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Kids corner

  2. 2. KIDSCORNER Dr. Sherif Tehemar
  4. 4. ActivitiesTo help your child to understand the importance ofFluoride, we have included two experiments thatYour child can do them at home under parenteralSupervision.1. Experiment that simulates the protection power of Fluoride.2. Experiment that simulates an acid attack on bones.
  5. 5. ActivitiesThis experiment simulates the protection power ofFluoride.What youll need:1 bottle of Fluoride rinse solution2 eggs1 bottle of white vinegar3 containersNOTE: ADULT SUPERVISION IS REQUIRED.
  6. 6. ActivitiesWhat to Do:Pour four inches of Fluoride rinse solutioninto one of the containers and then placean egg in the solution. Let it sit for five minutes.Remove the egg. Pour four inches of vinegar intoeach of the remaining two containers. Put the eggthat has been treated with the Fluoride into onecontainer of vinegar and the untreated egg inthe other container of vinegar. NOTE: ADULT SUPERVISION IS REQUIRED.
  7. 7. ActivitiesWhat will happen :One egg will start to bubble as the vinegar(an acid) starts to attack the minerals in theegg shell. Which egg do you think will startto bubble? NOTE: ADULT SUPERVISION IS REQUIRED.
  8. 8. ActivitiesThis experiment simulates an acid attack on bones(bones are rich with calcium, just like your teeth).What youll need:2 clean chicken bones1 container1 bottle of white vinegar NOTE: ADULT SUPERVISION IS REQUIRED.
  9. 9. ActivitiesWhat to do:Pour several inches of vinegar into thecontainer.Soak the clean chicken bones in the vinegarovernight. NOTE: ADULT SUPERVISION IS REQUIRED.
  10. 10. ActivitiesWhat will happen:Check out the bones after theyve soakedin the vinegar overnight. Are they softeror harder? Be sure to throw the bones awayin the garbage after youre finished. NOTE: ADULT SUPERVISION IS REQUIRED.
  11. 11. Oral Care• Brush your teeth 3 times a day after each meal.• Eat healthy food.• Avoid sugar snacks.• Visit your friend (dentist) twice a year.
  12. 12. Chair X-Ray Light Drill Ejector
  13. 13. GamesDouble-click on the game to open it.* • Word Search • Calendar • Differences • Maze • DrawingPowerPoint Games • Correct Order • Multiple Choice * Adobe Acrobat Reader is required
  14. 14. KIDS CORNERClick on the image to open Color Plates* * Adobe Acrobat Reader is required