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DigiQubeMedia - digital retail solutions


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DigiQubeMedia - digital retail solutions

  1. 1. Digital Retail SolutionsDigital Marketing & Communications
  2. 2. DigiQubeMediaOur ApproachSince 2008, our focus of service is to attain theoptimum communication solutions using the latestdigital high-end technologies by understanding theproblem, analyzing the operation and providing rightand feasible solution that meets with the customerobjective.
  3. 3. DigiQubeMediaOur ExpertiseWe are an innovative company that is driven by fresh andingenious ideas, which offers expertise in areas such as : • Digital Media Communication • Innovative Software Solutions • Ingenious Interactive Solutions • Digital Signage Applications • Value added services and consulting
  4. 4. We are all about Digital SolutionsOur Smart & Innovative Solutions • Interactive Digital Applications • Smart Digital Projections • Digital Signage & Intelligent Digital Displays • Mobile Marketing • DigiCom & Advertising
  5. 5. We are all about Digital SolutionsOur Clients Portfolio : • MediaPro • Porsche Romania • BRD Bank • JTI Romania • Pepsico Romania • Orange Romania • Schwarzkopf (Wella) Romania • Antipa Museum • Danone Romania • Bucharest City Hall
  6. 6. We are all about Digital SolutionsWe deliver smart innovative solutions for : • Retail • Banking • Corporate Communications • Hospitality & Hotels • Education • Public & Administration • Healthcare • Transportation
  7. 7. Retail Store Solutions• Optimising operating processes• Reduction of running costs• Informing customers in the right place at the right time• Quick reaction to promotions• Target groups addressed directly• Sales increase
  8. 8. Retail Store SolutionsInnovative Digital Retail App. • Projection for transparent surfaces • Interactive projections for transparent surfaces • Interactive multi touch board displays • Demo and Info displays for product presentation • Digital Signage • Mobile Marketing devices & software applications • Traffic counting solution • Augmented Reality applications & QR Code • ShopRobotic vending machines • Custom software applications
  9. 9. Projection for transparent surfaces
  10. 10. Interactive projections
  11. 11. Interactive touch board displaysCharacteristics: • Products/Services communication tool for customers and visitors • Connection to sales product/service data sources • Integration of your own corporate design • Different layouts (full screen, split screen etc.) • Interactive sale informations
  12. 12. Interactive touch board displays
  13. 13. Interactive touch board displaysAre used for :• Increased attention and emotions by means of animated contents• Comparison options using filtering and product selection• Presentation of the range throughout all branches• Sales support for customer advisors for presenting products that are not currently available in the branch• Fully automatic content operation• Can be used easily for adding further product categories via a dropdown menu• Efficient customer advice
  14. 14. Interactive product advisorSolution • Entire product range displayed • Automatic product information • Products can be compared • Orders can be made • Statistics toolSolution feedbacks • Increased sales through “customer experience” • Relief of staff workload • Improved customer advice • Product availability at location can be displayed • Cross-media communication (online/offline worlds)
  15. 15. Interactive product advisorBenefits• Increased attention and emotions by means of animatedcontents• Comparison options by simply lifting up the device• Fully automatic content update• Efficient customer advice• Haptic customer experience• Increase in sales
  16. 16. Info Displays Advisor
  17. 17. Digital Signage Applications
  18. 18. Retail Store SolutionsMobile MarketingThree behavioral trends of mobile experience: 1. Convenience • Transform culture and business • Help people get things done easier • Offer tangible Value 2. Context • Curate the most relevant local knowledge • Help people find information that’s useful in real time 3. Fun • With Mobile, fun in unexpected places will expand in imaginative and meaningful ways • More frequently integrated into our lives • The easiest way to change people’s behaviors
  19. 19. Retail Store SolutionsMobile Marketing Solutions
  20. 20. Retail Store SolutionsMobile Marketing SolutionsProximity Marketing - Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Marketing
  21. 21. Retail Store SolutionsMobile Marketing SolutionsProximity Marketing - Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Marketing • This technology will give you the strength to monetize your high traffic area and allow your business to send different campaigns fully customized to your liking. • Using this technology you could promote your business by sending still images such as PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, animated images, audio files such as in form of ring tones, video clips i.e. movie trailers, text files, promotional or discount contents, bar codes, mobile games and java applications, business card files etc, directly to all or just for targeted mobile phones. • There is no charge on any content the consumer downloads.
  22. 22. Retail Store SolutionsTraffic Counting SolutionsCustomers counter technology is changing shopping, empowering and providingretailers with the data and analysis to detect sales and profit opportunities.Applications & Benefits• Our I-Count traffic count solution delivers multi-zone, bi-directional pedestrian traffic countingby combining shape recognition and motion detection in a robust and affordable product.• Effectively improves business results by transforming visitors to customers thereby enhancingthe customer experience.• Provides accurate and reliable real-time data which becomes a powerful and effective tool fordetermining conversion rates, marketing effectiveness and workforce optimization.• Identifies peak sales opportunities, providing additional info and metrics.
