PPC for acquiring magazine subscriptions


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How to use PPC to grow magazine subscriptions - practical tips from Scott Christie of Jellyfish

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  • This screen simply highlights that Paid Search is also known as PPC ( Pay Per Click ) and these ads are referred to as Sponsored links on the search results pages.
  • So in this example the visitor purchased a subscription to Runners World magazine and the original keywords they typed into Google were...
  • This is an example from the Time Out campaign we ran, and this was the main Time Out website, at the time...
  • Somewhat buried within the site were some Calls To Action to subscribe, but they are hidden amongst a whole raft of other messages...
  • There are internal search functions, adverts, competitions and many other features all competing for the attention of the visitor. The subscription calls to action become lost...
  • So, we created a bespoke, subscription generating website, with the sole function of selling subscriptions..
  • You can see that there are at least 6 or 7 calls to action, and nowhere else you can go on the site other than take a trial. It is on these sites that we use specially packaged content to encourage the visitor to take the trial, or subscribe.
  • Carefully crafted 10 Point Sales copy, that identifies theproblem, agitates it, and presents the solution...which in this case is a instantly downloadbale PDF of Londons best restaurants...
  • To help us understand these metrics and their relationship to each other we have developed a data modelling tool called the metrics Tree.
  • By using this tool we have come to understand that there are actually only 4 campaign metrics that we can directly affect.
  • There are then over 18 ways to manipulate these four metrics and herein lies the problem with automated bid management, changing the bid is only one of them.
  • PPC for acquiring magazine subscriptions

    1. 1. 25th May 2010 Generating new Subscribers using Paid Search.... By Scott Christie
    2. 2. Agenda  What is Paid Search?  Campaign sites vs Main sites  The user experience  Campaign management  Leveraging content  Case Study
    3. 3. PPC .
    4. 4. Searchers Are Funny, Unpredictable& Notoriously Bad Spellers
    5. 5. Campaign site versus main site
    6. 6. User’s Experience and use of Premium Content
    7. 7. Campaign Management
    8. 8. 5. Auto Bid-management Challenges
    9. 9. 5. Auto Bid-management Challenges
    10. 10. 5. Auto Bid-management Challenges There are over 18 unique ways that we can positively affect these 4 metrics:  Increase / decrease keyword count  Improve ad copy relevancy  Increase / decrease number of Search Networks  Improve landing page relevancy  Manage Content Network  Improve landing page load time  Manage Placement Targeting  Delete zero impression keywords  Manage Match Types  Delete keywords with 500+ impressions and  Increase / decrease campaign budgets no clicks  Introduce negative keywords (keyword mining)  Define affiliate PPC rules and police activity  Generate more tail keywords (keyword mining)  Improve website / landing page usability  Increase / decrease Bid Caps  Improve product offer / reduce commitment  Qualify / de-qualify ad copy  Email follow-up (funnel drop-off)
    11. 11.  Jellyfish has delivered 316,466 acquisitions over the last 12 months  Currently running campaigns for 150 publishing titles
    12. 12. Thank You Email – scott.christie@jellyfish.co.uk Tel - 020 8133 5351