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Wisdom teeth


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Wisdom teeth

  2. 2. Wisdom Teeth Dr. Sherif Tehemar
  3. 3. Wisdom Teeth CausesWhy Extraction? Time After Surgery Statement
  4. 4. Wisdom Teeth • A tooth becomes impacted due to lack of space in the dental arch and its eruption isC therefore prevented by gum, bone, anotherA tooth or all three. Lack of space occursU because our jaws have become smallerS (through evolution), we do not loose teethES through decay as frequently as in the past.
  5. 5. Wisdom TeethWHY • Tooth Decay • Inflammed GumEX • Pressure PainT • Orthodontic ReasonRA • Formation of CystCTION
  6. 6. Wisdom Teeth • It is now recommended by specialists that impacted wisdom teeth be removed betweenT the ages of 14 and 22 years whether they areI causing problems or not. Surgery is technicallyM easier and patients recover much more quicklyE when they are younger.
  7. 7. Wisdom TeethAF • Do Not Disturb the • Do not drink or eat hotT Wound liquid or food.E • Do Not Smoke for 12 • Apply ice packs extra-R Hours orally at the site of • Do Not Spit or Suck surgery.S Through a Straw • Take the medicines asU • Keep closing on the prescribed by theR gauze for 1-2 hours surgeonG • If any complication • Do not make anyE arises, contact your mouth wash for the firstR dentist immediately. 24 hoursY
  8. 8. Wisdom TeethS • The extraction of the wisdom toothT requires a trained oral surgeon toA perform the surgery.TME • The surgeon usually judge the benefitsN from extraction versus the complicationT that could arise. It is very important to carefully evaluate the condition and the treatment options available.