she moved to Toronto from Manhattan. Dorothy was a painter and not only exhibited her work at Christ Church Deer Park but in galleries in New York, Montreal, Boston, Bilbao and Abu Dhabi. Her work was exuberant and she was a master of colour. An artist’s artist, she will be missed. CCDP has been offered a painting of Dorothy’s in appreciation of the warmth and caring the community provided her in her latter years. Tuesday, May 21 12:00 noon PARISH REGISTER Mark you calendars now for this, always anticipated, event. Watch our Website and Sunday Bulletins for In Memorium more details as the date draws near. Mary Joan Rowat Dorothy Linton Stewart Reginald Victor Macauley Barnett Financial Forums Sunday, February 17 After the 10:00am service Arthur Smith Room Hosted by the Churchwardens to provide you with an opportunity to review budget figures and ask questions prior to the Vestry meeting 12 / HERALD
  13. 13. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2013 From the drop by the sanctuary on Thursdays at 12:10pm to hear both established artists and rising stars perform. Admission Organ Bench is free (donations are )welcome. Bring your lunch and enjoy! Eric Robertson, Organist & Director of Music If you’re interested in finding out more about the Christ Church music program, please contact me through the Music page of the CCDP website. IT’S JANUARY, and the musical events we so recently enjoyed over the Christmas season are still fresh in our minds. In particular, the CCDP choir was delighted to par- ticipate in the fourth annual City Carol Sing held at Yorkminster Park Baptist. There, along with interna- tional opera stars Richard Margison and Russell Braun, actress FionaReid, the True North Brass, the Larkin Singers, the JOIN US every second Sunday at 4:30 pm for this popularCanadian Children’s Opera Company, the Choir of service of music, a reflective reading, prayers for our cityYorkminster Park Baptist, and Citytv’s Gord Martineau and the world and great music...featuring some of Toronto’s(with additional administrative support provided by Nine finest jazz musicians!Sparrows Arts Foundation), we helped raise money forfood banks across Canada and more than $16,000.00 for Jan. 27 Tribute to Horace Silverthe Churches-on-the-Hill Food Bank. Gary Williamson,piano Steve McDade, trumpetAs we all know, Easter arrives very early this year. Please Perry White, saxophonejoin us on Good Friday (March 29th) at 4pm for our Scott Alexander, bassannual Christ Church Deer Park and Nine Sparrows Arts Brian Barlow, drumsFoundation presentation of “The Good Friday Concert – Tribute/reflection by Brian BarlowMusic for a Most Holy Day” when we will be presenting Feb. 10 Remembering George Shearingreadings and music based on the “Seven Last Words of Don Thompson pianoChrist on the Cross”. Along with the CCDP soloists and Neil Swainson, basschoir, this year’s concert will feature our special guest, the Tribute talk by Brian BarlowArkadas String Quartet (Emily Kruspe, violin; JamieKruspe, violin; Jessie Morrison, viola; Brandon Wilkie, Feb. 24 Barry Elmes Quartetcello). You’ll be able to find further information about the Barry White, saxophoneconcert and the Arkadas String Quartet on the Nine Reg Schwager, guitarSparrows website (www.9sparrowsarts.org) and the Music Steve Wallace, basspage of the CCDP website Barry Elmes, drums(www.christchurchdeerpark.org). As always, admission to March 10, 24; April 7, 21; May 12,26the concert will be free (donations welcome), so come Musicians TBAalong and bring a friend to what promises to be a very spe- May 26 Remembering Milescial event. (a tribute to Miles Davis)In closing, I’d like to mention that our Lunchtime Musicians TBAChamber Music series has resumed and continues every June 23 Brian Barlow Big BandThursday until the end of June (with the exception of (part of the TD Toronto Jazz Festival)Maundy Thursday – March 28th). If you have a chance, 13 / HERALD
