Announcements 9 june2013


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Announcements 9 june2013

  1. 1. The Anglican Church of St. Nicholas1512 Kingston Road, Toronto, Ontario, M1N 1R7416–691–0449 www.stnicholasbirchcliff.comTo contact the wardens directly, email: wardens@stnicholasbirchcliff.comPrayers for the Week“Rejoice in hope, be patient in suffering persevere in prayer.” Rom 12: 12For the world: For all those suffering in the midst of war, civil unrest or disasterFor the Global Church: The Church of EnglandFor the Diocese: The Church of St. Timothy, North TorontoParish Ministries: The ministry of our Church School Teachers and ChildrenParish Families: Thomas Daly, Jean De Peiza, Edith DigginsThe sick or those in need: Karen Evans, John Aman, Anne Moir, Doug Goss,Mabel Hogan, Deb Chapman, Jack Pound, Vivienne Radford, Beverley Spencer;Doone Warner; Marie-Louise Lister.And all those living with chronic problems, our housebound parishioners and their caregiversThanksgivings – please add your personal thanksgiving.Prayers – If you desire prayers for yourself, family, or friends, please contact theprayer chain. Members of the prayer chain will uphold your name (s) in dailyprayer for 30 days. The prayer chain contact is Elaine Fisher 416- 281-9659Daily Devotions – Copies of Forward Day by Day are also available at the backof the church. This devotion includes a short passage of scripture, a briefreflection and a prayer focus for each day of the week.Newcomer / Visitor FormNick’s News – Please take this homeSunday June 9, 2013The Third Sunday after PentecostWe warmly welcome those who are visiting with us today. Please introduce yourselfto the clergy, fill out the “Newcomer / Visitor” Information form (on the back page ofthis bulletin) and place it in the offertory plate. Please also join us for refreshmentsfollowing the 10:30am service.This Week at St. Nicholas’…Tuesday 8:45 a.m. Morning Prayer9:30 a.m. Prayer Chain Meeting11:00 a.m. Alzheimer’s Society Men’s Cooking Group7:30 p.m Parables & Pints at the Tara InnSt. Nick’s Knights have a by this week, no game!Wednesday 10:00 a.m. Holy EucharistThursday 8:45 a.m. Morning Prayer10:00 a.m. Service at Chester Village7:30 p.m. Worship Committee meetingSaturday Golf TournamentSunday 8:30 a.m. Holy Eucharist10:30 a.m. Sung EucharistScripture Readings for Sunday June 16th , The 4th Sunday after Pentecost1 Kings 21: 1-10, 15-21a Psalm 5: 1-8 Galatians 2: 15-21 Luke 7: 36---8: 3Gluten free wafers are available for communion. To indicate your need, please pickup a purple card from a sidesperson. With the purple card in your hand at the altarrail, the communion minister will know that you require a gluten free wafer.All baptized Christians, regardless of denomination or age, are invited to receiveCommunion in the Anglican Church. If you do not wish to receive the bread and wine,please come to the Altar, and cross your arms over your chest to receive a blessing.Children are welcome at St. Nicholas’! Children are invited to attend our ChurchSchool Program downstairs during the 10:30am service.If you are new to our parish, or you are visiting, we invite you tocomplete this form. Please place it on the Offering plate, or give it to oneof the Sidespeople at the back of the church.You are a Newcomer You wish a Pastoral VisitYou wish to have Offering EnvelopesName___________________________________________________Address_______________________________________________________Postal Code____________ Phone#_________________________________e-mail address ________________________________________________Today at the 10:30 a.m. service, we are honoured to welcome (back) Chris Jones,his wife, Sarah, and their family. Chris was the Youth Leader at St. Nicholas from2000 – 2003 and worked with The Reverend Canon Prue Chambers. His ministryimpacted a number of young people, and the wider community, and stronglycontributed to their on-going faith commitment to Christ. Mr. Jones subsequentlymoved on to work with Kawartha Youth Unlimited where he currently serves as theSatellite Director for the Lakefield programs. The ‘old’ youth group members havea special welcome for Chris!
