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Nukart brochure


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Nukart brochure

  1. 1. Digitize your store, maximize your profits... ... and make your business future proof. Join the nukart Revolution. Store Digitization Market Analytics Creative Campaigns IT Support Geo- fencing
  2. 2. OEMs now have the added advantage of testing products in specific markets, and obtaining real-time updates. The nukart way to do business nukart is a first-of-its-kind platform that brings the digital-edge to traditional retailers and OEMs. We enable businesses to integrate the advantages of their existing models with the pros of Internet of Things (IoT) to create one seamless shopping experience. Traditional brick-and-mortar outlets and OEMs have been at the heart of retail shopping since time immemorial. In recent years, the digital wave has added a new perspective, widening the scope for a holistic shopping experience. Customers today want a tangible, personal shopping experience, strengthened by the power of technology. This comes with revolutionizing retail shopping with nukart’s next-gen solution. We seek to partner you and propel your business to the next level, by helping you fully leverage digitization. Business advantages The challenge for traditional businesses – to remain competitive in an ever-evolving market – is leveraging technology to their benefit. We are invested in providing you the right tools and channels to do exactly this. Features Access • Holistic dashboard • Product lifecycle tracking • Geo-fencing Availability • Virtual store digitization Ease • Call center support • Creative ads and targeted campaigns • Zero cost IT support Digital value-add • Personalized online marketing • Internet and mobile app-based notifications • Real-time offer deployment With us, you can: Strategize cost-effective online campaigns Fully penetrate local markets Leverage market insights and analytics Obtain real-time visibility of shopping trends Lead generation Advanced insights Increased visibility Hyperlocal market penetration
  3. 3. Sales representatives Leverage the best of both worlds Customer advantages nukart empowers its customers to shop with ease. It uses technology to bridge the gap between traditional and digital shopping platforms, giving customers the best of both worlds. Features Digital value-add • Digitized window shopping • Loyalty points and exclusive rewards • Easy tracking of cashbacks and warranties Availability • Transparent view of retailer inventory • Comprehensive store aggregator Ease • Price comparisons across stores Access • Hyperlocal store locator, powered by Google maps • Online and offline store access Transparent shopping experience Real-time interaction with stores Browsing Social discovery Text and email marketing User reviews Window shopping Store comparisons Tangible shopping experience enabling shoppers to touch, feel, and buy Brick-and- mortar
  4. 4. What’s in store for you? Visibility • nukart is a hyperlocal store locator. It helps customers find, compare, and purchase products from stores in their neighborhood • It is a digital aggregator of local brick-and-mortar stores, complete with information on stocks, pricing, and offers • It enables businesses to make the leap into the digital sphere – bettered with market analytics, promotion opportunities, and single-interface dashboard Overview • Google Maps store locator • Hyperlocal marketplace • Online banners and content marketing • Holistic portal Digital Value-add • Notifications via SMS, email, and call • Sorting and filtering • Elastic search • Store navigation Acceleration • Increase in footfalls - kart and voucher generation • HLMP-based offer acceleration • Digital ads • Product campaigns • Offer listing as per geo-fencing • Store navigation • Video promotions nukart Digital Solutions Private Limited #562/640, Janardhan Towers, Bilekahalli Bannerghatta Main Road, Bangalore - 560076 080 335 88 383 With nukart, it’s so easy for traditional businesses to go online. They can leverage the benefits of the internet while still retaining the personal feel of their existing business model. - J Srinath