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Teaching Business English with Snapchat


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My books- Hacking Digital Learning Strategies & Learning to Go

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Teaching Business English with Snapchat

  1. Teaching Business English with Snapchat
  2. “We have technology, finally, that for the first time in human history allows people to really maintain rich connections with much larger numbers of people.” - Pierre Omidyar
  3. Snapchat Features Photo Chat Video Chat Subscribe Filters Friend Custom Stories Group Chat Stories Discover Snap MapLenses Stickers Draw Our Story
  4. Snap Map to explore global events!
  5. Snapchat for English? Study business culture in real time Learn from entrepreneurs Inside scoop on news & trends Enhance the 4 Skills Understand the role of personal branding Byte-sized, authentic English Connect with companies
  7. Set up a class account!
  10. Group chat for study groups & to answer questions!
  11. Create custom stories & add students!
  12. Subscribe to major publications! The Economist Wired Mashable WSJ The New York Times Vox Washington Post CNN
  13. Image from
  14. Example Snap from CNN! Subscribe! Download!
  15. Activity: Annotate a Snap & add to a Custom Story
  16. Study how brands market themselves!
  17. @Everlane Clothing Company
  18. @Everlane Clothing Company marketing/snapchat-best- brands
  19. Compare the culture & environments of various companies around the world!
  20. Friend entrepreneurs
  22. Post 1 valuable tip a week!
  23. Compare & contrast how entrepreneurs use Snapchat!
  24. Experience notable business conferences & events virtually via entrepreneurs!
  25. Keep a vocabulary journal!
  26. @ShellTerrell