  2. 2. Thanks to Marcia for organizing the Plant Sale last week. If you wanted Trilliumsand missed them at the sale, you can be in touch with Marcia, she has some now thatshe can let you have for $5 - $7 depending on the size.Golf Tournament Saturday June 15 Please join us for a fun golf day at LakeridgeGolf Course with BBQ following at the home of Brian and Betsy Jones. $ 60.00 perperson. Please add your name to the sign up list on Manderley Bulletin Board.VACATION BIBLE CAMP RETURNS TO ST. NICHOLAS AUGUST 19 – 23, 2013All young people, aged 4-12, are invited to Gospel Light’s SonRiseNational Park VBC- a five day adventure where we learn the mostimportant survival skill of all: that we can always depend on Jesus andHis promises of true peace, true riches, true power, true love and truehope! In order to continue building on this important ministry we needyour help whether it is providing supervision, leading, helping with crafts or a host ofother opportunities. For more information, or to volunteer please contact Rev. Janetat 416-691-0449 or via email at jrh@stnicholasbirchcliff.comParables & PintsYou’re invited to a new monthly Bible study, beginning Tuesday June 11th at 7:30pm.We will be meeting monthly at the Tara Inn, 2365 Kingston Rd (near Midland) toshare a pint (or soft drink) and discuss the parables and stories of Jesus. Hope to seeyou there! We will begin our study with John 2: 1-11, the Wedding at Cana. For moreinformation, please contact Andrew Reeves at Andrew.david.reeves@gmail.comThe Rev’d. Jo-Anne Billinger will be ordained to the Priesthood on July 14th at 6:30pmat St. Mary’s Richmond Hill 10300 Yonge St. on the N.W. corner of Major Mackenzieand Yonge St.This morning, we offer the Rite of Healing at both services. For those who wish, this isan opportunity to pray specifically for healing. Since Biblical times, this prayer has beenaccompanied by anointing with oil. At 8:30am, please proceed to the chancel stepsafter you have received Communion. At 10:30am, please proceed to St. Andrew’schapel after you have received Communion.Why has the response to the readings changed? Through the season ofPentecost, the Reader’s proclamation “The Word of the Lord” has been changed to“Listen to what the Spirit is saying to the Churches.” The phrase “Listen to whatthe Spirit is saying to the Churches” comes from the Book of Revelation. It serves asa reminder and witness to the power of the Spirit at work in our life calling us to newawareness of God’s word, activity and salvation.TICKETS ARE NOW AVAILABLE See Janet Baron at coffee hour for tickets tothe Bach Children’s Chorus Concert for the Foodbank – June 23rd at 3 p.m. Ticketsare $20 each and will be on sale today and through the week from the churchoffice.The Alzheimer’s Society and St. Nicholas’ are partnering to host a specialMen’s Cooking and Support Group. The group is a free, four week beginner’scooking class and support group for male partners caring for someone with dementia.It runs each Tuesday in June from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Participants will have a hands oncooking experience, prepare a simple easy to learn recipe, enjoy lunch together andtake home two heart healthy meals. If you, or someone you know, is interested inparticipating in the group, and meeting other caregivers, please contact, EleniSiliveridis at 416-322-6560 or by email at AHEAD…more info in paragraphs belowJune 15 Golf TournamentJune 18 9:00 am Bus Trip – “Oliver”June 22 10:00 am Consecration of Bishop Elect Peter Fenty -St. James’ CathedralJune 23 3:00 pm Bach Children’s Chorus Foodbank FundraiserAug 19-23 SonRise National Park Vacation Bible CampSept 28 Birch Cliff Art ShowPlease note: for the months of July and August the Church Office will be closed onFridays. The office will be open, as usual, Monday to Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to12 noon. In the case of a pastoral emergency, outside of office hours, pleasecontact Rev. Janet directly at 416-648-1418.Rev. Janet is available for conversations about life or faith, and to respond topastoral situations and pastoral emergencies. Please don’t hesitate to contact hervia email at or by calling the church office 416-691-0449ext. 223 or in the case of an emergency at 416-648-1418.Bazaar NewsWatch this space for information and ways you can help.Ontario Strawberries will soon be available. If you’re making jam, pleaseconsider putting aside a few jars for “Cathy’s Kitchen” our preserves and jamstable at the bazaar. We always sell out quickly, and many of our patrons comespecifically to purchase those wonderful homemade goodies. Whatever you’remaking this summer and fall, zucchini relish, dill pickles, jams, preserves, oranything else, please remember this popular table.Bazaar Committee: Julia Hanson, Brian Jones, Suzanne Lehtinen
