Deva partner presentation 10 december 2012 v9


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Designa VIP Appointments Cape Town

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Deva partner presentation 10 december 2012 v9

  1. 1. Partner Presentation November 2012
  2. 2. World Design Capital 2014 Opportunity: Repositioning Cape TownFROM TO The Past  The Future Scenery  Creativity Indulgence  Inspiration Wine & Dine  Business & Investment Leisure &Reflection  World Design Capital Table Mountain  Silicon Valley of Africa
  3. 3. AmbitionMarket leader with a fresh, creative andresponsible approach to high end tourism
  4. 4. MissionA high end tour operator and visitorconsultation service in Cape Town
  5. 5. Challenge 3 hours 3 days or 3 weeks? business andPrimed to meet the needs of government leadersvisitors whose time is at a high group tourpremium convenors sports people event organisers Celebrities Artists Dignitaries Academics entrepreneurs
  6. 6. Heart And Mind PartnershipGill “Can ShahidDo” SolomonSchroeder UrbanAfricantour diva strategist and futurist Our network of DEVA Consuls
  7. 7. Gill Schroeder One of the first successful black woman tour operators in Cape Town, ten years in business Experienced in day tours, VIPs, special events, conferences and African tour packages Tour Diva: mentors upcoming tour guides
  8. 8. Shahid Solomon City Planning & Economic Development executive for City of Cape Town 1993- 2004 Mega projects Local alternative tourism company in 2005 Consults nationally on 21st century foresight Outbound and inbound business and official missions
  9. 9. UniquenessLove of Mastery of people  Strategic Business Cape Town  Visitor Service Tourism  Destination
  10. 10. Best in the World Personal Chaperoning & Touring Itinerary Design Intelligence & Research Government & Business Delegation Support
  11. 11. As Good as Cape Town can be: Investment Facilitation  Business Investment  Social Investment Conference and Event Support
  12. 12. Can Do Excellence: Video and film Helicopters Charters Bookings Business-to-business matchmaking Foreign language guides and translators Events and Meetings Social Networking
  13. 13. EXPERIENCE DESIGN Six DEVA Experience Lenses  multiple focus points  narrowing down choices and making decisions. Each Experience Lens includes  a prepared Briefing  a Proto Itinerary  preselected DEVA Consuls: local experts & icons
  14. 14. LENSES ON CAPE TOWN Aerial City LensWho better to escort you on an aerial tour of Cape Town than aseasoned city planner who will explain how the city developed,where it is going and what its challenges are It might just be possible to do this, have lunch in Franschoek and experience Africa’s Big Five in the same day.
  15. 15. LENSES ON CAPE TOWNPeople History and Culture Lens Afrika Cape Town Music Cape Town (Jazz, Hip Colonial Cape Town Hop, Classical) Creole Cape Town Sacred Cape Town At Home in Cape Town Citizen Cape Town Pink Cape Town Walkabout Central Cape Town Prehistory Cape Town Ghostly Cape Town Struggle Cape Town Gospel Cape Town
  16. 16. LENSES ON CAPE TOWNBusiness, Professional and Creative Business & Investment Cape Town Cape Town Film Capital Art and Collectables Cape Town Cape Town Destination Management The Fringe: Cape Town’s Design and Innovation Park Medical Cape Town Academic Cape Town Birding Cape
  17. 17. LENSES ON CAPE TOWNEnvironment and Development Lens:  Sustainable Cape Town  Biodiverse Cape Town  Future Cape Town  City Design and Planning Cape Town  Third World Cape Town
  18. 18. LENSES ON CAPE TOWNRelaxation Fun and Adventure Lens:Cape Town by Night* Golf Cape* Lazy Summer Cape Town *Teen Cape Town * Scenic Cape Town * Shopping Cape Town* Surf & Skate Cape Town * Cape Town Safari * UnderwaterCape Town * Body, Mind and Spirit of Cape Town * WineCape * Cheese Cape * Culinary Cape Town* High AdventureCape Town * Hikers Cape Town * Kiddies Cape Town
  19. 19. LENSES ON CAPE TOWN Cape Town Design CapitalOur Signature Lens curates the City’s diverse innovations Cape Town’s culturally diverse population…gives the city its rich creolised character. The City’s food, music, dance and language reflect this rich variety – as does Cape Town’s wealth of good designers and designs” Lorelle Bell in Creative Cape Town Annual 2010.
  20. 20. World Design Capital 2014 Project Project to enhance the scope and depth of  the content of the tour script for World Design Capital 2014  Tour Guide capability. Our itineraries and scripts will be shared with a cadre of emerging tour guides. Itineraries will be collated and published for broad usage
  21. 21. Responsible Tourism Authentic Black Economic and Female EmpowermentPromotingSustainableDevelopment to Skills TransferPowerfulAudiences Attracting Much Needed Investment
  22. 22. African Summer Teasers Designa Cape Town Pearl : Four days of the best of the Jewel in Africa’s Crown P.O.A of crafted itinerary Designa Cape Town Palette: Six days of rich connection with the world’s finest city P.O.A of crafted itinerary Designa Portrait of South African Contrast: Ten Days : cosmopolitan Cape Town and the Kruger wilderness P.O.A of crafted itinerary Designa Rims of the Indian Ocean: Cape Town, Antanarivo and Port Louis: creole skies of ocean, spice and sun P.O.A of crafted itinerary
  23. 23. How can assist?Client Chaperoning Itinerary Intelligence Total SupportHigh End Hotels In Source Appointments Business & Overflow ProfessionalTour Operators Exclusive Local Insight & Leisure, Out Source Appointments Business & ProfessionalConference & Support Programme Leisure, Out SourceEvent Extension Business &Organisers ProfessionalVIP Hosts Out Source Local Insight & Leisure Business Contract In Appointments & ProfessionalHigh End Contract In Comprehensive Leisure, Contract InTravellers Business & Professional
  24. 24. More