  14. 14. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2013 Christmas Welcome to the Book Club Fair We invite all those who enjoy reading to come to our gatherings in 2013 to be held on Wednesdays. 7:30 pm in the Arthur Smith Room Please join us for lively conversation, DEBORAH WILKINSON AND BARBARA refreshments and wine, JOHNSTON, Co-chairs, along with Jayne Miles or your own choice of beverage. Simpson, Emily Chatten, Anne Larkin, On February 27 Elizabeth Joy, Lynn Lovekin, Norma Ross, Jill we will discuss any short stories of your choice by Buckworth, Judith Maxwell, Pat Anderson, Alice Munroe Joyce Hamilton, Lorna Lang, Mary Lou On March 27 Thompson, and so many others, hosted a very the book is successful Christmas Fair. Linden McIntyre’s “The Bishop’s Man”. Promiseland workers arrived at 8am to prepare, The books for our spring meetings on April 24 and and serve, cookies, muffins and Starbucks May 29 will be announced later. Coffee. It was chilly outside but the Reindeer, and those waiting in line, certainly appreciated For information, call Anne Kear: 416-924-3940 the treats. Our thanks to everyone. We had fun creating and coordinating this Church/Community Event. We are both working professionals as well as mothers... hosting an event of this magnitude demands a great deal of time. One suggestion is to divide the event into smaller areas, with committed people “managing” each. The proceeds ($10,000) are goimg toward Church programs as well as the Churches on-the-Hill Food Bank. We are very grateful to Starbucks, Sheridan Nurseries, Sobey’s, Shoppers’ Drug Mart, Loblaws, and Ginger’s Florist. Please support the businesses in our area, who support our Transitions initiatives. Your trusted partner in change Jennifer Tiviluk founder and principal 416.576.0690 Remember to check our website for transitions@start.ca updates on these and other events. yourtransitionpartner.com www.thereslifehere.org 14 / HERALD
  15. 15. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2013 Spring Rummage SALE Saturday, April 20 Hark! Consider advertising in the HERALD.WE ARE EVEN NOW accepting contributions for the sale... Some ideas to get you started - gently used clothing HERALD is published 5 times per year; Sept/Oct; (men’s, women’s, children’s); household items (cutlery, Nov/Dec: Jan/Feb: April/May: June/July. Ad rates are dishes, glasses, linens); jewellery; treasures; games and very reasonable...we can even design your ad if required. puzzles...the list goes on. And... since the HERALD is posted in full to our website www.thereslifehere.org your advertisements will also getSo, whether you are downsizing or just spring cleaning, exposure on the internet.remember the Rummage Sale! Please look through yourclosets...make room for the new and let us have what you For details and rates contact Elisabeth Lunder in thedon’t need anymore...(You can tell your friends too.) Parish Office.Drop off your items in the box in the Atrium)And as the date draws nearer you will be hearing fromme,...count on it! HERALD Deadline for the next HERALD is April 17Thank you, DO YOU HAVE AN IDEA for an article? Perhaps a featureMaxine Henry, Rummage Sale Co-ordinator on an unsung hero in the parish? A special memory?maxinethemaximizer@yahoo.ca 416-590-1008 An historical fact? Please speak to one of the clergy or to the Editor.Feel like being more involved? Don’t have much time, but Articles and announcements may be submitted at anywant to help out? Feeling new, but want to join in? Been here time up to the deadline. Just leave in the box in thea while, but haven’t been involved? Have ideas to share? Atrium or e-mail the editor at joyceian@sympatico.caJoin us!THERE’S LIFE HERE in what we do, how we get togetherand what gets done. Living Well Family ChiropracticNew members are always welcome to join any group at Optimizing your health and well-being naturallyCCDP...choose one that interests you. Dr. Andrea Perricone Chiropractor & Acupuncture providerVolunteers Welcome!TAKE A TURN at the Holy Grounds Café...with a friend, as 1366 Yonge St. Suite 208 (416) 985-1911a family...it’s fun and your efforts are always appreciated. (south of St. Clair at Balmoral) perriconedc@gmail.comPlease sign up on the sheet just inside the kitchen or speakto Jane Miles Simpson. 15 / HERALD
  16. 16. CHRIST CHURCH DEER PARK JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2013 Robert O’Reilly ExecutiveDirector 7BPleasantBlvd.,Box1053 Toronto,OntarioM4T1K2 Tel:416923-3779 Fax:416923-0083 1-800-883-7761 robert@smartkidz.org www.smartkidz.org Need a friendly hand to help you with some of the practical tasks of everyday life, such as • errands • shopping • banking • medical appointments? Call on Family owned and operated Withadedicatedteamofthefinestdirectorsintheprofession,theCrawford familycontinuesthetraditionofservingthecommunityofNorthToronto. At-Home Help • Burial Cremation • Ample parking available • No obligation Pre-Planning • Chapel, Reception children’s Services recreation rooms. 159 Eglinton Ave. W. Toronto ON M4R 1A8 www.morleybedford.ca Lorna W. Lang 416-489-8733 (416) 932-2599 LornaCares@hotmail.com 16 / HERALD