  3. 3. Security Concerns: Over the past few weeks, security concerns have emerged inrespect to individuals entering the building via the Manderley doors both during theweek and during the 10:30 a.m. Service. We want to ensure that St. Nicholas is awelcoming community for all. This, however, needs to be balanced with the assurancethat St. Nicholas is a safe community – especially for members and teachers of theSunday School. As such, over the month of May we will be monitoring the Manderleydoors during the 10:30 a.m. Service.. If concerns continue, or new ones emerge, we willbe locking the Manderley doors at 10:45 a.m. on Sunday, and posting a sign askingindividuals to enter the Church via the Kingston Road entrance. This proposal will notonly assist in assuring security but also enable us to provide help to individuals should itbe required. If you have concerns, or comments, about this proposal, please speak toRev. Janet or one of the Wardens. Finally, if you are entering the building during OfficeHours, please let your presence be known by saying “hello” in the Office. Thank you.The Feast of Pentecost – Sunday, May 19th: Please join us next Sunday, May 19th aswe celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit. Both Services will be taken from the Book ofAlternative Services. (Our regularly scheduled 10:30 a.m. Service of Mattins and ChoralEucharist from the Book of Common Prayer will return on the third Sunday of June.)In our reading from the Book of Acts, the Holy Spirit is described as descending like“tongues of fire.” To celebrate the gift of the Spirit all are warmly invited to wear yellow,orange and red.Kitchen Shower- Wow!! What a great responseThank you to everyone who has contributed to the kitchen shower. For those of youwho have not had an opportunity yet, there are still some items remaining to bepurchased. Members of the outreach committee will do all of the shopping and theitems will be purchased on your behalf. The Outreach Committee will be sponsoringa special coffee hour on the 26th of May to thank everyone for their donations. At thistime all the donated items will be on display. If you have any questions please speakto Pauline Glasgow, Sonia Halloran or Deb Chapman.Stay Connected with Twitter -Submitted by Andrew Reeves @greeneggs_drewThe social media service Twitter is a great way to share and stay connected with yourchurch family and the wider family of God. Share how God is at work in your life usingthe hashtag #stnicksbc. For more information, talk (or tweet) with Andrew Reeves.
  4. 4. The Bus Trips are fully booked, but if you are still interested in going, let Joan Alkertonknow, and your name will be placed on a waiting list.Found! We have acquired some assorted eye glasses, a jacket, odd earrings abracelet, and some old photo’s in a card that someone, maybe you, has lost. If youthink they might be yours please contact Janet in the parish office.Stay Connected with TwitterSubmitted by Andrew Reeves @greeneggs_drewThe social media service Twitter is a great way to share and stay connected with yourchurch family and the wider family of God. I would like to encourage those of youcurrently using Twitter to share the work of God in your life using the hashtag#stnicksbc. Whether it’s for healing of a loved one or just getting that parking spaceclose to the mall share your thanksgivings and prayer requests.If you are not already, you may want to follow some of the following @generalsynod ,@anglicandioTO , @shelrev , @RevDrAlison , @iamepiscopalian , @UnvirtousAbbeyShare more of your Twitter church friends and resources using the #stnicksbc.If you are not already a twitter user it is easy to become a member. Go to twitter.comand signup. You must choose a password and you will be asked to create a “twitterhandle” or username. Then search for topics or users you find interesting. There arealso many helpful online tutorials available.
