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The Store Fights Back Dsf

  1. 1. The StoreFights Back:Energizing the Retail Experiencethrough Digital SignageBryan Meszaros | OpenEyeChris Heap | OpenEye & The Imperative GroupJohn Schreiber | IDL Worldwide
  2. 2. BryanMeszarosManaging Partner & Founder OpenEye is a digital media consultancy, which looks to activate insights, technology and creativity to redefine how brands and retailers connect with consumers through holistic digital experiences. Currently in: New York City
  3. 3. JohnSchreiberGlobal Creative Director IDL Worldwide is a full service retail execution firm, which provides consultancy, design, engineering, fabrication, installation for brands and retailers. IDL strives to improve methods of selling product and enhancing communication with customers in retail. Currently in: Munich, Germany
  4. 4. Chris HeapManaging Director & FounderSr. Digital Strategist (OpenEye) The Imperative group is a specialist screenmedia consultancy. We help retailers, corporations, government and technology companies understand how to get the maximum value from their screenmedia programs by applying our experience, knowledge and best practices in order to help clients understand the marketing and commercial opportunity. Currently in: London, England
  5. 5. What you’lldiscover๏ What’s happening with the brick and mortar today๏ Methods that tie digital signage directly into the customer’s path to purchase๏ Learn how retailers should be thinking about their brick and mortar๏ Understand how digital signage fits into the overall in-store experience as part of a wider suite of retailer initiatives๏ A new appreciation of the term “in-store experience”
  6. 6. The Retail Engaging the MeetingLandscape Customer Expectations
  7. 7. The simple truths about Retail todayBryan Meszaros
  8. 8. What needsto be heard๏ Based on price alone, retailers can’t compete with online๏ The path to purchase from “sofa to store” has been disrupted by technology๏ Showrooming is showing up in retail stores๏ Retailers need to leverage the store experience as it’s a point of difference๏ The new retail currency is the customer experience
  9. 9. We are experiencing aparadigm shift in customerbehavior ๏ 40% of respondents now use or want to use an in-store kiosk for self-service. {2011 Cisco Study} ๏ 42% of respondents use or are interested in using video screens within the store to make a buying decision {2011 Cisco Study} ๏ 51% of shoppers are willing to use mobile shopping tools, but less than 5% of retailers offer them. {NRF Study} ๏ 53% of shoppers reported current activity or interest in conducting research at an in-store kiosk and making their purchase immediately in-store. {2011 Cisco Study} ๏ 70% of U.S. consumers use the web plus another channel when making purchase decisions. {Forrester 2010}
  10. 10. The Zero Momentof TruthStimulus ZMOT Shelf Experience ๏ Stimulus: Anything you’re seeking ๏ ZMOT: Social Interaction ๏ Shelf: Need to reinforce the educated decision in-store ๏ Experience: Path to Loyalty
  11. 11. Adding a NEWdimension DIGITALStimulus ZMOT EXPERIENCE Shelf Experience ๏ Connect the store experience to the “path to purchase” ๏ Prevent a potential disruption in conversion ๏ Reinforce product / brand information
  12. 12. ๏ Control: Pull is the new pushWhy ๏ Need for reinforcement: The shelfZMOT is provides one last opportunity to influence a consumers decision. ๏ Experience creates loyalty: Howcritical that information is delivered adds to the decision on whether thefor consumer will repeat the same action.Digital ๏ Consistency: All the information obtained outside the store needs to be obtainable inside the storeSignage (before-during & after the in-store experience)
  13. 13. Re-conceptualize the role ofthe brick and mortar ๏ Make it personal: Neiman Marcus is enhancing it’s service with an app that identifies when customers enter the store and prompts staff to engage with the consumer based on purchase history and preference ๏ Be the authority: Guitar Center published the profiles of 4,000 sales associates on their website and created a “store experts” page for each location. Encouraging interaction with the staff and in-store appointments. ๏ Close the gap: Enable the consumer to being their shopping process and complete it when they enter the store. ๏ Be unique: Don’t invest in cookie-cutter solutions and expect the same results it produced for a competitor ๏ Make it fun: Aldo shoes developed a in-store mobile game that encouraged shoppers to try on various product to receive awards
  14. 14. Re-thinking the art of digital engagementJohn Schreiber
  15. 15. The digitallyempoweredconsumer ๏ Is conscious of brand competition ๏ Is reliant on the right information finding them, in the right place ๏ Expects a personalized and consistent shopping experience ๏ Wants to take advantage of both mobile and in-store applications to help make informed decisions
  16. 16. ATTRACT ENGAGE CONNECT CONVERTHollister HMV Topshop TescoDigital Store Front Augmented Reality Virtual Fitting Room Subway Virtual StoreLarge display screens stretching Shoppers at HMV’s Oxford Using a combination of Virtual stores were createdacross the facade and over Street store use a smartphone augmented reality and using interactive displays. Usingthe front door showcase live or tables to scan Universal Microsoft Kinect the customer is QR codes, customers couldfeed of the surf in Huntington Pictures DVDs and bring the able to select a garment off load their “shopping carts” andBeach, CA films to life by displaying scenes the rack without having to try it have their items delivered to and movie characters in 3D on physically. their home.