  23. 23. Retail Store SolutionsTraffic Counting SolutionsProduct & Technology• Incorporates advanced military based shape recognition and motion detection technologies,providing separate counting of adults, children, carts, etc.• Delivers consistent greater than 95% accuracy, operating at full frame rates and adapting inreal-time to changing environmental conditions.• Each device unit can cover up to five separate detection zones.• The simple administration utility located on a centralized server enables remote calibration,zone changes, auditing and reporting hierarchy for all devices displayed in your shop network.
  24. 24. Retail Store SolutionsAugmented Reality & QR Code as Marketing tools Augmented Reality This new technology, called Augmented Reality, is a term for a live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are augmented by virtual computer-generated imagery. In most cases, though, when Augmented Reality is referred, it is meant that the superimposed graphics and they way they appear depend on the tracking, the localization of the position and orientation of real physical objects.
  25. 25. Retail Store Solutions Augmented Reality – Key Types1.Pattern, Image or Marker – The AR system performs simple pattern recognition on ashape, marker (usually on a framed card in the real world scene) or face and replaces it with a static ormoving element e.g: a 3D model, info, audio, video stream or loop etc: You view the ‘items’ in thescene with you2.Outline or Recognition – This is where your hand, eye or body outline is picked up andseamlessly ‘merged’ with the virtual elements. Simple example where you can pick up a 3D object thatdoesn’t exist because the system is tracking your hand outline.3.Location, Way finding, Geo-Location – Based on detailed GPS or triangulation location &position /view of the camera/device the AR system can overlay information precisely over buildings orpeople as you move through real space.
  26. 26. Retail Store Solutions Augmented Reality – Key Types1.Pattern, Image or Marker Marker is usually a square black and white illustration with a thick black border and white background. Here are some examples:
  27. 27. Retail Store SolutionsAugmented Reality – Key Types1.Pattern, Image or Marker For example, in the Figure, the green creature appears always on top of the black square card. If that card, a real world object, is moved or rotated, so will also do the creature.
  28. 28. Retail Store Solutions Augmented Reality – Key Types2.Outline or Recognition
  29. 29. Retail Store Solutions Augmented Reality – Key Types3.Location, Wayfinding, Geo-Location
  30. 30. Retail Store SolutionsQR Code as Marketing toolsQR Codes – Applications• Sharing• Create Community• Calls to Action• Social Proof• Analytics
  31. 31. Retail Store SolutionsQR Code as Marketing toolsQR Codes could link to:• Installation instructions• Sources for replacement parts and service• Directions to your business• The process for buy/hiring your professional services• Valuable coupons and special offers• Recommendations for complementary products and services• Free mp3 downloads• Customer feedback forms
  32. 32. Retail Store SolutionsShopRoboticWhat is ShopRobotic ?• ShopRobotic delivers an amazing retail experience with genuine consumer attraction.• The system features a revolutionary robotic arm or ‘pickhead’, and this breakthrough feature creates a new and innovative way of delivering goods.• In addition to the patented and revolutionary pickhead, ShopRobotic features am amazingly flexible and modular cabinet arrangement giving the client complete control over design, lighting, consumer interface as well as product range and configuration.
  33. 33. Retail Store SolutionsShopRoboticFeatures• Interactive touch screen technology,• Soft delivery system enables fragile products to be dispensed,• Large delivery drum allows for complete variety of product size,• Interchangeable internal fixtures to allow product the space required,• Optional end pod screens allowing for marketing and advertising opportunities,• Purchase assurance guarantee (No payment – No product),• On-line reporting for complete sales history,• Customized to your brand guidelines and architecture whilst executing your brand strategy.
  34. 34. Retail Store SolutionsShopRoboticBenefits• Eliminates security issues on high-value, high demand items• Delivers consistently high merchandising standards – the clutter free environment gives your brand the visibility it deserves• Can be open 24 / 7 – creating revenue where it didn’t previously exist.• Reduces staffing issues and personnel costs• Stimulates impulse sales• Sited internally or externally, can be used in any environment; Retail, Leisure, Forecourts, Shopping malls, Airports, Schools
  35. 35. Retail Store SolutionsShopRoboticSoftware Capabilities :• Remote access for changing media, pricing, brand information and user interface across single or multiple units• Remote diagnostics allows faults to be resolved without the need for emergency call-outs• Stock quantities automatically decrease with each transaction allowing complete stock level control• Full video capabilities including streaming (where connection allows) in attract and product mode• Each product screen allows for 4 media files – advertising, promotional offers, marketing• 24 hour on-line reporting providing extensive sales information
  36. 36. DigiQubeMediaBecause our goal is to provide friendly and responsive support,and in case that you find our field of expertise interesting or ifyou have any questions, please contact us at: +40 744 344 331…and we will be happy to provide some fresh ideas for your too.
  37. 37. DigiQubeMediaThank You for your attention !