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2 advanced ppc


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2 advanced ppc

  1. 1. PPC In-depth Presentation Andrew Yang (@yang_ers) Search Evangelist, Microsoft Canada @bing_ads | @yang_ers
  2. 2. Modules we have designed Creating a PPC Campaign for your business SEO and PPC Deep Dive Introduction Online Advertising @bing_ads | @yang_ers
  3. 3. Review @bing_ads | @yang_ers
  4. 4. = @bing_ads | @yang_ers 4
  5. 5. Paid Organic @bing_ads | @yang_ers 5
  6. 6. Search Engine Results Page (SERP) - Local Paid Local Listings are: • Queries based on IP and Local Listings @bing_ads | @yang_ers location keywords • Part of the SEO or organic aspect of search • Beneficial in helping customers find your store • Increasing relevancy and driving traffic to your site and store
  7. 7. Benefits of Bing Places for Business  Enables businesses to claim listings and be found by millions of Bing users  Engaging customers searching online before they step foot in your store  Enriched business information drives higher online conversion  Easy to use and takes minutes to complete @bing_ads | @yang_ers
  8. 8. Simple Sign Up in 3 Steps Step 1 • • • Find your business on Bing, OR Create a new business listing Support bulk upload @bing_ads | @yang_ers Step 2 • • Verify ownership via mail or phone Agency verification process supported Step 3 • Listings show up on Bing search results on PC, tablet and mobile devices
  9. 9. Understanding Costs @bing_ads | @yang_ers
  10. 10. Terminology Acquisition Metrics Search • • • Efficiency Metrics Other Metrics Function of “relevancy” and the bid is your rank on the paid search area Amount you bid = Cost Per Click (CPC) • CPM = Cost per impression / Cost per Mille (m = 1000 page views) • • $20 CPM  $20 for 1000 views @bing_ads | @yang_ers • • CTR = Click through rate, proxy of how “effective” your ad is CPA = Cost per acquisition, used to measure the marketing spend ROI = Return on Investment, usually an internal measure for the effectiveness of the online advertising campaign Impressions = How many times your ads has been seen
  11. 11. Quality Score (0 to 10): Guidance on how to improve your ad to increase traffic and revenue. Based on: - Keyword relevance - Landing Page relevance - Landing Page user experience Cost-per-click (CPC): How much you are paying for each click Ad Rank: Is a function of Quality Score and your Bid (higher is better) @bing_ads | @yang_ers 1
  12. 12. 7-10 Assigned at KW level Above Average 6 Average 1-5 Below Average @bing_ads | @yang_ers 12
  13. 13. Keyword Relevance (Ad Quality) • Weighted heaviest • Largely based on CTR @bing_ads | @yang_ers Landing Page User Experience Landing Page Relevance • Relationship between query, ad and Landing Page content • Reflects how well your site adheres to adCenter Editorial Guidelines 13
  14. 14. PPC Items Select your keywords Create an enticing ad copy Set your targeting Take advantage of extensions Track your conversions and statistics @bing_ads | @yang_ers
  15. 15. @bing_ads | @yang_ers
  16. 16. @bing_ads | @yang_ers
  17. 17. Select keywords that you want your ad to appear in @bing_ads | @yang_ers 1
  18. 18. Keyword Match Type - Example Broad Cheap Tires Hamilton Keyword: Cheap Tires Cheap Toyo Tires Phrase Cheap Tires Exact Buy Cheap Tires Phrase Cheap Winter Tires @bing_ads | @yang_ers Broad 18
  19. 19. Broad Match Type Keyword – Hockey Tickets @bing_ads | @yang_ers 1
  20. 20. High Cost Low High @bing_ads | @yang_ers Search Frequency Low 20
  21. 21. Keyword Strategy - Marketing Funnel Awareness Consideration • Target keywords to awareness about your company • Bids should be lower • Comparison Shopping • Bid on competitors or comparison keywords Conversion @bing_ads | @yang_ers • Keywords indicating immediacy of purchasing • Traditionally higher 21 bids
  22. 22. Writing an Effective Ad Other Tips Keep your ads relevant and specific to the keyword set Highlight your point of difference Great Ad! @bing_ads | @yang_ers Emulate great ads in your industry 2. Have rotating ads to test which ad performs the best 1. Include a call to action 22
  23. 23. Editorial Guidelines Creating ads that are relevant, clear and accurate Use correct grammar, punctuation and spelling Include unproven claims or endorsements in your ads or on your landing pages Repeat phrases (for example, “Sale, sale, sale…”) Use offensive or inappropriate language. Include unnecessary symbols to draw attention to ad copy (for example: Ca$h). Microsoft Confidential Do Don’t
  24. 24. Ad Copy: Good and Bad @bing_ads | @yang_ers
  25. 25. Targeting Targeting is available at the campaign and ad group level based on: Geographical Location (Country, State, DMA or City based on IP address) Time of day Day of the week Gender and age (based on login info) (based on the user’s time zone) Device/ OS Tip: Incremental Bids can be applied to help improve the position of your ad when it is triggered by a target group @bing_ads | @yang_ers 2
  26. 26. Track everything with your campaigns @bingads | @yang_ers
  27. 27. Budgeting @bingads | @yang_ers
  28. 28. @bing_ads | @yang_ers
  29. 29. @bing_ads | @yang_ers
  30. 30. Standard Billing • Your billing cycle date (when you get billed each month) will be the same calendar day your account was set up, or when your campaign reaches its billing threshold • Your billing threshold is your account credit limit, which is initially $50 • If you pay by credit card you can pay your bill immediately, rather than wait for your credit card account to be charged @bing_ads | @yang_ers
  31. 31. @bing_ads | @yang_ers
  32. 32. Search Extensions Long Ad Titles +7% Sitelink Extensions +15-25% Local Ad Extensions +30-35% @bing_ads | @yang_ers *Based on internal data 2012 3
  33. 33. - Bing Ads Blog - - Bing Ads Twitter Handle - @Bing Ads - Like us on Facebook - - Bing Ads Training Materials - Become an Accredited Professional (free to take) @bing_ads | @yang_ers 33
  34. 34. 1. Use Pay Per Click advertising to control your message, target your customers, control your ROI 2. Focus on your message and what distinguishes your products from others 3. Measure, measure, measure @bing_ads | @yang_ers 34
  35. 35. @bing_ads | @yang_ers
  36. 36. @bing_ads | @yang_ers