  17. 17. Value theDesign of anExperience ๏ Attraction and engagement are the keys to adoption ๏ Leverage the physical brick and mortar ๏ Switch from a product-centric (push) model to an experience- centric (pull) model. ๏ Failing to deliver a consistent experience will drive customers away
  18. 18. Essentials ofEffective DigitalEngagement ๏ Relate to the audience ๏ It’s not just about advertising, expose customers to the brand ๏ Integrates within the visual merchandising strategy of the store ๏ Engages the customer with timely & relevant information ๏ Extends across all platforms
  19. 19. Meeting the customers digital expectationsChris Heap
  20. 20. “In the near future all forms of digitalmedia will be seamlessly and expertlyembedded into retail environments,creating an unparalleled shoppingexperience that puts the customer first.” Bob Greenberg, CEO R/GA
  21. 21. What Shoppersexpect today๏ 70% of shoppers prefer human interaction in shops over online interaction๏ 73% interact withprefer to of shoppers physically products in-store before purchasing๏ 81% expect higher levels of customer service from stores than they do from online retailers Source: Shopper-centric, 2012
  22. 22. The new realityTechnology is not a silver bullet on it’s own, it must be combined with the brand andthe branded environment to ensure the ‘multiplier effect’ (e.g. 15% improvement topre-sales and 12% improvement in purchase decisions) Source: Shopper-centric, 2012
  23. 23. What value do shoppers thinkdigital signage can add to theirstore experience?An upwards trend in adoption from ~20% to ~30% demonstrates increasing engagementin the use of retail technology
  24. 24. What value do retailers thinkdigital signage can add to thestore experience?Retail professionals believe that digital signage has a significant impact onimproving the retail shopping experience and driving sales
  25. 25. How can retailerscapitalize? ๏ Retailers need to tap into the shopper’s emotional side ๏ Deliver a consistent shopping experience ๏ Retailers can be (and should be) “curators” - selecting products and services they believe best meet the needs and aspirations of its shoppers ๏ Back to the old school: make it fun & personalized
  26. 26. The evolving retailexperience entails: ๏ A connected journey, one that delivers a tailored, relevant experience ๏ improved information access, help identifying information repositories through QR and NFC technologies ๏ Closing of the gap between consumer expectation and retail reality ๏ Optimized “path-to-purchase” ๏ Seamless multi-channel experience
  27. 27. “Digital brought the onlineand then mobile revolutions;now it’s driving the retailrevolution,” Bob Greenberg, CEO R/GA
  28. 28. A brief digitalrecap ๏ The path to purchase from “sofa to store” has been disrupted by technology ๏ Retailers need to leverage the store experience as it’s a point of difference ๏ Customers expect a connected journey, one that delivers a tailored, relevant experience ๏ Switch from a product-centric (push) model to an experience- centric (pull) model. ๏ 51% of shoppers are willing to use mobile shopping tools, but less than 5% of retailers offer them.
  29. 29. ForQuestions orGuidanceBryan Meszaros - Schreiber - IDL Heap - Imperative
  30. 30. Thank you forjoining