June 3, 2009


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June 3, 2009

  1. 1. T HE MA N C HESTER C H URC H OF C HRIST, MA N C HESTER, N H Ju n 3, 2 0 0 9 THE BULLETIN A Glance Back in Gratitude, and Manchester Church of Christ Look Forward in Anticipation 66 Mammoth Rd. Manchester, NH 03109 603.623.5559 Wow, thanks again to all even more you can do: bring those who played a part in making friends, lots of friends. With VBS mht_church@comcast.net the youth rally a success. Working it’s always “the more the www.mhtcoc.org together, with every member merrier”! Start asking your friends providing his or her part (Romans now! Elder’s Link: June 12:3-8) produces a strong body of After VBS we usually have Christ and powerful results. From our congregational retreat at Duane Coss – 424-9152 all reports, everyone had a great Gander Brook, August 28-30. It’s a drcoss@myfairpoint.net time and our New England teens leisurely weekend to clear our Barry Fogal – 487-2387 were greatly encouraged to stay in cluttered lives and grow stronger in God’s hands. our faith and love for one another. bfogal@comcast.net The next major thing This year, given our multiple If you have any concerns that the coming up for the Manchester services and small group activities elders should be aware of, or need church is our summer VBS. August on Sunday evening, reconnecting to to speak to with them, please contact Lee or Larry this month. 17-19. Will you be involved? one another is more important Wouldn’t you like to take part in than ever. Please make plans to something that will effect the lives join us. Our Worship Services of our and other’s children for The weekend after that is, Sunday AM: 8:30 & 11:00 eternity? Bible classes have come of course, the Labor Day weekend. Bible Class: 10:00 out of VBS. Baptisms have come as Often we have a Labor Day picnic a result of VBS. It’s three days of — so you could be planning to Sunday PM: 6:00 summer fun, songs, friends, snacks, participate in that. But you should Small Groups: Bible stories, puppets, and good also know that Gander Brook is West Side Small Group: 6:15PM at times. Want to know what you can doing something different on Labor Doug Paul’s do to help — be a member doing Day this year. Instead of the usual Merrimack Small Group: 6:00PM at his/her job? Singles’ Retreat, Gander Brook is Stuart Peacock’s Volunteer to be a teacher, a hosting a family encampment — Nashua Small Group: 6:00PM at Paul chaperone, a puppet person, a everyone is welcome. Mosier's snack provider, a snack deliverer, a What a great summer lies Wednesday PM Devotional/Bible craft person (or helper), a song ahead for us. Get excited and don’t Classes: 7:00 leader, a story teller, a play time miss a thing. News Items? Please submit before monitor, or a counter. But there’s 11AM each Tuesday. This Sunday morning I’ll be starting a Sunday evening, of course, will new series on the topic of the Holy Spirit. feature a number of small group meetings, but There are a number of teachings, suppositions, will also include a group meeting at the church and speculations about this third Person of the building at 6PM. If you don’t have a usual Godhead. What’s true, and what’s speculation, small group to meet with, come to the church and what is just plain false? Come and see and building for a devotional and a Bible study on bring a friend. Let’s listen to the Holy Spirit on the subject of the hymns that we sing. the Holy Spirit. PAGE 1
  2. 2. T HE MA N C HESTER C H URC H OF C HRIST, MA N C HESTER, N H Ju n 3, 2 0 0 9 “So then you are no longer strangers and Our Family aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the saints, and are of God’s household,” Ephesians 2:19, NAS95. Coming up in June... What else? Cook off The church of Christ in Roxbury is hosting the 10th Work day Peter Steffensen has Thank you An enormous thank annual Family Favorites scheduled a work day here at you to everyone who helped Cookoff on Saturday, June the building for June 6th to make the youth rally a success. 20th. Registration forms and clean up the yard/parking lot The weekend was such a additional information is and other miscellaneous blessing to all who came and it posted on the bulletin board. tasks. He also states that the wouldn't have been the same garage next door needs re- without your involvement. Gander Brook's work and roofed. Thank you!! w0rship week is scheduled for June 27 through July 4. There Service project Calling all teens Update Doreen Lee is in Tufts is much work to be done to get and families of teens...Connie Hospital in Boston. She is in the camp ready for the Mattox needs some work done the North Tower, Room 7038. summer so please consider at her house, both inside and Phone # (617)636-7080. helping out. Registration outside. Please meet at forms are in the foyer. Harvest Foods (formerly Vista) Wednesday Night Supper Please in Bedford at 12:30 this remember to sign up on the th Sunday the 7 to carpool out to sheet in the back of the her house in Milford. Lunch auditorium if you plan to Wednesday Night Menu will be provided. Any attend. Only 2 more to go questions, see Stuart or Susie before a break for the summer. corned beef Peacock. vegetables This and that... th Announcing the 24 annual Singing & fellowship The bread Northeastern States Men's Worcester church will be dessert Retreat. It will be held in Kent, hosting an afternoon of Connecticut next weekend- singing and refreshments on June 12th & 13th. Please see the Sunday, June 28th beginning at poster in the foyer for more 3pm. See the bulletin board in details and a registration form. the foyer for more information. Worship Leaders Prayer Concerns Sunday, June 7, 8:30AM Scripture .....................Paul M. Health: Doreen Lee, Pat Arel, Bill Songs ......................... Brandon H. Lord’s Supper .............Gary D. Waisnor, Deniza Chase’s niece, Marge Prayers ....................Ken B. & Dune C. Coordinator ................ Gerry M. Simon, Penny Ranger, Manley Jones, Scripture .................... Mike M. Michael Anderson's brother Lord’s Supper ............ Tom B. Sunday, June 7, 6:00PM Leadership: Ministers, Elders, Coordinator ............... Doug P. Songs............................Mark E. Deacons Evangelism: Bible studies in Sunday, June 7, 11:00AM Wednesday, June 10, 7:00PM progress, our website, MNFM, food Songs ........................ Rick G. Songs..........................Doug P. pantry, Give Away Day Prayers .....................Earl M. & Barry F. Return to the Lord: Brethren who have forsaken the assembly PAGE 2
  3. 3. T HE MA N C HESTER C H URC H OF C HRIST, MA N C HESTER, N H Ju n 3, 2 0 0 9 T h e D e v i l i s a n Opp o r t u n i s t Pa r k Li n s c o m b "And Jesus answered and work. He is an opportunist. desires for more and more; envy said to him, "It is said, ‘YOU The Bible talks about wants what is not his; jealousy SHALL NOT PUT THE LORD some of his more common wants what he thinks should YOUR GOD TO THE TEST.’" opportunities to tempt us, and if belong to him, and covetousness When the devil had finished we are serious about obedient just wants. And when we every temptation, he left Him faith, we should be serious about entertain such thoughts, we throw until an opportune time." (Luke closing the openings for the the door wide open to the various 4:12, 13) Tempter to do his nefarious work. sinful ways we might obtain the Although Jesus had Anger — Ephesians 4:26, object of our desires and let Satan certainly been tempted often 27 “BE ANGRY, AND yet DO walk the Red Carpet into our during the 30 years before the NOT SIN; do not let the sun go hearts. Contentment is God’s beginning of His formal ministry, down on your anger, and do not antidote, eliminating the portal His 40 days in the wilderness give the devil an opportunity.” for the devil’s work. gave Satan an opening that he Your anger and mine are the Freedom — Is this thought he could successfully perfect opening for Satan to some surprising? Galatians 5:13 says, exploit. Jesus had fasted for 40 of his best (worse) work. Anger “For you were called to freedom, days, so Satan used His hunger itself isn’t wrong, but what we’re brethren; only do not turn your against him: “Turn these stones tempted to do usually is. Our freedom into an opportunity for into bread,” Satan lilted. It good sense is often suppressed in the flesh, but through love serve wouldn’t have really been a favor of raging emotions; and one another.” College students, temptation after a harvest feast. things that people would never have you been there? Satan When that didn’t work, Satan do under ordinary circumstances whispers in our ear, “What good purred, “Bow to me and all the look perfectly acceptable, is freedom, if you won’t do kingdoms of the world will be perhaps even right and approved whatever you’d like? Come on, yours.” It wouldn’t have been a by God Himself, when we’re live a little!” temptation, if Jesus hadn’t been angry. The book of Proverbs There are other things that feeling a keen sense of want after urges restraint, a cooler head, and could be mentioned, of course — time in the wilderness. “Now control of self, to help us close a momentary lapse of faith in come on,” Satan coaxed, “Jump the door on the opening big God, feeling sorry for ourselves, off the temple’s pinnacle, so that enough for Satan to fly a 747 lust, caring too much what others the angels can dramatically save through — anger. think about us, grudges, and even you, and you can win the Greed — Matt. 26:14-16 God’s own commands (see applause of the crowd you need tells of Judas looking for an Romans 7:8). Some of them can to launch your world-saving opportunity to betray Jesus, but be avoided, while others cannot ministry.” It wouldn’t have been what goes unsaid is that the be. But the point to stress here is enticing, if Jesus hadn’t been greed of Judas provided Satan that many of Satan’s openings, launching His ministry. But Jesus with the opening he needed to put many opportunities, can be and didn’t fall prey to any of Satan’s Jesus into the hands of men should be shut. In each case, we temptations and Satan had to fall angry with Jesus. And greed, can escape the temptation by back — until another opportune envy, jealousy, covetousness are closing the opportunity. time, another opening, another a class of perpetual openings for What “doors” are you moment favorable to his evil Satan’s work in our lives. Greed leaving open in your life? PAGE 3
  4. 4. T HE MA N C HESTER C H URC H OF C HRIST, MA N C HESTER, N H Ju n 3, 2 0 0 9 Our Congregational Calendar Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 31 1 2 3 4 5 6 Bible class 7PM Happy Birthday: Happy Birthday: Tony Casella James Karafelis Happy Birthday: Doug Paul Walter Franklin Happy Mary Scarlett Anniversary: Stuart & Susie Peacock 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Bible class 7PM Happy Happy Birthday: Happy Birthday: Anniversary: Nancy Kerrins Happy Birthday: Vickie Glass Zane & Kim Beth King Stuart Peacock Andrew Franklin Daggett Te e n N e w s Yo u n g A d u l t s • See announcement on page 2 about a service project. Our Statistics Sunday Morning Worship (combined) 236 Contribution $3,479.37 T he Ma n c h es te r c h u r c h o f C h r is t 66 M a m m o t h R d. M a n c h e s t e r , N H 03109 PAGE 4