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Researching Album Adverts


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Researching Album Adverts

  1. 1. BAND ARTWORKBlack and blue reflect theband’s image and genre – BAND NAMEalternative rock The band name combined with the band’s artwork allows the SINGLE TITLE audience to identify the product. WHAT IT IS RELEASE DATEALBUM NAMEAND RELEASE RETAIL CHAIN LOGO DATE Advertising the retail chain’s logo Informative adverts increase the BAND’S WEBSITE acts as synergy- HMV will be chance of brand identity in the advertising the album, thus future. Band’s website creates synergy between furthering brand reach, and brand magazine and internet. Cross platform identity for both the band and promotion increases brand reach. retail company.
  2. 2. BAND/ ALBUM BAND NAME ARTWORK The rough scratchy font further connotes the idea of their heavyReds and blacks connote the music.aggressive nature of their music. ALBUM TITLE RELEASE DATEFORMAT AVAILABLEONBeing available on a variety offormats increases brand reach. TOUR ADVERTISMENT WEBSITE Advertising internet accessibility in a magazine acts as synergy LOGOS between magazine and advert and cross platform promotion. This Inclusion of a Retail company’s logo acts as synergy – also encourages the extension of advertising another company, and hence then being brand reach. advertised in HMV- increases brand reach
  3. 3. Word ‘WAR’ is large, playing on artwork by John Lennon – playingThe black square against a white to the codes recognisable bybackground helps bring out the music lovers.word ‘WAR’, allowing it to drawthe attention of the reader BAND NAME ARTWORKRed, black and white arerecognisable colours for theband. FORMAT The same font is used throughout the advert creating a sense of continuity. FEATURES Exclusive tracks featuring well RELEASE DATE known artists act as a unique selling point. The artist’s name in this case is drawn out with a larger size font. RECORD LABEL PREVIOUS ALBUM ARTWORK Previous art work helps draw in fans of previous albums. The audience recognise these symbols, and even feel included as it is something they’ve previously purchased. If they liked the previous album then this will encourage them to purchase the new album.
  4. 4. BAND NAME Band name is the most established and recognisable thing on the poster already, so it is the biggest, thus drawing in anyone ALBUM ARTWORK who has already heard of theHelps the audience to recognise band.the album when they see it inshops – creates brand identity. ALBUM NAMEUNIQUE SELLING POINTUSPs give the audience reasons tobuy this album over others, ratingsand exclusive features draw them RELEASE DATEin and encourage them to pickthis over another new release onthe shelves. INCLUSIVE FEATURES FORMAT RECORD LABEL
  5. 5. BACKGROUND ALBUM ARTWORK Black and blue reflect the band’s image and genre – alternative rock BAND NAMEUNIQUE SELLING ALBUM NAMEPOINT RELEASE DATE LOGOS WEBSITES
  6. 6. Both adverts follow the same layout and style to create a relationship betweenthe two. The band’s style, origin and genre are reflected in the images – theirartwork is consistent across all means of advertisement to synergise betweenthem all. Album artwork becomes Single artwork Band name remains the same Album title becomes single title FORMATS SEPERATE AVAILABLE RELEASE DATE
  7. 7. BAND NAME BLACK AND WHITE CONTRASTS SINGLE TITLE SINGLE ARTWORK WHAT IT IS SEPERATE RELEASE DATE FOR RECORD LABEL DOWNLOAD FORMAT WEBSITE Minimal advert, though informs the audience ofSingle artwork is similar to the album artwork – creating brand everything they need to know. They don’t need toidentity so the audience can recognise the album the single is ask any more questions, they know what it is, andfrom etc. then it’s available.
  8. 8. LYRICAL QUOTEBAND NAME ALBUM ARTWORK This advert uses minimal conventions, showing that a good RELEASE DATE advert doesn’t have to inform the audience everything. Leaves the audience asking questions – encourages them to research it their self.RECORD LABEL LOGO
  9. 9. BAND PHOTOGRAPHY BAND NAME RELEASE DATE ALBUM TITLE ALBUM ARTWORKUNIQUE SELLINGPOINT FORMAT All the adverts I’ve researched follow very similar codes and conventions. Some have more features than others, whereas some are very minimal. The amount featured on the, advert depends on the band and album being sold.
  10. 10. BAND NAME Similar to Bring Me The Horizon’s advert, this is very minimal, not informing the audience of everything they need to know, encouraging them to do further research into the advert. Plays on the audience’s mind, making them ponder. ALBUM NAME FEATURES RELEASE DATE RECORD LABEL WEBSITE LYRICAL QUOTEBoth informative and minimal adverts have their pros and cons. Informative tells theaudience everything they need to know however can become cramped anddiscourage people from reading on. Minimal adverts can be more aestheticallypleasing and can encourage people to look into the album more. Minimal can havepeople questioning and pondering and then the advert has fulfilled it’s purpose byremaining in someones mind- however some people prefer to be spoon fed theinformation.
  11. 11. My advert for Rough Twist’s EP will follow similar conventions to those I’veresearched.Each advert I looked at used similar conventions to the last, but not always thesame or as many. For example, Bring Me The Horizon’s advert was very minimal. It didn’t feature the album’s name of details of the available formats, but did include the album artwork and a lyrical quote. However Fall Out Boy’s Greatest Hits advert included the album name and artwork, ratings, featured tracks and available formats.
  12. 12. To conclude my research, an effective advert doesn’t need to tell the audienceeverything, as long as it tells them the minimal – What band they’re looking at,lyrical reference or song/album title, and a release date.• I will include the band’s , the , and as a minimal setup. The logo is a recognisable symbol for the band and will help increase brand identity.• If it coincides with the design I will add• To synergise between the paper advert, and the internet adverts, I will include the band’s website address. This also, in conjunction with the displayed record label, will emphasise the brand identity.• I may include a logo for an retail chain like HMV. This would create synergy, advertising another company/product, as well as further advertising the album it’s self, as it will be sold at the retail chain being advertised. Thus the two are working together to sell each other as a product.