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Innovation in the csr context


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Innovation in the csr context

  1. 1. Innovation in the CSR Context Dr. Sherif H. Zaki Tehemar BDS/ANBD,MSc,MBA,PhD,CLSSGB,CM,CCSRS CSR Consultant
  2. 2. HowCSRcanleadtoinnovation? HowinnovationcanimproveCSRperformance? HowTBLisimproved?
  3. 3. The concept whereby businesses integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their interaction with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis. Corporate Social Responsibility
  4. 4. MoralObligation Sustainability ReputationManagement
  5. 5. “Itisclearthatsocietyexpectsmuchmorefromcompanies thansimplyawell-madeproductorareliableserviceatthe rightprice” Stigson(2002)
  6. 6. The concept whereby corporations not just to look at profits or dividends when making decisions, but also to consider the immediate and long-term social and environmental consequencesoftheiractivities. Sustainable Development
  7. 7. CommunityDevelopment RespectEnvironment Product/Service Loyalty/Productivity Being GOOD
  8. 8. “Organizations can gain competitive advantage only by managing effectively for today while simultaneously creating innovationfortomorrow” Tushman&Nadler(1986) Corporate Social Responsibility
  9. 9. Whatpeoplewant Whatpeopleneed Whatpeopleexpect Whatpeopledeservetohave = Stakeholder Engagement
  10. 10. or Innovation
  11. 11. Increasedemployeeengagement, Creationofnewproductsandservices,Penetrationofnew markets, Enhancedgoodwillandcorporatebranding Corporate Social Innovation
  12. 12. An innovative process which aims at designing a profitable product or service which, in an innovative and user-oriented way, can prove beneficial to the surrounding environment and society. CSR-driven Innovation
  13. 13. Chief Innovation Officer (CINO)
  14. 14. Workforce Power Education Loyalty Productivity SharingValue SharingGoals = Culture of Innovation
  15. 15. A structured collection and usage of ideas and experience from most of the employees to create radical and incremental changes in behavior, products, processes, services and business models that are valuable to customers,usersandthecompany Employee-driven Innovation
  16. 16. Areas of Innovation Product design Process design Culture design
  17. 17. EKOLADAN
  18. 18. LifeStraw ®
  19. 19. Nestle
  20. 20. Google
  21. 21. Google
  22. 22. Createastructuredandcontinuousideacollection,enrichmentand selectionprocess. Motivateemployeestoparticipate. Handlethousandsofideas. Obtainhighqualityideas. Findtherightpeopletoevaluateideas. Selectthebestideas. Measuretheperformance
  23. 23. Profitable Applicable LinkedtoCoreBusiness Sustainable Responsible Innovation that Counts
  24. 24. short act rapidly
  25. 25. MYC4
  26. 26. Th!nk Global
  27. 27. Pressalit Care
  28. 28. Braskem
  29. 29. Levi Strauss
  30. 30. Unilever Egypt MassageRoom Recreationfacility Outofuniform SocialClub Aweeklysocialgathering Freesnacksandbeverages 1hourperdayforrecreation Nospecialroomordesk
  31. 31. Recommendations 1. Make Environmental/Social Commitment Part of Your CorporateCulture.
  32. 32. Recommendations 2.Stay ofthe withRulesandRegulations.
  33. 33. Recommendations 3.KeepYourPrograms,PracticesandProductsClean.
  34. 34. Recommendations 4. In Times of Trouble ... Don't Wait for Community Needs To BecomeCommunityNuisances.
  35. 35. Recommendations 5. Make Environmental/Societal Groups Your Friends, Not Foes.
  36. 36. Thank you Dr. Sherif Zaki Tehemar