  5. 5. Pennies from Heaven – While the Canadian Mint may say “no” to pennies, we aresaying “yes”! Pennies can bring blessings and we are collecting them for the ministryand mission of St. Nicholas! So go through your pockets, check the bottom of yourpurses, and bring in all those no longer needed pennies. There is a bucket marked“Pennies from Heaven” at the back of the church to collect them in. Thank you!And they came, everyone whose heart was stirred up, and everyone whom the Spiritmade willing, and they brought the Lord’s offering” 2013 Weekly OffertoryEnvelopes are available for pick up at the back of the Church. St. Nicholas’ AnglicanChurch is a financially self-sustaining church family. The prayerful support andgenerosity of members and friends allows us to carry out, and strengthen, ourministry of Worship, Christian Education, Children’s Ministry, Pastoral Care,Outreach, Property Stewardship and much more. St. Nicholas also offers anopportunity for individuals to support the Parish’s ministry through monthly Pre-Authorized Giving (PAG). PAG Brochures, highlighting the benefit of the program toyou and the Parish, have also been made available at the back of the Church.St. Nicholas Bus Trips: The St. Nicholas’ Social Committee has planned a series ofbus trips for 2013. Please contact Joan Alkerton at 416-691-4387 for moreinformation or to book one of these trips.April 12th Shaw Theatre “Guys and Dolls” June 18th Penetanguishene “Oliver”October 18th Stratford “Blithe Spirit” Dec. 5th St. Jacobs “Legends in Harmony”Altar Flowers Each week the flowers on both Altars can be given in memory of aloved one or in celebration of a significant life event. (Anniversary, Birthday, Baptismetc.) If you would like to do this, please write your name and phone number on thecalendar at the back of the church. As the week approaches Iris Hogan will give youa call to see if you have any colour requests, and also to get the wording for thebulletin. Payment of $60.00 can be put in an envelope, clearly marked “For AltarFlowers” and placed on the collection plate. It’s OK for more than one person/familyto sign up for the same week.
  6. 6. PLEASE READ THIS NOTICE, THE INFORMATION IN IT HAS CHANGEDThis past summer the City of Toronto began charging all churches and non profitorganizations for garbage pickup.At the beginning of this year we received a notice from the city that we will not becharged for garbage pickup this year after all. They are going to look into the impactof such charges on charitable organizations and then decide what course of action totake. So… while for this year sorting our garbage doesn’t make a difference to ourcosts, it is still an environmentally responsible thing to be doing, and it very wellmay again become a cost issue.Please be aware of what you’re putting in the Green Bins, Recycling Bins andGarbage.In the kitchen there is a green bin – just like the one you put out to the street at yourhouse – it’s for organic material, coffee grounds, food waste, tissues, napkins, papertowels, there is a list posted in the kitchen. Milk cartons, and packaging DO NOT goin the green bin. There is a recycling bin just outside the kitchen door, and a garbagebin in the kitchen. If you’re not sure what bin to put something in, please check thelist. Thank youThis morning, we offer the Rite of Healing at both services. For those who wish, this isan opportunity to pray specifically for healing. Since Biblical times, this prayer has beenaccompanied by anointing with oil. At 8:30am, please proceed to the chancel stepsafter you have received Communion. At 10:30am, please proceed to St. Andrew’schapel after you have received Communion.Ministry of Hospitality Opportunity-In the letter to the Romans, Paul encourages us as a community to practicehospitality. If you would like to participate in the ministry of hospitality by helping withCoffee hour after the 10 a.m. service…There is a new Coffee Hour list posted on the Manderley Bulletin Board. Pleaseconsider taking a turn to prepare coffee, tea, and goodies. It doesn’t have to be a bigspread, a loaf or two or some cookies, or cheese and crackers, would be just fine. Ifseveral people went together it makes it much easier, - and fun. All you have to do isbring milk and cream, and whatever food you want to provide. The sugar, coffee andtea are here. Then take what you spent on the items you brought out of the proceedsfrom the basket on the table.Why has the response to the readings changed? Through the season ofPentecost, our response to the reading “The Word of the Lord” followed by “Thanksbe to God” has been changed to “Listen to what the Spirit is saying to theChurches” followed by “Thanks be to God.” The phrase “Listen to what the Spirit issaying to the Churches” comes from the Book of Revelation. It serves as a reminderand witness to the power of the Spirit at work in our life calling us to new awarenessof God’s word, activity and salvation.