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Subscriptions for small publishers


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Practical tips and case studies on subscriptions for small publishers from Circdata

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Subscriptions for small publishers

  1. 1. WWW.CIRCDATA.COM<br />Thoughts on subs marketing<br />Andy Guy <br />Operations Director<br />
  2. 2. WWW.CIRCDATA.COM<br />outline<br />subs marketing – past, present and future<br />renewal activity<br />acquisition activity<br />what else can you sell to your customers?<br />the top five factors in an effective campaign<br />a key challenge for the next decade<br />a sign of things to come<br />
  3. 3. WWW.CIRCDATA.COM<br />subscription marketing – past, present and future<br />past<br />nerdish and ignored<br />Direct Mail centric<br />lacking the glamour and “easy” money of display advertising<br />present<br />Marketing magazine – “Publishers are increasingly turning to subscription marketing as the recession forces ad rates downwards”<br />cost and availability of newsstand <br />Audience Development in the spotlight – three jobs placed on InPublishing last week<br />challenge for small-to-medium publishers <br />future<br />expert in multiple delivery channels<br />in charge of primary revenue streams as ad revenues decline further<br />in media res<br />
  4. 4. WWW.CIRCDATA.COM<br />renewals - basics<br />typically 3-4 letters, 2-3 emails and 1 phone call<br />make hard copy forms easy to use and include ID for easy order processing<br />freshen up the images regularly<br />welcome letter for first time subs <br />different letter for first time renewals (danger point)<br />renewal at birth – try 2 or 3 year offer <br />concerted renewals start at 6 issues to go (for monthly titles)<br />
  5. 5. WWW.CIRCDATA.COM<br />renewals – more advanced <br />if not available, collate your renewals history as starting point for future analysis<br />offer DD with every effort – 90%+ retention (speak with your bank ref Originator or your agency if don’t meet bank’s criteria<br />if people subscribe online, concentrate on email for first renewal efforts <br />allow people to renew online & recognise the same offer<br />send covers & content page in lieu of grace issue - offer to provide issue FOC if subscriber renews<br />ask subscribers why they are not renewing <br />remember – the only way is down<br />
  6. 6. WWW.CIRCDATA.COM<br />acquisition – basics<br />top the search rankings – no excuse<br />use portals such as I-Subscribe, Unique Magazines and <br />if international appeal, use portals in US, Australia, NZ & South Africa<br />all promotional activity from the Editor<br />URLs for website and subs form on all material<br />don’t hide the subscription form!<br />no surprises – brief your team and agency on new offers<br />work with organisations in your field – data swaps or overlays, link exchanges, joint offers<br />
  7. 7. WWW.CIRCDATA.COM<br />acquisition – more advanced<br />in specialist media, encourage collection to help retention - offer binders<br />create personalised reactivation programme using benefit statements derived from expiry survey – test timing of this but at least 6 months after expiry<br />build a geo-demographic profile of your live subs as starting point for data research<br />offer free newsletter & RSS feed to stay on radar, then build offers into the content<br />build your own community – use social media to retain existing customers and attract new ones<br />
  8. 8. WWW.CIRCDATA.COM<br />what else could you sell to your customers?<br />develop a range of additional products on which you could make a margin<br />additional paid-for online content of your own<br />package and sell annualised collections of content <br />work with book publishers to see relevant titles through your channels<br />sell relevant consumer products –try CDs, DVDs, and tickets to concerts, exhibitions or leisure attractions<br />sell useful business products – try personal development books, training courses and tickets to relevant business events or cross sell other business services such as hotel rooms, car hire or travel<br />
  9. 9. WWW.CIRCDATA.COM<br />the top five factors in an effective campaign <br />#5 – learn lessons from past campaigns<br />#4 – think about what motivates your customers before starting to write copy <br />#3 - vary the offer<br />#2 – make offers clear, concise and easy to respond to<br />#1 ??? – ask the audience!<br />
  10. 10. WWW.CIRCDATA.COM<br />the most important factor in any campaign<br />..... is also the skill which media owners most need to develop within their organisations<br />and the skill which all Audience Development, Subscriptions, Circulation and Marketing teams need to master<br />the most important factor is data<br />what these people need is the opportunity and skill to manage, interrogate and segment their organisation’s entire data universe<br />
  11. 11. WWW.CIRCDATA.COM<br />name that year!<br />
  12. 12. 1999 – easy sources<br />Conference data<br />Exhibition data<br />attendees<br />pre-reg non attendees<br />crossovers<br />across all years<br />delegates<br />inquirers<br />speakers<br />sponsors<br />paid subscribers<br />lapsed subscribers<br />qualified circ<br />reader inquiries<br />promotional pool<br />Magazine data<br />WWW.CIRCDATA.COM<br />
  13. 13. 1999 – other possible data sources<br />data provided by<br />exhibitors to generate<br />attendance at events<br />3rd party <br />lease data<br />in-house data <br />held in Access, Excel<br />Goldmine, MS Outlook<br />& paper files<br />staff in other offices<br />or working remotely<br />with useful databases<br />directory data <br />& downloads<br />WWW.CIRCDATA.COM<br />
  14. 14. WWW.CIRCDATA.COM<br />a decade on – and the challenge has grown<br />active magazine paid subs active mag paid subs - digital<br />lapsed magazine paid subs lapsed mag paid subs - digital<br />qualified magazine circ qualified circ- digital<br />promotional pool paid newsletter subs<br />reader inquiries free newsletter regs<br />directory data word-specific alerts regs<br />conference delegates online content – paid subs <br />conference inquirers online content – alerts<br />speakers Facebook<br />exhibition attendees Twitter<br />exhibition pre-reg no shows Linked-In<br />cross-over visitors e-reader customers<br />downloads iphone app customers<br />data in Goldmine et al ipad app customers <br />
  15. 15. WWW.CIRCDATA.COM<br />the next 2-3 years<br />media owners seeking to take advantage of developing channels to broaden their brand reach<br />media owners seeking to sell range of products through these channels<br />media owners needing to integrate data from these channels to provide a single view of their customers<br />media owners needing an affordable integrated IT solution<br />
  16. 16. WWW.CIRCDATA.COM<br />discussion<br />Circle Publishing have one such solution already in place using Circdata’s FusionTM system <br />discussion and audience questions<br />